Powerwall Commmunication Error

Powerwall Commmunication Error

I'm seeing a "Powerwall Communication Error" for several days on my app. Anyone else having this problem? Turned the internet on-off no help. Had the firmware for Gateway updated Monday and that started this. Tesla no help so far.

sashton | 2017年9月20日

Similar problem here after last weeks firmware update:- PW functioning OK but stopped talking to Tesla. Browsing to the gateway showed a registration incomplete msg and some strange kiosk msg. Fixed by re-running the wizard. I'm sure Tesla support would have had a slicker fix but this seemed to work.

zubinanary | 2017年9月21日

I had a similar issue, but I slowly discovered that it was my router and it's security service. I use the eero Wifi Routers, and subscribe to their Plus service. When they fully disabled their Plus not only on my routers but at their NOC, then the Powerwall started to talk to the Tesla NOC. I'm guessing their whitelist they purchase from Bluecoat or other providers may not include the Tesla NOC range in their whitelist. They are trying to get it added, and then turn the service back on for me.

Note: My Powerwall are connected via Wifi to my eero router. I don't use the Ethernet cable. It was even provisioned without the Ethernet cable.

The 4G/LTE modem is installed in the gateway, but I have almost no coverage at my house due to where I live (near the top of a hill in the SF Bay Area)

bruceplmail | 2017年9月21日

My installer fixed this by replacing firmware 1.6, not CA native, with 1.5. 1.6 pushed by Tesla in error. Works so far.

luciano.mougenot | 2017年9月21日

Same state, appointment on Tuesday for them to upgrade fw and add hardware to my lan. No cell service. Should have know this was going to be an issue after the team that did the install had to push the initial fw update via laptop. Will update once working.

harrye | 2017年9月22日

I had a PW-2 installed 3 weeks ago running v1.3.3 firmware. Last night it was auto-updated to v1.6.0 and since then communications failed. I traced the problem to be that the Energy Gateway had lost its default gateway setting.

The only way I have found to set this is to run the WIzard and I have also found that if you have a static IP address then the wizard also fails - again because it does not retain the default gateway setting you enter. The work-around I found is to let the Energy Gateway used a DHCP address for the wizard setup, then run it again to set a static IP address. The down side of this seems to be that the new v1.6.0 firmware also wants to re-run the registration page each time you run the wizard (which did not occur with v1.3.3 firmware.

The updated v1.6.0 basic graphic display on the Energy Gateway when access via a web browser also does not show the power being fed (or drawn) to/from the battery like it used to but it now has a "fuel gauge" showing a percentage of charge. (It used to chow a negative value to represent charge to the battery or positive value to show power drawn).

sbradley02 | 2017年10月25日

After 3.5 months my PW 2 finally got up and running last Friday, however the app doesn't work at all, reports connection error. I reported to support and they came back and claims this is a widespread problem. From what I am reading here, I don't buy that explanation. I see people looking into settings on their own, how is that possible?

sashton | 2017年10月25日

@sbradley If your Tesla Gateway was configured to use your existing internet connection then it is possible to browse to it and retrieve a lot of information about the state of your system.
It does appear that there are some or more systems that are no longer talking to the Tesla backend systems following a recent firmware update. I don't work for the company so my view of the issue is limited to what I see on my system and the comments on this forum.
In any case it is possible to connect to the WiFi offered from the Gateway and see (using one of the supported browsers) a simple graphic which shows the basic flows in the system.
If you're referring to the configuration settings then these are exposed while running the configuration script run from the home page.

sbradley02 | 2017年10月26日

How does one access the home page after connecting?

harrye | 2017年10月26日

Use a Web browser on a PC or other device to connect to the TCP/IP address of your Energy Gateway. If you do not know the IP address, you can find it using tools such as:

1. Your Modem/Router (look for connected devices)

2. On a Linux/Unix system, try nmap(1) and look for an entry similar to this:
MAC Address: 00:01:45:00:00:00 (Winsystems)

3. On an Android tablet or phone, try an application like "Fing" (and look for a Winsystems similar to nmap)

These are for WiFi or Ethernet connected installations.

sbradley02 | 2017年10月28日

That worked.
Oddly it only shows the Powerwall at 30% even though it has been up for several days

harrye | 2017年10月29日

@sbradley02, this sounds like the PW has not been commissioned properly (either the Wizard was not completed properly or failed some required test).

Re-run the Wizard to completion and do not skip any components (except maybe the firmware update check) but be certain to NOT make any changes other than "user-mode" changes [ie: Mode (backup/self), Reserve value or TCP/IP settings.

After Wizard completion[1], when you access the Energy Gateway via a browser (as per previous posts above) you should see a nice green "Connected To Tesla" message. A little while later[1], the App should be able to see your PW-2.

[1] A few minutes for this phase.

If this fails or you can not run the Wizard, or are not comfortable running the Wizard, contact your Installer.


Harry E.

sbradley02 | 2017年10月29日

Interestingly even without running the wizard, browser shows connected to Tesla, but app can't see it.

adrianchew194 | 2017年12月13日

How do I access this wizard that is being refferd to? I replaced my WiFi and I’m trying to work out how to set up the connection to the WiFi again.

harrye | 2017年12月14日

@adrianchew194, access the Wizard by using a standard web browser. In the browser address bar, enter the TCP/IP address of your Energy Gateway. If the EG (Energy Gateway) has connected to your home network you can find the TCP/IP address from your router/modem. If the EG has not connected, it may be set to a private IP address (like 192.168.x.y or something). Set your PC to a similar address and connect. If this is beyond your comfort level, contact your Installer or Tesla Support for assistance.

graeme.cox1 | 2018年6月11日

Powerwall 2 installed a few days back, the battery has stopped talking to the system. Called Tesla told to turnoff the system wait 5 min then restart. still its not running..

sashton | 2018年6月12日

Although this will do nothing for a system that has an existing solid communication issue there is some light at the end of the tunnel for those of use who occasionally lose connectivity from out app.
Firmware 1.17.2 offers the opportunity to configure all of the interfaces and allow the gateway to fail across between them.
So if you have intermittent wireless issues, slightly below par broadband service (as I do) or 3G connectivity that depends on the prevailing weather your app should have a very much better chance of working in future.

A secondary bonus is that if your primary upstream connection was 3G you now can also configure wireless/Ethernet so that you also have the opportunity of monitoring your system locally.

Just like Christmas for me :) - could only be topped by the news that they are building M3s so quickly that RHD models are now going to be available this year!

Tesla-David | 2018年6月12日

@sashton, hope you get your M3. ;0)