What are you most looking forward to when you get your Model 3?

What are you most looking forward to when you get your Model 3?

What are you most looking forward to when you get your Model 3?

For me, it will be the quiet electric drive and the tech like autopilot and the big screen.

gatorj31 | 2017年8月4日

First long range road trip gas free! What what! I plan on driving past the fast stations pointing and laughing

gatorj31 | 2017年8月4日

Gas stations*

Shock | 2017年8月4日

First thing it will be the fastest car I've ever had, but most importantly I am looking forward to EAP.

Rutrow | 2017年8月4日

The first car without a clutch since my POS '76 Chevy Monza in high school. I hope my left leg doesn't atrophy.

mntlvr23 | 2017年8月4日

Ending the wait, no longer searching endlessly for breaking news - and being the coolest kid on the block

cascadiadesign | 2017年8月4日

Installing an aftermarket exhaust system. Oh wait ... never mind.

KP in NPT | 2017年8月4日

No more pumping gas.

eeb9 | 2017年8月4日

A long, fast, gas-free drive through the mountains of North Georgia

All indications are that the Model 3 should be able to out-pace my MINi on *most* of those roads. I look forward to finding out if that's true.

slasher0016 | 2017年8月4日

No more gas station is high on the list (though i'll still have my ICE convertible and motorcycle.) I'm really looking forward to trying out the autopilot features as well.

12Brent | 2017年8月4日

After waiting in line and reserving on 3/31 I went home and started the process of adding a third garage bay and adding 6 kW of solar. I've been banking extra energy credits ever since, and I have 2 megawatts in the bank. It's kinda dorky, but I'm looking forward to the first time I park her in the garage and plug her in... after, of course, a fun drive through the Colorado mountains where I'll get to experience the instant torque and full horse power of an electric motor at altitude while the ICE cars suffocate in the thin air.

CraigW | 2017年8月4日

Already owning a Model S, I can emphasize with all your expectations. Having driven a Model X, what I want to do is simply sit in that glass car and enjoy the feeling of outdoors and spaciousness that I experienced then. This is going to be a simply fantastic car to take into mountain roads and simply let it fly.

Mailrail707 | 2017年8月4日

Since I will have to travel 85 miles to Cincinnati to take delivery of my M3, I'm looking forward to the drive home; using EAP and quietly cruising along. It'll be the first time I've ever looked forward to driving through downtown Cincy on I-71. Rush hour? No problem - EAP to the rescue!

Xerogas | 2017年8月4日

Engaging autopilot, lowering my seat as flat as possible, and gazing up at the clouds and enjoying the scenery while road-tripping through Big Sur.

I know, I know, you're not supposed to do that until full self-driving is available, but I can dream.

dd.micsol | 2017年8月4日

The car itself. Bring on the car to my driveway! Until then-model S.

andy.connor.e | 2017年8月4日

No gas, and i will actually be able to see the stoplights if i sit back in my seat.

Octagondd | 2017年8月4日

Getting out of my stop gap EV (Chevy Spark) and into a real one.

TheChad | 2017年8月4日

The premium package. I need that extra sound to cover up the noise of my gas that my ICE normally drowns out!

weluvm3 | 2017年8月4日

Not having to shift anymore. More specifically, not having to push in my clutch anymore.

Everything else is just icing on the cake. :-)

carlk | 2017年8月4日

To test the chick magnet theory. ;)

ejunk | 2017年8月4日

Looking forward to not having to pump gas. The screen and to finally stop researching about the car.

deezeela | 2017年8月4日

Interior quietness and saving gas cost in the long run.

I don't spend lots of time in the car, all the rest of the fancy functions are not very appealing to me.

I have a solar roof generating excess electricity and can free charge at work(for now).

Auto pilot is appealing to me in Southern CA (bumper to bumper traffic all the time), but I will not pay for them until it is reliable and mature.

Sternenmensch | 2017年8月4日

Looking forward to fuel-free driving and the quietness that accompanies it. I'm also very much looking forward to the ability to take my family on significantly cheaper road trips in one of the safest cars on the road.

PhillyGal | 2017年8月4日

Not seeing other Teslas driving past me when I'm in my Hyundai and wishing I could somehow hold up a sign that says I'm in the club too.

warren_tran | 2017年8月4日

Race my neighbor GTR. j/k

Darkon | 2017年8月4日

1) Getting my hands on the coolest and most life-altering new tech since the iPhone came out.

But once that's happened:

2) The increased safety of having EAP (or just the standard safety features enabled for everyone)
3) Always waking up to a car that has a full "tank"
4) Driving the quickest car I've ever had (by quite a bit)
5) The awesome open view with the Premium upgrade roof
6) Using EAP/FSD to make my infrequent (but very painful) drives from San Diego to LA much less painful.
7) Getting the first OTA enhancements (first car that gets better over time!)

