Alaska Highway

Alaska Highway

I wonder if Superchargers could be justified on the Alaska Highway.

It would also be fun to do a trip on the Dempster Highway now that the extension to the Arctic Ocean (Tuktoyaktuk) is about to be opened.

Dramsey | 2017年9月21日

Very unlikely. The Alaska Highway has stretches hundreds of miles between any services, meaning the Superchargers would have to be completely self-supporting: massive solar canopies and battery storage. I would guess there's just not enough traffic to justify the expense.

DTsea | 2017年9月21日

Not to mention really extreme weather etc.

RedShift | 2017年9月21日

Not to mention the BEARS. They are attracted to high currents and voltages. Of the DC type.

DTsea | 2017年9月21日

Redshift is that a football joke? :)

RedShift | 2017年9月21日

Either string up your battery or suffer the consequences.

NKYTA | 2017年9月24日

It's a dream, for sure... ;-)

SamO | 2017年9月24日

Extremely likely in the long run, unlikely in the next 18 months.

jordanrichard | 2017年9月25日

Is there are stretches that go hundreds of miles without services, how then are cars/trucks traveling on these routes?

BigBird271 | 2017年9月25日

I'd love to see it happen but I'd rather see some super chargers (or any public level 3 charger network for that matter) set up in Alaska first. After that Tesla can worry about connecting Alaska to the rest of civilization.

rxlawdude | 2017年9月25日

Those solar panels in Alaska get to completely rest for 4 months of the year. :-)

milesbb | 2017年9月25日

Some of the worlds best wind generating opportunities exist on the north coast of Alaska (North Slope).

DTsea | 2017年9月26日

Milesbb, the north coast of Alaska is a LOOOOOOONG way from tbe Al-Can highway. There is a mjor mountain range in the way and NO road routes, over tundra. This would be an engineering effort on the scale of the original Alaska pipeline.

It's also SUPER COLD up there. So the machinery (lubrication, materials) would have to be re-engineered... and a significant fraction of the power output would have to go to anti-ice (heat) for the blades.

geo.teepe | 2019年6月14日

My mod S 75D has made it to Tuktoyaktuk .It was relatively easy.