15" center display

15" center display

Is the 15" center display permanent where it is on all pictures that I saw (I know you don't know how many pictures I saw but...) anyway, is it?
If so, it's very weird, IMO, at least from the pictures. I drove Model S and its display panel makes perfect sense. I would expect something like that in Model 3. Can't wait to take a test drive and see it for myself.

Carl Thompson | 2017年8月21日

Personally I think it looks more accessible and usable in its position and orientation than the S or X screens do. Of course I haven't driven the 3 yet to say for sure but it seems like it could be something very usable that grows on you quickly.


Grigate | 2017年8月21日

I sure hope so. Would be Great If This Display could be folded when you are not driving. Again, without seeing and actually driving the car it's just an opinion. Anybody who had driven model 3 out there? Let us know what you think about the display. Can it be turned towards the driver, passanger?

hoffmannjames | 2017年8月21日

The screen is permanent and fixed. I actually do think that the screen in the 3 is positioned better than the screen in the S. In the 3, the driver info part of the screen is in the driver's peripheral vision really well, much more so than the screen in the S .Also the screen appears to be closer to the driver, making it easier for the driver to interact with the screen. Also, being in landscape mode rather than portrait mode, means that both the driver and the passenger have better access to the screen in the 3.

EVMan | 2017年8月22日

See the following video for an opinion from Trevor Page at Model 3 Owners Club

At about 9:40 he talks about the screen.

Yodrak. | 2017年8月22日

I was put off seeing the screen on the 3 hanging off the dash rather than built in. I thought it looked 'cheap', and it probably is a cost saving having it that way. hoffmanjames' comments and EVMan's reference to Trevpr Page's comments on YouTube regarding the benefits of the screen's position make me feel much better about it being mounted the way it is.

One concern I have, and I haven't seen anyone comment on it, is glare on a bright sunny day. Is it a potential problem, or is the screen oriented and protected somehow from the sun turning it into a mirror? | 2017年8月22日

I've had an S for 4+ years now and never encountered a glare issue with the screens. With the angle in the 3, it seems even less likely to ever get glare. I'm not saying it isn't possible, but not a issue in real use.

david_gelfand | 2017年8月22日

I hope Tesla engineers have solved the issue of a non-functional "black display screen" (in our 2014 MS 85) that required replacement at the Tesla factory and could not be rebooted by the driver or by folk in the Fremont factory "over the air." This has happened twice to us in a little less than 3 years. Fortunately (1) AC had been on before the 'dark screen', (2) we didn't need to see anything or use the screen and (3) of course we still had the display behind to steering wheel to indicate our speed from Ashland to Oakland and then on to Fremont the next day. I understood that everything is controlled by the display in the Model 3. Is this NOT correct? | 2017年8月22日

Actually the display doesn't control anything - it just displays what it is sent from the computer. In the Model S the MCU (display and related computer) is not needed to drive the car. I expect the Model 3 will be the same. The drive computer is totally separate. You can even reboot the MCU while driving without any problems.

Now in the Model 3 if the display and it's computer die, you may lose the ability to control HVAC, music and see what speed you're going. Most cars today (not just Tesla) have a similar design where the drive computer is separate from the entertainment/nav/display system. It's important, but not critical.

@david - Sounds like you were very unlucky. MCU problems seem to be rare on the S, and to have it happen twice is very surprising. Mine was fine for 4+ years before I sold it and got another S.

Carl Thompson | 2017年8月22日


Yeah what happened to you _can't_ happen on the 3 or it will be a serious problem. I personally would call a tow truck and not drive the car any further until it were fixed. I just wouldn't risk it.


Hippo626 | 2017年8月23日

Prepare to pay $3000 or less to fix the screen. Anyone know how long the warranty will be for the screen? | 2017年8月23日

The screen warranty is the same as the rest of the car - 4 years/50K miles. There may be an extended warranty available too. On the Model S, a screen replacement is about $1100 for parts and labor. It's not the easiest part to get to in the S. On the 3, it may be easier to replace, and being smaller should be cheaper too.

Hippo626 | 2017年8月23日

Oh good was reading on the model s forum someone paid about $4000. Thank goodness it's not that much.

ramihanna616 | 2017年8月23日

Just curious, how do you shift from forward to reverse? Is it on the screen? I dont see a shifter?

hoffmannjames | 2017年8月23日

@ramihanna616 There is a gear stalk on the right side of the steering wheel that you use to shift from forward to reverse.

david_gelfand | 2017年8月23日

@TeslaTap Thank you. Yes, very rare and replacement completely covered by Tesla. I understand from Tesla that because we had the AC on BEFORE the screen went black, that's why it continued to work just fine for the drive back in 95+ late August heat.
@@Carl Thompson. We called Tesla when the screen went black and couldn't be rebooted. They tried to reboot but it didn't work; they also indicated that our MS was perfectly safe to drive...and it was. No problem at all, although a little worried.
dhg | 2017年8月23日

@Hippo626 - The $4000 was a complete MCU replacement (computer, audio system, GPS, cellular, network bridge and display). In the early days, they just replaced the entire MCU. Now they can replace just the display if that's the issue. I think the $4000 cost has also dropped considerably, but I don't remember the current price.

Interestingly, Tesla has been dropping the prices of many repair parts. While exceptionally unusual in the car industry, Tesla is passing on the cost savings as volumes go up and/or they negotiate a better deal for parts.

Carl Thompson | 2017年8月23日

"We called Tesla when the screen went black and couldn't be rebooted. They tried to reboot but it didn't work; they also indicated that our MS was perfectly safe to drive...and it was. No problem at all, although a little worried."

The Model S is one thing but the Model 3 is another. I could see driing the S with the center screen out because you still have the instrument cluster display that will still show you your speed, range remaining, collision warnings, etc. On the Model 3 there is only the one display and if that went out you would have no information at all. I personally would not drive the car in that situation though I understand that other people might risk it.


david_gelfand | 2017年8月23日

Carl - I agree completely. That was the reason for my original posting ("I hope Tesla engineers have solved the issue of a non-functional "black display screen"). If I can't see my speed or any other information that's on the screen, e.g. approaching cars etc, I will not drive the vehicle. Sometimes, these are in quite remote areas (i.e. NOT near a Tesla repair center), resulting in considerable inconvenience for faithful customers and they may quite an expensive towing bill.

finman100 | 2017年8月24日

what about looking out the windows? there's your approaching cars. and match or go below the speed of other cars. limp it back home. Call Tesla. I mean, if the car still "drives" under it's own power, seems silly yo give up all hope and sit there. It's still a car without the display. drive it using and relying on "old-school" human skills. Can't see this being a problem. Unless it's chronic with screens and displays going black left and right...that might be Skynet...

N7RZBModel3 | 2017年8月24日

Anyone, do Teslas have OBD2 connectors? I carry a diagnostic device in my trunk, and, if plugged in, I believe it will display MPH, but probably nothing on battery charge. I don't carry it because I need it. I have this friend.....

jordanrichard | 2017年8月24日

Yes, they have OBD2 plugs because the law says all cars must have them, but on a Tesla, it goes nowhere. Yes, it is completely stupid to have a connector with no wires going to it, but that is the law. | 2017年8月24日

Actually the ODB2 is connected in the Tesla (it's a good source of power for a dashcam), but there is no useful data.

Seems many people drive old cars with broken speedometers, dead dashboards, and other faults (and some new cars too). It's not the end of the world and a little common sense can go a long way in the rare event of an instrumentation failure.