Battery Drain on 90D after One year

Battery Drain on 90D after One year

Can any 2016 90D owners share their total mile range on a full charge after one-year ownership? Mine shows a range of 253 on a full charge. I think initially it was 257?

bhoskins | 2017年11月18日

243 with 25k miles.

1Force | 2017年11月18日

Bhoskins, is this normal to lose this much battery at 25K? Any feedback from Tesla?

buddymx | 2017年11月19日

very normal. 1force, yours is above average.

bhoskins | 2017年11月19日

Buddymx is correct. From my understanding, 5-6% at this point is typical. The good news is that decay from this point shouldn’t be as noticeable. I hope that is the case. I haven’t confirmed this with Tesla, just the overall consensus with those on the forums. I usually have my X in battery percentage rather than miles so I don’t dwell on it.

OldMick | 2017年11月19日

My P90D fully charges to 249 miles. I’ve got about 15K miles on the car. When it was new it also charged to 257 miles.

Triggerplz | 2017年11月19日

I have the 2016 P90DL with 12,000 miles I'm fully charging to 247

lilbean | 2017年11月19日

My 90D at 60% gets 155. When it was brand new, it got 156.

ken | 2017年11月19日

my 90D, 82k miles, got only 231 miles full charge

zanegler | 2017年11月20日

There is an excellent post that explains that there is another factor at-play here. Basically, the range displayed is an estimate based on an algorithm. This estimate may need to be re-calibrated to more accurately display actual battery range. As I recall, the ideal method to re-calibrate involves fully charging and then depleting you battery to as low as you dare and then fully charging again. In essence, what you see may be less than what you get.

I tried searching for the most recent thread on this but didn't find it. I did find this quote from the thread link shown below the quote.

You have to understand that there is no way to measure battery capacity but only to calculate it based on observed changes in other measurements which are subject to measurement noise, environmental factors and driving distances. This is not a fault of the algorithm but laws of nature. Algorithm is doing quite well given the conditions. This can be helped by charging to 100% and driving to 0% a few times, preferably non stop :) ... but why? Just so that the number turns a bit more correct (this will not improve the battery health in any way).

Muzzman1 | 2017年11月21日

Our 90D with 21k Miles gets 234 @ 100% and 211 @90%.
We did 4 consecutive charges to 100% and discharge to 0% at the service center to address the significant loss.
The end result is that we cannot do anything about it. Service considers up to 12% loss normal within the 1st 2 yrs.
Essentially we have the range of the typical 75D now.

Tropopause | 2017年11月22日

Maybe in the ensuing years you might have some recourse.

d.cherin | 2017年11月24日

Dec 2016 90D just flipped 12K 100% charge = 248. Typically charge to 80% every 2/3 days.

NumberOne | 2017年11月24日

@Muzzman. Mine is not all that different from yours. I have 25k miles, on my 19 Month old X and 100% for me is now 241. On the bright side, we do have an unlimited mile warranty on the drivetrain for 8 years, and hopefully we will be able to trade our packs for the 100kWh without paying too much. (Everything in the packs can be re-used/re-purposed, just mentioning that for the benefit of those who do not know. The cells can still work well in other applications for years to come, as illustrated by Tesla in the past., so there would be residual value making a trade worth while.)

Lubdub | 2017年11月25日

MX90D. 26k miles
Started at 256 miles at 100%
Now 245
It dropped quickly first 6-8 months and got me worrying. But now seems to be stable

paul | 2017年11月26日

"Our 90D with 21k Miles gets 234 @ 100% and 211 @90%."
"...Essentially we have the range of the typical 75D now..."

My 2017 75D with 6K km (3.7k miles) gets 331km (206 miles) at 100%.
So... you have a ways to go to be close to my 75D.

LTO2 | 2017年11月26日

@Paul: My June 2017-build 75D charges to 210 miles at 90%...

