Front license plate mount

Front license plate mount

Wife just got a cop warning for not mounting a front license plate on her car (this is in California).

Wife is now giving me a hard time to install a front plate, but I refuse to break the beautiful lines of my Model X with the license, let alone drilling holes :)

Question: In my BMW I solved this by mounting an off-center license plate from the bumper's toll hook (thus no drilling). It actually looked good because I prefer the off-center license plate (more racy).

Is there something equivalent for the Model X, something that doesn't require drilling and off center? I have AP1

nutner | 2017年10月10日

Search for “the law license plate holder” or check this link.
Pricey but may be what you want.

lilbean | 2017年10月10日

I was going to attach the same link but it says that it is not compatible with the refresh nose.

BlackXman | 2017年10月10日

@lilbean and nutner, I think you're looking at the wrong link. That one says Model S not X and yes says it's not compatible with new nose.

However, their Model X link says it's fine up to 2017 vehicles
see here.

lilbean | 2017年10月10日

That's the one I was trying to find. Thanks!

lafaim | 2017年10月11日

I used battery j hooks and attached the license plate frame to the front louvers. I bought them at Pep Boys for less than $10. Just cut the length of the hook to fit. Get 2 locking nuts instead of the wing nuts. I also used some foam weatherstripping on the back of the license plate frame where it touches the bumper. It is very solid and worked great in my LA to Boston and back trip this summer.

KITT | 2017年11月9日

lafaim, can you please post pictures and part details about how you did this. does it interfere with front sensor or radiator air intake up front. thanks for checking.

lafaim | 2017年11月12日

Sorry. I took pictures, but couldn't figure out how to attach them here.

james.frackoviak | 2017年11月14日

I never did anything about mounting a front plate but I liked this solution better than the one from torklift central only because I felt the front louvers weren't really meant to have things mounted to them the sto-n-show license plate holder. It will require 2 small holes but not where you can see them.

NHKIM | 2017年11月14日

Just know that if you have the law plate holders, if any one taps your front end/plate your risk cracking the grill it attaches to.

lilbean | 2017年11月14日

Also, if you get the big mikes one, the metal will scratch the bumper if it gets bumped.

AstonZagato | 2017年11月15日

In the UK, Tesla fit an ugly, cheap, black plastic number plate holder. Any British owners found a better solution?

anitha | 2018年1月22日

Another option,

search for "no-hole Tesla Model X Front License Plate Installation kit" in ebay. Works great and inexpensive.

bob | 2018年1月23日

@anitha - THANK YOU. $15 including shipping. Well worth the risk and way cheaper than the $100 plus commercial options. Looks like adding some $5 weather strips to the back might be necessary to keep it from scratching the finish of the nose. I'll report back after it arrives.

jpcollins9 | 2018年1月23日

After looking at the Amazon front license plate installation kit, I'm wondering if the kit includes the plate holder as well as two long bolts with wing nuts (that I can get at Home Depot for less than $10?) Also, since mine is a 2018 on order, won't I get a front license plate holder anyway? I live in a state where they aren't required. The weather strip idea sounds good though.

anitha | 2018年1月23日

The bolt is not readily available in home depot. You have to make one by yourself. The one I got looks well made and didn't mind spending few extra dollars for the convenience. The plate holder that I got from Tesla is soft enough that I decided not to use any weather strip. If you are concerned, you could use one.

anitha | 2018年1月23日

I liked the ebay solution using wing nut over battery J Bolt because wing nut pressure is spread across many louvers as opposed to one and also sits next to the vertical brace nicely.

kenny | 2018年1月23日

i'm not mounting the plate, warn me all they want ... when I get a ticket, i'll mount it to clear the ticket then it's coming off again ...

karenhenry21 | 2018年2月27日

I just got my license plates and it is the law where I live to have them in the front. Any more ideas about how to do this without drilling holes.

jerryk | 2018年3月1日

Throw the other license plate on the dash. At least that is what I do now with my BMW and is my plan with the X. Works even in strict ticket havens like Berkeley

Redmiata98 | 2018年3月2日

I used nylon cable ties on my first gen S for a while. I offset it to the driver side of the black bubble. They did not scratch the paint and held pretty good but were a pain to properly thread. I also found that they weathered and had to be replaced at 6 month intervals or they would crack apart. That was back when Tesla did not have a designed license plate. When I got my X, they had not yet come up with the current design that smoothly works with the front design of the car. I used the one that came with the car then and am satisfied with it but would rather have had the new one that is designed into the flow of the front end.
Bottom line: if your state requires a front plate, put it on and move on to other things.

oragne lovre | 2018年3月2日

I use Torkliftcentral plate mount. It's worked well for 20 months so far. I put it on myself. No holes and no in contact with Xpel wrap of the nose.

Uncle Paul | 2018年3月3日

Don't put your license plate on your dash. In an accident it will be come a flying blade.

anitha | 2018年4月24日
Rumi11 | 2018年4月25日

I think this motorized front license plate from Calibred Customs is pretty hot.

Triggerplz | 2018年4月26日

@Rum That's real nice

tommyalexandersb | 2018年4月26日

I just want to find something I can stick on the front when I street park, which is rare, and then take off again when I drive away. Where I live they never pull people over for no front plate, unless they suspect a DUI. But parking enforcement specifically check Tesla’s for front plates. I literally watched them walking around chalking cars and the only car they walked around the front of to check was another model x, and I watched them write the car a ticket. They didn’t even check any of the other 40+ cars for front plates. Does anyone have suggestions for this? I bought removable glass/plastic stick ones and they fit the license plate holes perfectly, but they don’t stick well to my XPEL wrap. Any ideas?

lilbean | 2018年4月26日

I was thinking of duct tape but is that legal?

tommyalexandersb | 2018年4月26日

@lil-bean hahaha!!! It’s probably not legal, but I think as long as the parking enforcement see a fro g plate it would be fine. I doubt they would get up close and personal to see if it’s actually “securely fastened”. I think I’m going to try suction cups. Idk.

lilbean | 2018年4月27日

@tommy Duct tape comes in all colors now. :)