Bjorn could use some moral support!

Bjorn could use some moral support!

Most of you are familiar with our buddy, Bjorn, who has posted videos for years about his Model S experiences, and then won the referral contest and won a Model X! Unfortunately the X broke down a few weeks ago and took two weeks to get repaired. Bjorn got it back on Friday, and took off on a trip. Unfortunately it broke down again over the weekend at 4am in the middle of nowhere!!! He has a youtube video about it:

If that link doesnt work, just go to his youtube channel!

mathwhiz | 2017年10月2日

What Bjorn needs is rest, plenty of fluids and an analgesic.

As far as the cause of the second Muti-error failure requiring the employ of a flatbed, IMO it'll turn out to be the same as the first one -- just that Tesla didn't isolate and repair the true source.

dortor | 2017年10月3日

the Model X is a wonderful car - it's been proven over and over again - oh wait - that's not what has been proven! my bad!

burdogg | 2017年10月3日

What, and no S's have broken down? Give me a break. I know we will never see eye to eye on this one, but good grief, you only seem to show up when something bad happens to a Model X. So lets take the S when it first came out and compare the same numbers to numbers - how many of the first 50,000 of the Model S's had problems? How many of the first 50,000 of the Model X's had problems?

I just love how you cherry pick the X just because it wasn't what you wanted.

So, in general, those that care, there are many of us that love our X's and have no problems with them. Don't let one non-X owner try to persuade you differently.

burdogg | 2017年10月3日

Lets also not forget - the X is a way more complex car than the S :) And the break down by Bjorn is of similar components on an S - so for all we know, and S can and actually probably has had the exact same issue.

Ninefiveone | 2017年10月3日

Is @dortor a troll?

Honestly asking...

burdogg | 2017年10月3日

No, he has been around for some time and does own a model S. He just was really upset with what Tesla did with the Model X - in his mind, they totally blew it - his thoughts: should never have done falcon wing doors - to him, they are a liability and should not be on the car. Second, they did not have folding second row seats and to him, this destroyed the SUV. To him, it is not a true SUV and is full of compromise because of this. He is pretty adamant that the X is a disaster and really hurt Tesla and they totally failed on this one. And his opinion is that it is fact, even though there are many of us that love the things he hates about the vehicle :)

Ninefiveone | 2017年10月3日

Ah... so no one is allowed to like something he doesn't like. Ok. So really not that different from being a troll.

inconel | 2017年10月4日

the second row now folds

burdogg | 2017年10月4日

I should clarify - we all tend to think our opinion is the only correct one :) It is just there is a difference between listening to others opinions and seeing what they are saying, even if you disagree with them, you broaden your understanding and the situation instead of closing off into a narrow limited focus opinion.

With that, I do understand that the X may not be for everyone. Some do not like the FWD. So be it, doesn't make them wrong, it just makes it maybe not for you. Some didn't like the no folding second seats (yes, now they do) so at that time, the X may not be for you, but doesn't mean that others didn't love it as it was. This is one car, one! It can' please everyone, and just because there were major challenges along the way and that even Musk admits it is a car that maybe shouldn't have been done, does not mean that what they now have should not be! It just means that yes, it put them back a little, yes there were major hurdles, but boy, look at it - it attracts people.

Anyway, It is one thing to have opinions, it is another to make it out like mine is the only true and correct one (again we all do it, just the way we go about it is what is off putting)

Solarman004 | 2017年10月4日

Back to Bjorn...
I watched the videos of his first breakdown, the return, and the second breakdown. I have to say that I'm impressed with his calm demeanor throughout. I'm not sure that I could have been as composed during the second 2 the middle of the night...with clients waiting for delivery...while sick with a cold.
The total shutdown failures should not occur on this vehicle twice in such a short time, but the exceptional customer service he received from Tesla has been my experience also.

dortor | 2017年10月5日

I have publicly posted that now the the 2nd Row folds the X is a world class SUV - when I posted that it wasn't because the 2nd row didn't fold I was told Tesla did the right thing and the car was greats "as is"…

I ask you if the car was great "as is" - why did Tesla add the 2nd row folding and remove the option for the original seats.

