Dash Cams (2 channel)

Dash Cams (2 channel)

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to get an idea of how many of you are planning to get or have thought about getting a dash cam for your model 3s. This will be my most expensive car I have ever owned and plan on having it for years. I want to protect it from the crazies out there. Does anyone have any experience with them? I was thinking about getting a dual channel dash cam, one for the front and one for the back. I heard blackvues and think wares are really good brands.

Any thoughts?


Steam613 | 2017年8月27日

They are a great for disputing insured drivers involved in damage to your vehicle where you are not at fault. However, 1. There is no protection from a dash cam, 2. Under or uninsured drivers are simply a financial turnip, 3. The dash doesn't help you unless there is clear fault. Plenty of searchable stories of where dash cam incriminated the driver with the cams.

ron369 | 2017年8月27日

I wish that Tesla would provide a way to get logs from the Tesla cameras at the time of a crash. My wife was recently involved in an accident (in a Prius) on a freeway where the traffic slowed down suddenly, she braked hard, and then was rear-ended. The other driver claims that my wife was going in reverse (and he even said down a hill) on the freeway. The down hill part is easily disputed given that photos were taken with GPS coordinates, and the reverse claim is just ridiculous, but we had to pay for the repairs and hope that our insurance company is competent enough to get the money back from the other insurance company. If we had video logs, it would have been so much easier.

Tâm | 2017年8月27日


If I am guilty, it's reasonable that I get the punishment. So if there's a dash cam to confirm that, I deserve that and that is fair.

I agree with Ron369: It's the other way around that I am worried about when I am innocent but everyone else concludes that my words mean nothing because I don't have a dash cam and they, including the police, would incorrectly conclude that I am guilty.

batmanasb | 2017年8月27日

I'm hoping to see some good reviews and installation guides from fellow Model 3 owners in the coming months, while I wait about 8 more months for mine.

Shock | 2017年8月28日

1) If you are worried that you caused the accident and don't want video of that getting out, don't provide vid. Maybe your cam was malfunctioning or you forgot to put the microsd back in last time you looked at footage

2) I'm almost out of sympathy for people who are rear-ended and the person who did it claims something easily disputed by camera. Dash cams are very cheap. Amazon is full of tons of good ones for under $100. I've had them in my cars for years. Why are you waiting until you have a model 3? Order one now, have it in this week. What exactly are you waiting for? $80 gets you what you need and all the bits needed to mount it, now you have footage automatically recorded looping over and over as you drive. You never have to touch it or worry about it.

I can't tell you how many people I see post "which dash cam" thread after they've been involved in some altercation in which having one would have made a big difference. It's a lot more than it should be (in 2017 it should be zero). | 2017年8月28日

Here's my latest 2017 review on a number of dashcams for the Tesla. It also has installation instructions (for the S), but I'll update it when I get my hands on a 3.

rxlawdude | 2017年8月28日

@Shock, destroying evidence in anticipation of a lawsuit is unlawful.
Just sayin'.

peterlopes | 2017年8月28日

With so many cameras in the Model 3, why can they not be recorded and have a 30 day override feature? Stupid to have to add a dashcam, to a car that is so advanced and already has cameras.

Tesla, can you add that feature?

Tâm | 2017年8月28日


There is no doubt that they can.

The question is would they.

I suspect it is not a priority so unless people start requesting Tesla Dash Cam Service on its contact page, I don't see it will happen.

dyefrog | 2017年8月28日