20" Silver Wheels & Tires for sale

20" Silver Wheels & Tires for sale

2017 Model X100D
Removing new wheels & tires that came with the car as I replaced with 22"
$2000.00 West Hollywood pick up

chefmontilla | 2017年8月17日

Less than 500 miles

mhgross | 2017年8月17日

Would be interested in one rear and one front wheels only. Understand you'd prefer to sell the set but ......

Civilpe | 2017年10月5日

Hi, if you still have the wheels and tires for sale then I would like to purchase them. I live about 2 hours away (or 4, depending on traffic). Please email your contact info to

HammoJ | 2017年10月18日

Why do you favor 22" wheels?

Docrsw | 2017年10月21日

If these are available, I am interested.

inconel | 2017年10月22日

HammoJ I guess size does matter