Is Powerwall 2 grid Backup worth getting for the UK?

Is Powerwall 2 grid Backup worth getting for the UK?

My installer is offering the chance to have grid backup in case of a power failure along with my Tesla Powerwall 2 I am ordering. Its £500 extra and I live in the UK with probably 1 power cut a year (if that). Is it a waste of money to have this fitted or is it useful in other ways that I may not be aware of?

sashton | 2017年9月28日

Given your grid reliability I would say that it is probably not. I am UK based and have had a PW2 for about two months and suffered four power cuts in that period. During one the Gateway lost part of its configuration. I was told at the time that the grid disconnect option wasn't approved for use in the UK. If you have confirmation that it is now an option here I will certainly get one (and possibly a second PW2 to boot).
If you are planning grid backup there is a secondary price to pay, the portion of the battery capacity reserved to cover these outages will not be available for solar energy transfer to night time use.

Andrew Norfolk | 2017年10月7日

@ Peter, was this offered by Tesla direct or via an installer, I too was of the understanding that the grid disconnect was not available. Would be great news if this has changed. About to order mine.

sashton | 2017年10月7日

@ Andrew, After reading Peter's post I checked and they are taking orders for the grid disconnect option but no news on delivery yet.

mbird | 2017年10月8日

I have been told "early 2018" and that the delay is due to the need to work with the typical UK residential earthing arrangement TN-CS. The larger gateway box will include a contactor that completely isolates the PV/Battery/Household from the grid - to protect the contractors working on the grid. So extra cabling required to route grid feed to consumer box through the Tesla gateway box. Pity they couldn't offer a remote DIN rail contactor.

Andrew Norfolk | 2017年10月8日

@sashton thanks for that, good news. We have had at least 10 power cuts this year which was my main driver to look at the PW. Where I am the power cuts range anything from 3 seconds to more than a day.

UK Power Networks did call me and apologised when I complained, they think they have found the problem with the network. We will see..