Founders Edition Roadster ordered - Sydney, Australia

Founders Edition Roadster ordered - Sydney, Australia

Just completed my reservation and payment. Its going to be a loooong wait!

Tropopause | 2017年11月21日

Congratulations! A long wait for a fast car!

Dreamknightmanga | 2017年11月22日

Congrats! I really want to know what the difference is between base and founders.

philgraffy | 2017年11月26日

Where can I find delivery info on the Founders Roadster and what is the primary difference in the Founders Roadster edition vs the production car thats 50K. Is there any info detailing the differences? Thea reason I am asking is because I bought 199th reservation for the Signature Model X and found that there were many upgrades and bugs which were worked out when the X went to full production. The firmware updates brought the Signature X to the latest standards but some external panels aren't perfectly lined up and the salesman told me it was hand build and to be expected. Not a good answer but I really like the Model X and don't want to get a founders roadster at 250K without knowing delivery and differences.

carlk | 2017年11月26日

Nothing has been said you just have to make your own decision if you want to take the risk. I had an 14xx X production reservation but i wish I had the signature reservation. I could have saved singnificant dollars with my P90DL.