The original X was full of faults - and it took Tesla nearly 18 months to rectify most of them - they now have come out the outside and I would consider the X at least as good as the S

my issue with the FWD was never could they make them - they clearly can - the issue I have is how well they are going to "age" - i.e. after warranty is out how expensive will those things be to repair. Also they clearly delay'd Tesla from shipping the X on their original schedules, even though Elon claims the contrary.

I have also written that the X has the best front cockpit in the industry - the helicopter windshield makes the car a joy to drive, and now that the 2nd row folds you can actually pick up a 55" flat screen from Costco in your $120,000 SUV - seems a reasonable task for an SUV.

I also stated that the delay's, complexities and poor decision would affect sales - I think 60,000'ish unit into this that is also now true - it's still not clear how many original reservation holders bailed on their reservations once they understood the compromises the car represents.

Telsa has changed the car and addressed most of my original complaints, and Tesla has also admitted they made a huge number of errors with the car- I'm not sure how that makes me a Troll - just because I was saying things owners didn't want to hear doesn't make them un-true…

Tesla has largely overcome the original problems and the X is now mostly a good car and an adequate SUV - and with that sales are now approaching the pace/volume you would expect given actual functionality vs. the price point (still too expensive for most people but the X was never supposed to address that issue).

not a troll - but not a blind fan of Elon either - Tesla makes tons of avoidable mistakes - watching the Model 3 production ramp mirror the X production ramp still frustrates me.

burdogg | 2017年10月5日

dortor - sorry if I spoke too much for you - I was just stating that you were not a troll and trying to portray your issues :)

Again though, they do still make a non-folding second row seat version - the 6 seater, which again, I love. I love the pedastal that allows more leg and storage room, as opposed to a fixed seat bench. I love the look of them too. I love the ease of access to the rear with them as well. They changed it because yes - there are a lot of people that want a folding second row seat - but there are plenty that don't ever need to fold it either - so they are compromising to try to expand into those that feel they have to have the seats fold down. Does not mean they original design was a mistake.

As far as FWD - I didn't say you said they couldn't do it - just that you felt they shouldn't have done it. Problem is, they did, and even Elon will probably admit that that is what he means when he said that the X is a vehicle that shouldn't have been made, and probably never will be again (not direct quote, just interpretation of that quote).

As far as the Model 3 ramp - they simplified the car, so how does the ramp mirror the X? The X I can understand was bungled because of the complexity - so what is it with the 3? They hit a snag, but how were they to know? As much as we all wish and think it should be smooth as butter, these still are firsts going on there, unlike other car companies.

Anyway, I know you and I have our different views on it - which is fine and good to discuss to understand one another. Hence why I said you are not a troll. It is just the statement you made earlier "the Model X is a wonderful car - it's been proven over and over again - oh wait - that's not what has been proven! my bad!" really has no merit as like I said, the S had its early problems too. That was just one of those hate on the vehicle statements that makes no sense with your last statement you just posted.

dortor | 2017年10月5日

regarding the 3 roll out - I'm seeing the same script:

1. Elon announces production and some targets
2. they miss those targets with vague statements about problems they have under control
3. people are disappointed and it opens up speculation as to what went wrong

I still think Tesla does itself a huge disservice by "pre-announcing" things…but Elon's not going to stop- and with the 3 ramp Elon may have had no choice - which bring to the surface the question of:

What did Elon know and when did he know it - he's either optimistic/lying/both… | 2017年10月5日

I picked up my Model X at the end of May, 2016. The only issues I have had were the front door latch systems with the PU package. The latches have been replaced under warranty and have worked great ever since. The lack of folding second row seats is a design shortcoming but not important to me. I wanted a safe seven seater for the grandkids. I got that and more. It is by far the best driving car I have ever had, better than the MS IMO, and the most fun car as well. What other car can put on a hilarious holiday show? | 2017年10月5日

