Banging Sound From Passenger Side

Banging Sound From Passenger Side

Has anyone experience an intermittent banging sound coming from the passenger side? I have a 2017 75D and it has happened both at about 25 mph and while stationery at a red light. The radio was muted. The sound was so loud, I swore another car had hit me, but there was no vibration and there was no collision with another car. I brought it in for service but the technician could not duplicate the problem. Please let me know if anyone has ever experienced this odd behavior.

sule | 2017年8月8日

Does it only happen when starting move, accelerating after slowing down or regen braking after acceleration? Take it to the Dr (Tesla)...

J.T. | 2017年8月8日

Check to see if the J1772 adapter is rolling around in the glove box. | 2017年8月8日

JT has the most likely answer. Also check the rear trunk well for something rolling arround. Other areas to check include under the front seats, although most items roll back to the rear seat floor area.

bishoppeak | 2017年8月8日

Probably your wife bracing her feet on the dash in reaction to your driving. | 2017年8月8日

@bishoppeak - Best laugh of the morning!

renwo S alset | 2017年8月8日

I hear banging all the time, but only in park with the seat backs down.

MS_Hapi | 2017年8月8日

Sr.smr if you have a dash cam keep the audio on and maybe you can get it recorded (helpful if time coded too I would think). There's also a way when something happens to send a note to Tesla using the car's audio. Hubby did it but I don't recall what he did. Suppose to help mark the timing of it for them to later check records. Sure someone here can elaborate. I hate intermittent problems with things!

redacted | 2017年8月8日

It could be your mother in law trying to get out of the frunk.

ATCRomes | 2017年8月9日

Was your AC on? Theres a loud sound that comes from the AC. Its a quick "bang" sound

sr.smr | 2017年8月11日

Problem solved! It was the front passenger door handle getting stuck in the open position and then suddenly closing. I was just lucky that when I came back to the car I noticed one handle had not retracted. I double checked by re-locking the doors with the key FOB and the defective door handle still would not retract. If I touched it, it would suddenly close causing the banging noise. Tesla is sending a mobile van to my home to replace the door handle assembly.

MS_Hapi | 2017年8月11日

Thanks for coming back sr.smr and posting what it was. Forums can be pretty hard on people and many times the symptoms are legit and there's something to be learned. Could happen to someone else reading this and this would help them out.

sr.smr | 2017年8月11日

By the way, while troubleshooting the problem I used the Recorder iPhone app to record sound. I noticed the display in front of the steering wheel indicated a call in progress. This is as a result of the iPhone microphone being used by the recorder. As soon as I stopped recording, the car display went back to normal and the ability to place a call was restored.

pepsundar | 2017年8月11日

//Banging Sound From Passenger Side// Sorry, I laughed reading this title!

pepsundar | 2017年8月11日

//Banging Sound From Passenger Side// Sorry, I laughed reading this title!

sr.smr | 2017年8月13日

Some of the replies had me laughing too! I'm just glad I was able to solve the problem as it was really depressing to own an expensive new car you love and having this problem that no one could solve because it was intermittent in nature.

lcdhj | 2019年9月24日

Yes I have noticed the problem twice now and had no idea what it was and neither did Tesla. Thanks much. This is my 5th day with the brand new model 3 and cant wait to bring it in for a fix.

PrescottRichard | 2019年9月24日


What is up with these guys lately???