EXTREMELY EXCITED...but I can't help but think..

EXTREMELY EXCITED...but I can't help but think..

I am very excited for the car and the future the Tesla will bring. Main selling point for me was the FSD on this car. I can't help but think once we go into the new age of technology. It makes me ponder how well protected is our car, and I don't mean crash rating. I meant the software from being hacked. The way I see it, we need beyond military grade level protection to protect the software because in the age of FSD if something was to hacked and control anything then it can potentially become catastrophe.
The reason why I am asking because many top corporations, and government have been hacked. I believe Google recently shut down AI because of security Risks. Even Obama feared that AI could hack in Nuclear weapons in 2016.
https://www.wired. com/2016/10/obamas-concerned-ai-hack-americas-nukes/
But then... I could be thinking too much or be way over my head!

let me know your views.

LA-Fohlen | 2017年8月11日

This is a part of concern. Where there is software and OTA updates involved there will be hackers even if it is just to prove that it can be done.

Xerogas | 2017年8月11日

Google did not shut down AI because of security risks. Years ago, Tesla hired Apple's top security engineer to help mitigate risk of hacking into their systems. She's been doing a great job ever since.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年8月11日


elephant in a bottle | 2017年8月11日

EM briefly explained this, that security is paramount in Tesla's software/hardware design to prevent fleet-wide hacks. Similar security initiatives are employed as to how Iphones and Androids prevent fleetwide hacks on their phones. The car is also protected with multiple layers of firewalls at each subsystem.

noleaf4me | 2017年8月11日

Yea - my guess is they have this covered....

ebiggs | 2017年8月11日

Remote hacking can probably be prevented to a degree that shouldn't worry any retinal person, but hands-on hacking, from what I understand, has been proven to be not prohibitively difficult, though so far the only successful hands-on hacks have been performed by owners. If you are worried about a nefarious actor having access to your vehicle, though, you should probably also be concerned about a good-old-fashioned car bomb as well...

JuJo0 | 2017年8月15日

They actually have experienced hackers working for them to constantly breach the software for developers to cover any loopholes they may find. They even pay third party hackers if they find vulnerabilities too (unsure if they're still doing this, but I would think that they would be).

Last year, Keen Security Lab managed to hack into the Model S, controlling sunroof, trunk, brakes, even while the car was in motion. However, it was a highly controlled test hack, and the conditions that the car must be using the in-car browser and in the specific Wi-Fi hotspot in order for it to work. Nonetheless, Tesla quickly closed that loophole.

Musavviradam | 2017年8月15日

You guys made some very valid points. It is great that Tesla is constantly testing the software!

RedPillSucks | 2017年8月15日

Is it correct that so far, the hacks have been limited to phishing style "click on this link" hacks, and no one has performed a blue tooth or wifi hack directly?

cessna182 | 2017年8月15日

I'm trying to think, but nothing happened!