(I know, wrong forum) No Tesla sightings on the TMB. But Amsterdam!!!

(I know, wrong forum) No Tesla sightings on the TMB. But Amsterdam!!!

Since I mention Model S, several will ask "Why is this in the Model 3 forum?!? My answer is: "This is where my friends are."

Finished hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc, visiting three countries, and never laid eyes on a Tesla (S, X, or other) the whole time. Notable, day 3 I didn't see a single ICE either, so there's that!

@dsvick, it was on day 3, after 4,500' elevation climbed, that I changed my opinion of your UTMB friends from "nuts" to "deranged". Rain, ice pellets, and 100kph winds made me question the mental status of anyone who would do all 105 miles in a weekend. (Admission: on day 9, returning to Chamonix for the finish, I began to fantasize about doing the UTMB myself next year. I attribute it to altitude and dehydration)

In Basel Switzerland I did find a pretty blue MS right in front of me in traffic. Photographic proof provided.


But what I found most surprising was in Amsterdam. No... not the Red Light District, but the fact that there were several Model S taxi cabs around town!!! I had often thought that the extended downtime for recharging would make EVs poorly suited for taxi service. I was pleasantly proven wrong.

Rutrow | 2017年10月9日

Need video proof?


Lorem Ipsum | 2017年10月10日

I rode in an Amsterdam Tesla taxi last week. They're nice!