powerwall installation

powerwall installation

Is there an option to install POWERWALLS, have them power the entire house during the day and then recharge at night from the grid ?

ida.ns.wong | 2017年10月30日

Yes in some countries but not yet in the UK. I am waiting...

zubinanary | 2017年10月31日

Yup. That's called "Time of Use Load Shifting", and it is a feature of the Powerwall, but...

The feature is not yet activated so it won't happen manually. Even with the latest PowerwallOS 1.9.1, it's not yet supported. It's coming by December 2017 in PowerwallOS 2.0.

Until then I have been doing my own manual "Time of Use Load Shifting" by flipping the breaker twice a day. Taking me off the electrical grid at 6am and putting me back on the grid at 11pm. This let me do exactly what your asking.

Note: I'm in California, a few minutes north of the Tesla Fremont Factory.

I just had my Quantity 2 Powerwall 2 install on September 13, and so far over 700 hours using this manual "Time of Use Load Shifting".

ken | 2017年11月2日

Will a breaker handle that kind of "abuse"? I don't think they are made to be used like switches. Obviously it works, but will it degrade their amp sensing capacity?