What's wrong with NBC?

What's wrong with NBC?

Do they really need to take a dig on Tesla and the auto-pilot related accident?? I'm pissed :

lilbean | 2017年9月25日

I didn't think it was bad. Hey, if GM could get it right, good for them.

Tropopause | 2017年9月25日

Congrats to GM! They are now at the point where Tesla was in 2015. Just wait until the first of these GM hands-free cars crashes. Then they will need to induce the nag, just as Tesla has done. A semi-autonomous vehicle requires a driver to be engaged. Only FSD will allow a driver to be a passenger. GM is only fighting for relevance as Tesla is innovating.

GM is not getting anything right.

Bill_75D | 2017年9月25日

Well, GM is beating Elon on the coast to coast drive. That is something right.

bsteinesq | 2017年9月25日

@Bill_75D: Possibly, but there are videos of Tesla owners doing coast to coast trips using AP1 for their trips. The devil is in the details: what qualifies as a coast to coast trip with self-driving, and how much self-driving: 100%; 98%, 90%, 85%? Before we judge, we need to establish our judgment criteria.

Bill_75D | 2017年9月25日

Not touching the steering wheel every one minute, maybe?

JAD | 2017年9月25日

As far as I could tell from the video, they have no intentions of a coast to coast drive. It ONLY works on freeways, with no intersections, cross traffic or people around. They also didn't mention if it needed lanes, no construction zones, clear weather for the cameras and GPS. With enough conditions, Teslas have been able to do that for awhile if they simply turn off the nag. I do think the camera watching may be better than hands on the wheel if it is reasonable in what you are allowed to look at.

lilbean | 2017年9月25日

+1 Bill75D

jkilch | 2017年9月26日

The lidar map essentially is another sensor. If a camera is temporarily blinded the computer can steer the car using relative positioning from the map data. Redundancy from a life and safety is good.

jkilch | 2017年9月26日

Looks like they may have beat Tesla out of beta on freeway driving.

jkilch | 2017年9月26日

+1 Bill75D

Boonedocks | 2017年9月26日

+1 Bill75D +1 jkilch If GM can navigate the interstates with nothing more than an attentive driver watching the road then they will be able to claim 1st. AP1 / AP2 can't go more than a couple of miles at best without twitching the steering wheel. I just hope it pushes autonomous vehicles that much quicker. If Tesla pushed the EV market maybe GM can push the autonomous market.

Earl and Nagin ... | 2017年9月26日

I doubt that GM's safety driver will be any less that "a professional driver", hence not beta -- alpha at best.
What Tesla can do, with a professional driver under very careful, rehearsed conditions, and what they sell to anybody, are totally different things.
Best of luck to GM, however! Progress is progress and I'm going to want a self-driving car in my old age.

Tropopause | 2017年9月26日

I want self-driving too! And swivel seats!

jordanrichard | 2017年9月26日

Not to be cynical, but they didn't say that they would be able to go the stretch without touching the wheel. Correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that Tesla mandating you touch the steering wheel every X seconds or minutes, so to just barely meet the letter of the law which is one is to have both hands on the wheel at all times.

As others pointed out, there are a lot of "except"s to where this system will work.

jkilch | 2017年9月26日

Earl and Nagin ... | September 26, 2017
I doubt that GM's safety driver will be any less that "a professional driver", hence not beta -- alpha at best.
Not sure I understand your reference to GM safety driver?
They are sending 6 vehicles from N.Y. to various Caddilac California dealers. It is my belief that the safety redundancy of the mapping will eliminate the problem tesla has on occasion of diving out of the lane. If the camera is temporally blinded Caddilac will be able to rely on the relative positioning from their mapping data to steer the car.
They have lidar mapped US and Canadian freeways as to longitude, latitude,elevation and angle to 4cm I believe.
They also have already done the alpha/beta test as the have driven all the roads that were mapped...and thus I do not believe one will have to accept that they are a beta test or to use the feature.

We will learn soon enough when they arrive at the California dealers. | 2017年9月26日

Unless they can refuel en route driving down the freeway, the driver will have total control. Misleading.

Bill_75D | 2017年9月26日

How will Elon refuel when he goes coast to coast with no driver input?

SO | 2017年9月26日

Elon needs those snakes!

SO | 2017年9月26日
carlk | 2017年9月26日

GM is spending all of its efforts on marketing and PR. Even the Bolt is a PR car. Google had autonomous cars capable of driving on designated streets five years ago. Where is the product now?

jkilch | 2017年9月26日

Looks to me like GM spent a lot of time beta testing driving every mle that was maped5

jkilch | 2017年9月26日


jkilch | 2017年9月26日


JAD | 2017年9月26日

GM mapped the roads once in special vehicles loaded with sensors, Tesla has 200,000+ vehicles updating their map database daily. GM promised the system in 2015 and it still isn't available. To me, Tesla is still way ahead and gaining more knowledge daily. No one has FSD, but Tesla seems to be closest in what is currently available, in their database of knowledge and in their promised time-frame for public availability. Don't know who will actually win, but GM certainly isn't anywhere close to FSD based on the video.

Boonedocks | 2017年9月26日

I don’t see it as anything having to do with “winning” I see it as having solid competition.

I am pretty sure that FSD video Tesla floated last year is nowhere near being released to any of us!!!!

I don’t think Tesla is anywhere near FSD either. I love my Tesla, in my 2nd one, and wouldn’t trade it in for anything else available today. With that said, solid competition is good for all. I do see GM as making headway.

rxlawdude | 2017年9月26日

"AP1 / AP2 can't go more than a couple of miles at best without twitching the steering wheel."

So not true of AP1. I can go tens of miles on an open road freeway straightaway without the nag, but if the road curves or I hit the accelerator it will prompt pretty quickly. In SoCal freeway bumper to bumper freeway (HOV lane) traffic, I can set it and NEVER be prompted over 30 minutes and ~15 miles.

Haggy | 2017年9月26日

" just barely meet the letter of the law which is one is to have both hands on the wheel at all times."

That depends where you live. NY has a law requiring you to have at least one hand on the wheel at all times. Other US states have no such requirement. I can't speak for other countries, but I doubt any of them have outlawed shifting, using turn signals, opening windows or hand over hand steering.

As long as I'm in control of my vehicle, I don't have to have a hand on the wheel. I don't have to have my foot on or hovering over the brake pedal. I can get my hands to the wheel faster than I could move my foot from one pedal to another, and would start moving my foot to the brake pedal before I need to apply the brakes most of the time. Likewise, I would move my hand to the wheel long before I need to steer manually most of the time, and there's a good chance that if I do grab the wheel, the car will continue to steer as I expect.

Tesla might be asking drivers to grab the wheel, but it's not because of a legal requirement for drivers to hold the wheel, except in places that require at least one hand on the wheel.

AmpedRealtor | 2017年9月27日

GM scooped Tesla with the launch of the first 300+ mile range EV under $50,000. GM also scooped Tesla on the first coast-to-coast autonomous drive. But nobody cares. All eyes are on Tesla. :lol:

pepsundar | 2017年9月27日

@SO //

Killer comments to that youtube video! ;-)

Bighorn | 2017年9月27日

Tesla has the only 300 mile EV under $50k does it not?

inconel | 2017年9月28日

AR is it really GM or is it LG? they also sell below cost don't they?

jordanrichard | 2017年9月28日

AR +1. Everyone is conditioned to not believe GM about anything. GM IMHO spends more time on hype than substance. The automotive journalist know this as well because they have along history of having seriously gimped products.