"Manage" button changed from Red to Grey in Tesla Acct Page

"Manage" button changed from Red to Grey in Tesla Acct Page

I check my Tesla Account daily to see if I've been invited to configure my M3 yet (current Model S owner, first day reservation, California resident).

Today, I logged on, and instead of the "Manage" button being RED, its now the same grey/black color as my Model S "Manage" button.

I know this is stupid...but does that mean I'll get my configure invite soon?

dsvick | 2017年12月8日

Probably not, mine has changed as well and I don't expect my invite for a month or two. And, I also don't see them spending the time and effort to go in and change someone's button color just because they are close to configuring.

Fredbob711 | 2017年12月8日

I imagine there's some developer/manager at Tesla who about once a month decides to make a tiny change to the Model 3 reservation page just to mess with all of us.

I noticed this change too and got a little excited even though logically I knew it probably meant absolutely nothing.

Jaganjai | 2017年12月8日

Mine is as well.. Means anything?

andy.connor.e | 2017年12月8日

I can tell you're getting bored.

Bluesday Afternoon | 2017年12月8日

As long as the pic of my Model 3 car is blue, I'm good. Don't be messing with my car! Now back to boredom with moments of anticipation as I continue waiting for my Very Important Number (VIN) to appear.

hsadler | 2017年12月8日

Same grey change here. I think after too many refreshes, it just breaks.

RichardKJ | 2017年12月8日

The Manage button for my three year old Model S changed too. I suspect they need all the red they can get for painting the Model 3s.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年12月8日

Will anyone be naming their car...




andy.connor.e | 2017年12月8日

License plate idea


Al Cantara | 2017年12月8日

Well...JUST GOT MY INVITE TO CONFIGURE. So....maybe it meant something for me. But I'm good to go.

JustSaying | 2017年12月8日

Mine turned grey this morning. No invite yet.

Haggy | 2017年12月8日

Mine turned grey and I heard I'm getting my car soon. But I wouldn't go by the color of that button. I'd go by the color of the car. If yours still shows blue and you aren't planning to get a blue car, that's less good than if your car shows the color of choice.

Personally, I think that while it might be nice for somebody at Tesla to come up with idiosyncratic ways of indicating changes in status, such as changing button colors, it's probably not money well spent.

hsadler | 2017年12月8日

Grey to Vin was a little over an hour. Coincidence ?? Maybe.

Iwantmy3 | 2017年12月8日

Mine turned color as well. However, being an international customer, i doubt that means I will be seeing my car in the near future.

Totalgary2 | 2017年12月8日

I'm sure a random web developer just did it just because. I'm not expected until May and mine changed too. Don't think it's any conspiracy of getting our cars any sooner unfortunately.

andy.connor.e | 2017年12月8日

They do stuff like this, because they know when they do, the forum has a nuclear explosion about it. Its their entertainment while in hell.

Bluesday Afternoon | 2017年12月8日

I just got my Very Important Number (VIN)'s 2000-1. It's getting closer!

Rutrow | 2017年12月8日

Oh My Gawd!!! I think Tesla has adjusted the space between letters on the legal disclosure page!!!

That's kerning. And KERNING is an anagram of "Ken Grin". I think this means that somebody named Ken has had their Model 3 delivered.

Can any Ken's confirm this?!?

b.tesla | 2017年12月8日

My M3 "Manage" button also changed from red to gray. However, the "Manage" button next to my Roadster reservation has always been gray, and I know that I won't be getting that for years.

But I think you identified the probable cause when you said "current Model S owner, first day reservation, California resident"

eric.whang | 2017年12月8日

It’s black and white now.

JAD | 2017年12月8日

Current owner, CA, in store on 3/31, no invite. What did I do wrong???

Steam613 | 2017年12月9日

I want the button to be plaid.