Elon Musk is the world's greatest optimist.

dortor | 2017年10月5日

I have the upmost respect for George…

but your statement doesn't rule out "both"

I agree Elon is a projecting optimist…but he's also a business man the deeply understands the impact of public statements - and also understand the impact of missing public statements…so we'll never really know what Elon actually knows when he makes statements...

we simply know he made statements regarding S, X, and 3 - and sometimes he's at a minimum optimistic - and....well I won't go there.

burdogg | 2017年10月5日

I can agree some with you there dortor on the fact of making hugely upside projections. I personally don't feel he really needed to be that optimistic in the short term, since all the critics didn't think he could deliver 100 cars this year. So the fact that they even made the highly over ambitious goal of delivering anything in July was HUGE. He could have said the ramp would be slower but would get to the 5,000 cars by Feb and I think the world would still call that a huge success - other than the naysayers, who would naysay no matter what.

So yes, I don't get the overly optimistic numbers, could have been a little slower on the ramp, and it still would have seem like a fast ramp up. I am not saying they still can't make what they are shooting for, but I wouldn't bet a lunch on it :)

As far as X and S - I love them both and don't know if I could choose if I had to :)

Uncle Paul | 2017年10月6日

I and a lot of other successful entrepreneurs behave much like Elon.

I am the most optimistic person in my company. I often enter into difficult projects with great hopes and vision. During the process I often come up short and do not accomplish everything desired, but we do get lots of things done, and while often not perfect, indeed we do accomplish some amazing things.

Employees often roll their eyes and think "here we go again". We usually get much of what we aim for, but seldome everything. Occasionally we succeed beyond our expectations, but just as often we come up short...but we still get lots done.

This is how we roll. Doing the best we can, but rarely perfect.

Never saw an automobile that was perfect in every way, had 100% acceptance to everyone, was not considered too expensive by some, and could not have some items improved.

I believe that Elon has perhaps accomplished more than any other human being walking the Earth. For me the S and X were home runs. I love the doors on my X, both front and 2nd row. The windshield offers a better viewing opportunity on my trips than anything less than a full sized motorhome. The ride is quiet, smooth, good handling, non polluting, cargo carrying, people toting, dog transporting, Costco running and neighborhood entertaining.

Making a case that it is a failure for you, due to it's design might be true, but for thousands of of happy customers it is the cat's meow.

bob | 2017年10月6日

@ Uncle Paul +++++ well said

burdogg | 2017年10月6日

Great words Uncle Paul :) | 2017年10月7日

I think it's funny that people are complaining about of a shift of a few weeks of production when the original plan was to deliver Model 3s in the late 2018 to 2019 time frame. After getting hundreds of thousands of reservations, Tesla dramatically pulled in the schedule requiring a huge amount of work in a compressed time period.

lilbean | 2017年10月7日

I know, TeslaTap! Just wait until they have problems with the car. We won't hear the end of it. | 2017年10月7日

@Tap: but Tesla reset the expectations, hence the disappointment.
Haven't checked on Bjorn lately.
Guess I'll have to get Bjorn again, so to speak.😉

Gwgan | 2017年10月19日

Bjorn is getting his car back but with a new battery. They were not able to reproduce the error but it sounds like they were trying to reproduce the conditions after making a battery swap. Does not sound like a sensible approach to diagnostics.

Vawlkus | 2017年10月23日

I disagree Gw, this is the best method to get this sorted out.

Bjorn has had similar error messages twice in a short timeframe, and most (if not all) involve the battery directly. If the mobile diagnostics cannot localize the problem ( and Bjorn has video he’s shown them of the errors he saw), the only viable course is to swap the battery pack, and do a thorough examination of the old pack in a methodical manner in a controlled environment.