Kutu | 2017年11月27日

I have 16,000 miles on my 90D and fully charged it indicates 253 mile of range. When new it was 256 miles.

poloX | 2017年11月27日

So if we lose 5% for the first year, what is it after 10 years??? I know its not liner. But I am afraid the answer is 50%.

joannemilliken | 2017年12月16日

January 2017 MX 90D when new 100% charge was 260 miles. In December 2017 with 19,600 miles, 100% charge was 259 miles. I rarely use a superCharger and normally charge at 30 Amps, 245 Volts to 80%.

tommyalexandersb | 2017年12月16日

My 90D gets 251 miles at 100%. 19,000 miles. I charge to 90% daily at 40 Amps and supercharge a few times a month. 10 months ownership.

patswin | 2017年12月17日

I tried to do link but would not post. Article title is “Worried about Tesla battery degradation? It's 23 miles per every 100,000 driven“. Bottom line is I have no worries on degradation . My last trip I almost charged to 100%. It had 30 minutes left and was at 253 miles. I have 22k miles, more than half are Supercharger miles.
So had average of 2.3 miles lost per 10k miles. It ranged from .16 to 5.1 miles per 10k miles.

PARRAVAN | 2017年12月17日

My model X started at 423km at 100% and after a year it's about 400km.
I usually charge to 90% and that would be 370, that level is now 358km.
It's been a bit cold and the range seems to be fall off more quickly thI hope it levels I recall from last year.

campusden | 2017年12月24日

New I could get 261. 23,000 miles later max charge is 256. The first 3 miles worth of charge By last for 1.7 miles.

Gwgan | 2017年12月25日

P90D 44k miles 90% is 214 miles, very little change since first 5% decline, however a 100 mile trip in cold temps with little wind, 5 adults, at highway speeds (65-80mph) took 70% of the battery. So while the capacity loss has been small and has slowed the practical reality is more real world range would be better and every 5% counts.

anugu | 2017年12月26日

My 75D has lost 8 miles for full charge for 8500 miles in 9 months

MXFan | 2017年12月26日

It's a little more complicated that just checking your 90% or 100% miles from what is was a while ago. One of the updates changed the miles per KWh default. When I got my car in March 2017 it was set at about 331Wh per mile. It displayed 304 miles at 100% (X100D). Then an update around summertime changed it to about 338Wh per mile, displaying 294 miles at 100%. So I had instant reduction at that time, but my real world mileage was really the same. Just understand that you can't really count on the miles shown remaining to accurately depict battery loss because of the potential software update default changes..

FYI: Those 331 and 338 default numbers I got by seeing when the rated line matched my average line on the usage display.

jimvan | 2017年12月26日

Initial full charge on my 90D was 260 miles 20 months and 26,000 miles ago. Charged full tonight to 255 miles.

poloX | 2017年12月27日

After 1 year, 20K miles, I loss 5 miles each charge. Is this normal?

Ohmster | 2017年12月27日

Yup. If you mean in total. From all that I’ve read here.

poloX | 2017年12月27日

If losing 5 miles in the first year is normal and the battery is only going to degrade more and faster than this rate. In 10 years, even if you assume at this rate, you will loss 50 miles??? And worse case, it could be 100 miles??? Thoughts? That is a scary thought.

Ohmster | 2017年12月27日

I don’t believe it to be linear like that. I’m sure those
With years of experience will soon chime in.

poloX | 2017年12月27日

I know it is not liner either. Didn't mean to imply it is in anyway. Just saying IF it is, it would take away at least 50miles. But it should be way more than 50 miles.

Tropopause | 2017年12月27日

But it’s not. According to Tesla, the most degradation is 5% in first 50,000 miles. Then it’s 5% per every 150,000 miles. That equates to:

5% loss at 50K
10% loss at 200K
15% loss at 350K

ken | 2017年12月27日

i am at 10% loss now and 88k miles

Tropopause | 2017年12月28日

ken- my comment was based upon Tesla's testing of 85 kWh battery. The 90's seem to be all over the map.

lmilgrom1 | 2017年12月28日

Have a 90D bought June 2017. Has 16k miles. Originally charged to 262, now charges to 261. | 2017年12月29日

Rated range displayed by the car and battery pack degradation are two different things that may be related but there is no definitive reference that correlates the two numbers that I can find. I don't think that charging and discharging the battery pack affects the algorithm used by the software to estimated rated range.

My belief is that the algorithm is calibrated during manufacture and keeps a running count of kWh in and out in order to calculate the rated range over time. It is possible that there is cumulative loss of capacity due to degradation that is reflected in the rated range calculation but I don't know this. Maybe someone has a reference that explains this.

twbssb | 2019年6月27日

2015 Model S P90DL at 24K miles shows 244 miles at full charge. For me, actual driving miles are approximately 90% of the indicated mileage. 1 week ownership.