Two completely different Tesla interactions in the same day....

Two completely different Tesla interactions in the same day....

The other day I went to the McDonald's near my house, and the young kid who took my money said to me "I am a total nerd, and I love your car." I responded that I was a nerd also, and love the car also.

Meanwhile, I was in Connecticut riding the Chester-Hadlyme ferry across the CT river, and there was a woman who was on the boat parked behind me. She said she knows pretty much every car logo and did not recognize the T. I told her it was a Tesla made by Tesla in California and was all Electric. She had never heard of the brand at all, so I told her a few positive things about the car. The funny thing is that she did not even ask about charging (which is what most people who find out it is all electric ask about).

Goes to show you... There are basically four classes of people out there.

1. Those who know about Tesla and absolutely love the concept and cars.

2. Those who know about Tesla and are somewhat interested, but not a fanatic.

3. Those who know about Tesla and are convinced that Tesla sucks for some stupid reason.

4. Those who do not even know about Tesla.

jordanrichard | 2017年8月21日

2 years ago, while putting groceries in the frunk, a woman came up as asked what kind of car it was. I told her it was a Tesla and she said, "....who makes that, Pontiac?"

patrick40363 | 2017年8月21日

Pulled into my haz mat place and guy says pull up there and turn off your engine.

reed_lewis | 2017年8月22日

@ jordanrichard - That actually makes some sense. The Pontiac Logo is sort of like the Tesla logo. Not very close, but given a quick look, you might confuse them.

Tropopause | 2017年8月22日

What is Pontiac? RIP.

NKYTA | 2017年8月22日

So I guess only numbers 1 and 2 are found here? ;-)

holidayday | 2017年8月24日

""....who makes that, Pontiac?"

"Nope, Saturn!"

KP in NPT | 2017年8月24日

That sounds about right! I meet many people who covet the car, and just as many who have never heard of it.

I expect the model 3 will change the latter.

Tropopause | 2017年8月24日

Word of mouth spreads like the S-Curve Elon used to describe Model 3 ramp up. I agree with KP, Model 3 will take us to the upward trajectory and make Tesla a household name.