Roadster drivability?

Roadster drivability?

My question is whether the new Roadster can be a daily driver? The focus so far has been on speed, which is very nice of course. But it would be nice if it could be taken on long trips (to take advantage of the wonderful range). ICE sports cars can be loud, they can vibrate, and with a super stiff suspension driving in them can make you feel like you just ran a marathon. Thoughts?

carlk | 2017年12月6日

I see no reason why it will not. Some of those sports cars or supercars got reputation of not being a good daily driver because they are hard to drive and hard to maintain. The Roadster should have none of that. Suspension likely will be say 911 hard but that comes with the sports car territory. The 911 is considered to be a suitable daily driver by most people.

viper2c2 | 2017年12月6日

I certainly plan to use it that way, as I did with my Roadster 2.5. See the forum on what would sell more Roadsters. Drive ability, safety and creature comforts are discussed.

jordanrichard | 2017年12月8日

This is the beauty of an EV. They can go as fast as supercars but also drive just a smooth at parking lot speeds. That can't be said for most high performance/supercars cars.

b.tesla | 2017年12月8日

Interesting question, especially in regard to the suspension. Sure, the motors will be quiet and smooth compared to an ICE. But on days with long road trips where you can really take advantage of that 200 kWh battery with 600+ miles of range, if the suspension is so stiff that it is just punishing you, that's no fun. Compromises and trade-offs. I'm not sure if they'll have a drive time option to set the suspension for track mode or comfort mode.

Jinnymobile | 2017年12月9日

The suspension might be an important selling point. If it can be comfortable enough for long drives, I suspect they will sell 10 times more cars (or more) than if it isn't. That and if you can be more than 5 foot 6 inches tall and still fit in the front seat. :^)

carlk | 2017年12月9日

I hope it will have different stiffness settings. I think it will. Most sports cars at this level do.

PeterPlt | 2017年12月16日

How sweet would it be to have a McLaren with SL manners? The only thing missing will be the fun noises... but, I'll try to get over it. ;-)

eric.zucker | 2017年12月18日

@PeterPlt: having driven a Roadster Sport and a Model X, I can assure you silence is a blessing.

If only that cops otherwise hear you coming from miles away, and just love engaging in a little conversation.

steven | 2018年1月26日

@Jinnymobile: Franz fits and he's not a short guy...

I'm expecting air suspension with softness settings. That massive rear diffuser is so massive the car won't be practical in current form to drive around on local roads. Speed bumps will catch it :-(

trailatlas17 | 2018年1月30日

Is there any modification that can be applied to smoother and more quiet drive?

steven | 2018年1月31日

@trialatlas17: why would you buy a sportscar, or even a hypercar or halo car (whatever you want to call it) and make it a soft and quiet car? The quiet part I can understand, but a sportscar needs to be stiff in order to be able to cope with the performance it delivers in a safe manner.

eric.zucker | 2018年1月31日

Chill mode.

trailatlas17 | 2018年2月5日

To calm my girl's nerves down.

dbcooper911 | 2018年2月14日

Maybe Buick will come out with a supercar.

jonathan.woods | 2018年3月17日

yea, how touchy is it?

also on every 0-60 @ 1.9s it looks like the steering waffles a bit...

just wondering what could be tweaked??

jonathan.woods | 2018年3月17日

yea, how touchy is it?

also on every 0-60 @ 1.9s it looks like the steering waffles a bit...

just wondering what could be tweaked??