Wife credits Tesla brakes for saving cyclist

Wife credits Tesla brakes for saving cyclist

My wife called me today and said "I think the Tesla brakes just saved a cyclist's life." She was traveling on a four lane road that is under construction where traffic has been diverted to two lanes. I suspect the cyclist only looked in the direction from which traffic normally travels. To be clear, my wife slammed on the brakes. The car did not detect the cyclist. Video here:

Tropopause | 2017年8月17日

At least he gave a friendly wave as his life was spared.

conman | 2017年8月17日

Additionally I suspect the cyclist probably couldn't hear the Tesla and assumed no sound means no car.

lasportsnut | 2017年8月17日

Ya, the bicyclist was obviously not paying attention. I agree, he probably did not hear any cars approaching and assumed it was safe but glanced anyway but it was too late. Fortunately, your wife was aware of the situation and stopped in time. I would recommend a nice romantic dinner to show your appreciation. LOL

redacted | 2017年8月18日

Cyclist DGAF.

SO | 2017年8月18日

Quite often people don't hear gas cars either. This isn't an EV problem only. Cyclists need to look if they value their lives.