Second Guessing Ultra White Interior Choice

Second Guessing Ultra White Interior Choice

Hi everyone,

After obsessing over the Model S for a couple of years, I finally pulled the trigger last month. I went back and forth for a while about white or black interior and eventually landed on the white. I just love the way it looks with the contrast against the rest of the interior. My hesitation though was long term appearance of the seats. I've probably watched every YouTube video out there and it seems like they do pretty well at resisting stains (except in Bjorn's case).

I'm going to be a crazy person with a "no food or drink inside" rule so the only complication I worry about is blue jean transfer. I wear blue jeans just about every day. I know the white (non-perforated) seats have not been around long enough to get a real indication of long term appearance but any other owners out there wear blue jeans daily and notice any staining yet?

I'm probably just being dumb at this point, but I also started worrying about the white being noticeably reflective in the windows while driving. Has anyone with the white interior noticed this at all? Reflection in the top all glass roof doesn't bother me that much, it's the side windows I mostly worry about.

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and experiences on the white interior while I eagerly await my dream car entering production. Thanks!

Ohmster | 2017年11月8日

About to order a Red X with ultra White interior for the wife. She is brutal on interiors. Hope we don’t regret it.

Ohmster | 2017年11月8日

About to order a Red X with ultra White interior for the wife. She is brutal on interiors. Hope we don’t regret it.

bstookey3219 | 2017年11月8日

I have put about 4K miles on my S and almost exclusively wear blue jeans. I have noticed some very slight color transfer on the side bolster which receives a lot of pressure & friction from getting in/out of the car. To combat this, I try to wipe down the seat every week or 2 using a mild non-detergent cleaner (as stated in the manual) and microfiber cloth. On the bolster area, I will also rub it with a fresh alcohol pad. This pretty much takes care of this issue, but I do expect it to still transfer some dye over time regardless of how much you clean it. I would also encourage you to wash any pair of new jeans several times on a heavy cycle to remove as much excess dye as possible. The water in your washer will turn blue, so it's obvious it's taking some dye out that would have otherwise gotten on the seats.

dsopocy | 2017年11月8日

I don't wear blue jeans, but my ultra white seats are as good as new after 10,281 miles. They are extremely dirt and stain resistant (Elon tweeted that they beat all other seats in durability and stain resistance testing). I keep a spray bottle of distilled water and microfiber towels in the trunk and wipe off any mark or dirt as soon as I notice it. I even removed a pen mark this way with a bit of elbow grease. I'm trying to avoid use of any cleaner other than distilled water for fear of reducing the hydrophobic and stain resistant properties of the material and any coating, although the Users Manual does OK the use of mild detergent.

My S is multi-coat red and the ultra-white seats and interior accents really make the car's appearance "pop". I have never noticed any distracting glare from the seats on interior windows, including those days when I have to lower the sun visor to block direct glare from the sun.

Even so, your constant wearing of blue jeans could eventually cause some dye transfer to any seats. I would give some consideration to other fashion choices before I would give up my ultra white seats!

ChrisP1110 | 2017年11月8日

That's good to know it does come off if it does transfer. I do plan on wiping the seats down probably every week or so to keep up their appearance.

Glad to hear you haven't noticed any reflection and that they look new even after 10k miles! My wife has been wanting me to branch out from just blue jeans so maybe she'll finally get her way ;)

revrev4ruach | 2017年11月8日

I have the white seats, I wear blue jeans all the time (granted they are old and faded), and I have had no problems after a year's worth of ownership.

I highly recommend them.

trixiew | 2017年11月8日

I had a loaner with the ultra white interior. Oh my goodness is it bright. Not my cup of tea.

revrev4ruach | 2017年11月8日


trixiew | 2017年11月8日

The resultant pin point pupils may mislead a highway patrol person if pulled over.

Boonedocks | 2017年11月9日

+1 trixiew I had one as a loaner car today. All that white is definitely not my cup of tea either. I’ll stick with black

carlk | 2017年11月9日

We have black seats in our white S and ultra-white in our black X. We like them both. Wife has been against light colored seats for the longest time but she still decided on the ultra-white because she (so was I) liked the look so much. No regrets after year and half's ownership. It still looks as good as when it's new.

TranzNDance | 2017年11月9日

For me, the white interior is better than a cup of tea since caffeine doesn't work to invigorate me the way the bright interior does. I'm glad I got mine before they changed the lower dash from white to black.

Teslarian | 2017年11月9日

Dye transfer can be removed with a cleaner made expressly for that purpose. I have successfully used Leather Master Leather Dye Transfer Cleaner to remove blue-jean dye from cream-colored leather. Search for the ASIN "B007A2PXXK" on Amazon to find it. I tried to put in a link to the product, but the forum's spam filter seems to refuse most external links.

carlk | 2017年11月9日

Tesla mentioned synthetic leather has a protective coating and advised against using any chemicals on the surface. Soap and water was said to be able to clean it up real nice although I have never had dye transfer on mine.

bp | 2017年11月10日

We have the ultra white seats in our red S 100D - almost 12K miles - and the seats still look factory new.

We had a scare recently - my wife rubbed a pen on the arm rest, leaving an ink mark. It came off easily with baby wipes (which is what the local Tesla store uses to clean the demo vehicles with white seats).

Unless you see dirt or a mark, it may be better NOT to clean the seats regularly - if the seats have a protective coating, unnecessarily cleaning the seats might impact that coating over the long run.

So far, no regrets in getting the ultra white seats. With the black trim inside - our "stormtrooper" interior is pretty cool...

TNTesla | 2017年11月10日

Have a silver 75D with ultra white... have had it for approximately 6 weeks now. It's stunning. I replaced an original S85 (brown with tan and matte obeche)... My friend took delivery of an X the same day with cream... the white is the way to go. Don't worry, you'll love it. It is like a breath of fresh air every time I get into the car

art.lightstone | 2019年5月14日

Sadly, I have to admit that we had dye transfer on our ultra white seats after just four months, and we don't even wear jeans that much. We also seem to have dye transfer from black winter coats. Although soap and water cleans dirt off just fine, I have not had success using soap and water for the dye transfer. Still looking for a solution.