TheChad | 2017年8月4日

Gtr's have a sub 3 second 0-60 time and around 11 sec quarter mile times depending on the wait to get a pLDd for that.

tripplett | 2017年8月4日

Quiet driving.
Quick torque and speed.
Glass roof.
Cool kid on the block.
Driving past gas stations.
Two words - Enhanced Autopilot

SP_H | 2017年8月4日

Making YouTube video! lol jk
Looking forward full charge, ready to go, and no more gas station! :)

SUN 2 DRV | 2017年8月4日

Carlk +1 ;-)

"To test the chick magnet theory. ;)"

Yes the Model 3 should definitely appeal to a younger crowd than your Ms and MX. (Especially so when your wife rides along in the MX)

Liba | 2017年8月4日

The irony is strong when u laugh at people at gas stations as you drive by. They laugh at you 10 times as hard when you are waiting 30 min for partial battery.

EAP will be life changing for me in Los Angeles. The daily traffic is so bad my foot gets so tired from holding the brake down. It's crazy. You would think a simple algorithm of stop and go would be standard on all cars by now.

sosmerc | 2017年8月4日

I am looking forward to road trips without need to "gas up". And I am looking forward to a car that is trouble-free and fun to own and drive.

Xerogas | 2017年8月4日

@Liba, I laugh back them 100x as hard when I leave my house every morning with 100% charge, from 100% solar, and can top off at billions of electric plugs *everywhere*

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年8月4日

Most? Never needing to stop at a gas station, ever again.

Second most? Silently defeating all comers in the Street Light Grand Prix.

bj | 2017年8月4日

I'm with ReD. I fantasise about the day when I go to my local service station and say "sorry, this isn't personal, but this is the last tank of petrol I will ever buy. Best of luck for the future. Have you ever considered installing an EV charger here?".

Unfortunately being in a RHD country, that day won't happen until "Early 2019".

insanityabounds | 2017年8月4日

I'm looking forward to turning the A/C on before going out to my car, and never going to another gas station.

Garyeop | 2017年8月4日

Making the last payment and then driving the the car 5 more years.

renutaz23 | 2017年8月4日

MORE range! SF ---> LA Road Trip! Glass Roof! True Infotainment screen! An App that works! WiFi! No more range anxiety, SUPERCHARGING (free or not!!!!)

I love my 500e, the quickness, the handling, the smooth ride, the HOV lane, the toll savings, the quietness and never having that GAS Smell on my hands or worrying about the cost of gas/MTBE, summer blend, winter blend, NO OIL changes, no timing belt, no spark plugs, no running on E, no smog checks, no fumes.

Now I will get it ALL :)

SCCRENDO | 2017年8月4日

I look forward to continuing my gas free existence, waking up to a full charge every morning, leaving the office with a full charge, driving in the HOV lane, avoiding frequent oil changes. New to me will be AP1 and eventually FSD and doing it all in a smaller vehicle than my Model S which is bigger than i need when driving alone

RP3 | 2017年8月5日

I'm with @renutaz23 - MORE range! got our used 2011 Leaf about 3 years ago and the range is down to where I can't take it too far from home. Looking forward to driving electric more that 40 miles on a charge! (oh, and all the cool Tesla Tech this car will have!)

jefjes | 2017年8月5日

Ditto on what RP3 just said. It will be nice to have 3x + more range so we can use our ICE SUV less. Maybe it will eventually be replaced by a Model Y or a Tesla pickup but time will tell.

gar1116 | 2017年8月5日

Pulling into a gas station in NJ and telling the guy 'Fill it up'.

Mapowing | 2017年8月5日

For me, looking forward to Model Y because wifey wants the Model 3 for herself!!! Lol

Still grinning;)

gatorj31 | 2017年8月5日

You know an added benefit that I've never seen mentioned? The added safety of not having to stop at gas stations... people get robbed / stuck up all the time at gas stations. I love that my wife wont have to stop with the kids anymore at a gas station. Granted road trips and supercharger stops will have a risk, but I'll also be there to kick robber butts.

Alvin27 | 2017年8月5日

Driving assistance on those long road trips. I am a frugal person. My lifelong philosophy has always been never spend over $25,000 for a car unless it can drive itself. Someone finally called my bluff. I will gladly pay more for a self driving car.

Thank you Elon! I have been waiting a long time.

mamafuzbot | 2017年8月5日

Thumbing my nose at EXXON in a car that has handling comparable to or better than my MINI. It will take some time for my left leg and right hand to get used to no clutch however!

bobinseattle | 2017年8月5日

The fun of being the "first kid on my block" to have one. Secondly, giving the people at work a ride around the block. Then

CC396 | 2017年8月5日

Looking forward to the HUD! :D :D :D

bobinseattle | 2017年8月5日

"Continued from above"

Then seeing the look on their faces, when they realize that they should have gotten in line with the rest of us, way back when.

NKYTA | 2017年8月5日

Looking forward to two long distance EVs and no ICE whatsoever.

95dawg | 2017年8月5日

"LOL GAS" bumper sticker.