I’m torn between Silver and Dark Gray. Thoughts?

I’m torn between Silver and Dark Gray. Thoughts?

Thoughts on Grayand Silver?


Chargedmr2 | 2017年8月19日

Go with the one you like more. If you don't like one more than the other, flip a coin ;)

Artkush | 2017年8月19日

Same here. I'll decide after seeing the silver in person. I think dark grey is the safer option if we can't see silver firsthand.

g_g.tatham | 2017年8月19日

Silver is good. Dark colors are impressive during the day but hard to see at night. I want a silver exterior and light grey interior - with the carbon fiber strip across the dash. The grey interior and the carbon fiber dash piece are not offered yet. I live in California and lighter colors are cooler. But then, my wife wants a red M3.

sp_tesla | 2017年8月19日

Both harder to see day or night, accident magnet .

dd.micsol | 2017年8月20日

Go with the James Bond paint. Midnight. Of course, this is a completely opinionated thread.

J.T. | 2017年8月20日

Watch as they hold up the belts and you'll have your answer to your problem

J.T. | 2017年8月20日

Sorry, at 1:05

bmz | 2017年8月20日

The reason why I am going with the "dark gray" is because it matches so well with the 18 inch wheels, it looks like the wheels were specifically color matched to the car

M3forMe | 2017年8月20日

+1 Silver

Midnight is meh IMO

Darkon | 2017年8月20日

Probably going with Midnight Silver if I upgrade from black. Seeing the colors in person helped a lot.

dalesmith1962 | 2017年8月20日

Technically, it's not dark gray. It's midnight silver.

noleaf4me | 2017年8月20日

It seems like every other car out there today is a dark gray - midnight silver -- whatever.....

I call it "the road color"

I'd probably go more towards the silver if it were the two --- but personally I'm leaning towards the black now.....I may get the 18" wheels and order a nice set of really dark rims rather than going with the 19's.....

ebiggs | 2017年8月20日

seen midnight silver on a few S's that have been around the block... doesn't look too sharp unless you are willing to put in the elbow grease. Shines up really pretty though. I know I'm lazy and so would go with the silver over the midnight silver.

dsvick | 2017年8月21日

I'm probably going with the midnight silver and then getting the chrome deleted. Maybe some more window tint but not sure on that yet...

KP in NPT | 2017年8月21日

The car looks great in every color - but that said when I saw them all together at the delivery party, I found the midnight silver to be the most "boring" of the colors. It was at night and the car just blended into the road.

I saw it again in daylight at the design studio - I did like it better in daylight but IMO still kinda boring. Of course it's all subjective.

I'm getting silver because I think it highlights the design of the car the best.

andy.connor.e | 2017年8月21日

I am also torn between Midnight Silver and Blue

jefjes | 2017年8月21日

Midnight if black interior is my only choice but considering blue if white will be available. I've owned too many silver cars and trucks and I'm just tired of the color.

Nexxus | 2017年8月21日

Yes, I have them quite frequently...go with the silver.

shank15217 | 2017年8月21日

I was torn between glossy black and metallic black, so i chose silver. I suggest you choose white!

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年2月28日


Oh Yeah | 2020年2月28日

I just got my Midnight Silver Metallic with the 19" wheels, perfect combo for me but beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. :)

I was planning on doing the chrome delete since chrome is against my religion. But after seeing how well it accents the dark paint, I decided against it. However, I am going to look around to see if there's some sort of brushed nickel or aluminum colored wrap to cover the chrome.

Luckily there weren't two choices that I really liked or I would have been in the same boat as you. Good luck and enjoy whatever choice you make and don't look back. I think you'll be so busy having so much fun with the car that you'll be happy with either choice!

andy.connor.e | 2020年2月28日

i remember this thread back when i had a Model 3 reservation. Boy am i glad that didnt work out, cybertruck is much more appropriate.

michaellewisvaughn | 2020年3月2日

I once thought I heard: "Once you go Midnight Grey, you never go back." (Or did I hear that wrong?)

detayls | 2020年3月2日


jimglas | 2020年3月2日

I like my Silver, too bad they stopped making them

EVRider | 2020年3月2日

@michaellewisvaughn: My first Model S was Midnight Sliver Metallic, but I went with white for the second one. My wife's Model 3 is blue.

j0hnnyb1 | 2020年3月2日

The best answer is... look at them in person. I was torn between white, black, and red until I was test driving a white Model 3 and a red one passed me up... Looked amazing so I ordered the red and didn’t look back.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2020年3月2日

Go with the one that hides dirt the best. The M3 is a dirt magnet and looks great when it’s clean. My black doesn’t stay clean very long.

mrburke | 2020年3月2日

My next Tesla will be plaid.

guydude | 2020年3月3日

So glad I got silver while it was available

lbowroom | 2020年3月3日

"The best answer is... look at them in person"
"Go with the one that hides dirt the best"

You guys realize that Silver isn't offered anymore, right?

j0hnnyb1 | 2020年3月3日

Ibowroom: The question was not whether or not Silver was available. Literally just asking our thoughts. Many folks are getting custom paint or wraps done to their cars. Maybe he is buying a used Model 3? Do you know something we don’t? (That is a rhetorical question)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2020年3月3日

detayls: Yes. RED is the onliest color there will ever be.

lbowroom | 2020年3月3日

I know that when the OP started this thread, it was a valid question. I don’t know who you’re referring to Johnny

WW_spb | 2020年3月3日

Dark gray and black 20" like a true G.

RedPillSucks | 2020年3月5日

Red is the only-est color that you'll ever do.
Blue can be as good as Red, it's the only-est color since the color Red....

(sung to the tune of "One is the loneliest number")

RedPillSucks | 2020年3月5日

Midnight silver metalic is the only-est color just doesn't roll off the eyeballs in the same way,
but I love how it sort of looks like different colors in different lights. Sometimes it looks black, and sometimes it looks dark blue.