Delivery forecast anomaly?

Delivery forecast anomaly?

I have 2 M3's on order, placed at 11am on 3/31 from standing in line in Dania Beach FL. I am an MS owner and my page shows that car "A" and "B" have the following reservation info:

1st Production Large Battery Standard Battery Dual motor AWD

Car A Nov/17 to Jan/18 Jan/18 to Mar/18 Aug/18 to Oct/18
Car B Oct/17 to Dec/17 Dec/17 to Feb/18 Jun/18 to Aug/18

Can anyone explain why if these reservations were put on the same credit card at the same time, they would be a month apart in projected delivery (and 2 months for the Dual Motor choice? If this were my company (right!) I would ship the two on the same truck for cost savings. My guess is that I am going to bet vin numbers like 43875 and 43876 or something, so why the different delivery forecasts? If any of you have 2 M3's on order, do you also have this vagary?

ColonyGolfer | 2017年8月7日

Wow, sorry about the formatting

KP in NPT | 2017年8月7日

Tesla has stated that owners will only get delivery priority for the number of Teslas they currently own. So if you own 1 Tesla now, only one Model 3 will have priority.

Odd that they are only a month apart, however. I would have thought it would be more.

mntlvr23 | 2017年8月7日

You have a special priority on only one Model 3 if you only currently own one Tesla. Your second reservation is in a separate later line with the rest of us riffraff

BoRidge | 2017年8月7日

Yours makes more sense than mine. Since you are current Tesla owner, your are bumped up in the line. However, you only get one bump up for each Tesla currently owned. Therefore, only one of yours was bumped up.

Now, for me, I don't currently own a tesla, but am still showing one at Nov/Jan and one at Dec/Feb for first production.

Rutrow | 2017年8月7日

Since both of the time frames overlap, both could be delivered on the same truck and still each forecast be right. Your anomaly just gives you a narrower window of possibilities. :-)

akgolf | 2017年8月7日

My understanding was that owners got one Model 3 with a priority, the other one is grouped with non owners.

stevegs | 2017年8月7日

I am not a current owner, but I read that the priority given for being a current owner is one M3 per current Tesla vehicle owned; i.e., to have car A get the priority that Car B is getting, you would need to own 2 Tesla vehicles.

suinn | 2017年8月7日

A friend and I are both Model S owners. One car is set for the earlier delivery of late 2017, but our second reservation is showing "Late 2018". Even though both of us put in our Model 3 reservations really early. I would love to have your two reservation dates and can only hope that my second reservation date is somehow wrong.

burdogg | 2017年8月7日

Try this one - I have yet to get anyone at Tesla to explain it and no one on here has any ideas :)
I am a current Model S owner - purchased Nov 2015
Reserved Model 3 onliine March 31 right before the reveal started.
Bought a Model X to add to the family on Dec 2016.

I live in Colorado
My dates:
1st Production - Dec - Feb???? - Why in the world are my dates 2 months behind someone in Florida???
2nd productio - Feb-Apr
AWD - Aug-Oct.

I am really at a loss - I have seen people with no Tesla and even in Texas area with better dates. Not so sure on this whole thing - oh well :) I will keep trying with Tesla to see why such a later date than people with Tesla's on the East coast.

mntlvr23 | 2017年8月7日

@burdogg - did you use the same email address as your regular Tesla account? Did you use up life points when battling PDX?

burdogg | 2017年8月7日

I did use the same email - my first check was to make sure it was linked to my account. I then checked to see if they did something different - ie didn't have it linked to my Model S purchase (2015) and hence linked it to my later Model X purchase - essentially putting me at the end of the list of the owners :) (like those that reserved the Model 3, then later decided to purchase an S/X and got bumped up the line). They say it is all linked properly :)

I think your answer is the best one I got yet - my goodwill points were used up with my request and therefore, dropped me back to human status (kind of like Superman giving up his superpowers to be with Lois - did I get that right - it has been forever since I watched the old superman movies)

Tesla2018 | 2017年8月7日

Maybe they dont want to deliver to Colorado in the middle of winter?

Coastal Cruiser. | 2017年8月7日

burdogg, you are precisely correct in your analogy. Except that your sacrifice was for mankind, rather than for a single person like that selfish Superman dude. Your sacrifice places you at the head of a line far more important than than a delivery line for a mere car.

Well, perhaps a tad more important?

OK, neck and neck, which ain't bad.

And as your attorney I can advise you that you will not take delivery in the projected time frames. I'll bet a month's retainer on that.

mike_f | 2017年8月7日

"You have a special priority on only one Model 3 if you only currently own one Tesla. Your second reservation is in a separate later line with the rest of us riffraff"

Not true. The same situation as ColonyGolfer, 2 Teslas (MS, MX), two reservations on 3.31.16 and both have

First production Oct-Dec 2017, STD Battery Dec. 2017-Feb 2018, Dual Motor Jun - Aug 2018

Who knows what is really behind the scheduling.

ColonyGolfer | 2017年8月7日

Suinn, my res date is 3/31/2016. I guess the reason car "B" has an earlier delivery promise date than car "A" in the later AWD scenario is because once car "A" is shipped to me, I then own 2 cars (The A and my MS) and the "B" car moves up in the list because I am a 2 Tesla owner at that point. Too convoluted for this feeble ming to comprehend.

SamO | 2017年8月8日

My dates are really weird. I was the first owner reservation 3/31/16 in Santa Monica CA 1005AM:

Oct 2017 for Reservation "A"

2019 for Reservation "B"

coolnewworld | 2017年8月8日

@burdogg - Really? That's insane. Are there others having this issue?