Spotify Stations cannot be removed?

Spotify Stations cannot be removed?

Does anyone know how to remove 'stations' in the Tesla Spotify menu?

I added a station based on a song I was listening to, but found a better station for the same artist that I prefer. However, in the stations list, I cant seem to remove the station(s) I don't want.


jennatx | 2017年10月31日

I haven't figured out any way to delete any stations, period! I haven't added any, but it (usually) shows about a dozen stations, most of which I don't want. Hopefully there is a way! | 2017年10月31日

Not sure there is an option. You can remove anything from favorites by long pressing any favorite icon, and then "X"s appear over every one. Tap to delete. You might try that with Spotify (which we don't have in the USA).

sv_18 | 2017年11月1日

I have not confirmed this, but I believe that once you are listening to that "station" there is a filled in heart next to the name of the station. If you touch that heart it goes hollow which I believe removes it from your favorites list.

jim | 2019年11月27日

Since US owners now have Spotify and it appears this is still an issue I decided to necro this thread instead of start a new one.

Has anyone figured out how to delete a Spotify station from their car?
From what I can tell, it's not possible.

drgg | 2019年12月25日

I spoke with Tesla support about the inability to remove Spotify 'stations' and they tell me that this issue has been submitted for future updates. No timetable was shared with me, however.

niduj | 2019年12月30日

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sprinkles5000 | 2020年1月1日

model 3 owner here and have had the same problem. A passenger added a song as a station to my spotify account, which cannot be removed. I chatted with a technician at spotify and they said that they have no way of removing this station from my tesla. So it's clear, this station only shows up on my tesla and not my mobile, desktop, or browser device.

I really hope Tesla's software team can get to the bottom of these UX problems. It's a serious pain to not have siimilar functionality that we're used to as well as these ghost stations that are showing up. Also, this taco bell spam in this forum.

RavynArcadia | 2020年1月1日

Couldn't you sign out and back in or delete it through the Spotify app on your phone?

I just got an MX so I haven't messed with Spotify too much.

mbirnie51 | 2020年1月1日

I'm trying to get Spotify onto my MX. I have Premium, and signed in first time about 2pm today. The screen is still twirlling arround at 5:20pm.

ElectricSteve | 2020年2月9日

The Spotify interface in the car does not have a real delete function. I simply use the Spotify app on my phone (using the same Spotify premium account on both) to edit stuff. Works fine.
Adding such functionality to the car has been a feature-request for quite a while now. Guess adding new bullshit games has a higher priority...