How to connect Model 3 to home wifi?

How to connect Model 3 to home wifi?

Does anyone know how to connect a Model 3 to a wifi?

P.S: The process used to connect a Model S or X to wifi does not work with Model 3.

kzodz | 2017年12月14日

we'll need to see videos of what you are trying in your car to give you good advice.

SCCRENDO | 2017年12月14日

While I don't have a Model 3 yet it seems strange that you shouldn't be able to connect provided you have a decent signal. See if you can hotspot your iphone or ipad to the car. Generally when trying to install a new device to wifi if it doesn't work try reboot your car and probably also your home router and try again.

Carl Thompson | 2017年12月14日

I believe what I've read previously is that the Model 3 has no place in the settings to see wireless access points, enter a password or connect to one. But I read that a couple of months ago so I assumed a software update would add it before real customers started getting their cars. It's possible that they're still a little behind in the software and it will come in a later update. Or maybe the Model 3 won't have that feature. Just because the S and X can do it doesn't mean the 3 will be able to.

Xerogas | 2017年12月14日

In the early days, Model S was not able to connect to WiFi until they pushed a software update. Perhaps this feature is not yet enabled for Model 3?

Xerogas | 2017年12月14日

Also, if you own a Model 3, you have access to its owner's manual. The rest of us on this forum do not.

ompapa210 | 2017年12月14日
kp647 | 2017年12月14日

No mention of WiFi access instructions at all.

RSavage_92024 | 2017年12月14日

Page 101 of the 'leaked' manual talks about connecting to wi-fi.....but I too have read that it might not be implemented yet.

Xerogas | 2017年12月14日

That leaked pdf is very old and not final.

alandtse | 2018年1月2日

Per the manual, it's not enabled at this time but they expect it in a future update. The LTE icon has no reaction if you click on a Model 3.

randy.wilkey | 2018年1月3日

I concur, the manual states that Wifi is not currently enabled. When enabled, the Wifi settings will be reached by pressing the cell signal icon on the UI.

mark.ritter | 2018年1月3日

Not here yet.

Haggy | 2018年1月4日

You touch the LTE symbol, but nothing happens until they implement it. Technically WiFi is there and it works. What's not there is configuration capability. So if you drive to a Tesla location with WiFi, it will switch from LTE to WiFi. I haven't tried setting up an access point with the same name as Tesla's to see if it works if you do that. I did that once with the Model S, and it didn't cause it to autoconnect. I haven't tried it with the Model 3.

mcappelluti | 2018年1月10日

I picked up my M3 on 1/9/2018 and the Tesla rep said that connecting to a home wifi wasn't available yet. He said it will be enabled in a future software upgrade. Strangely, he didn't mention that scheduled charging also wasn't available. It's even mentioned as a feature in the M3 owner's manual.

WarrenJason | 2018年1月13日

It’s frustrating. I live in the hills where there is virtually no cell service. As a result, I cannot connect with my Model 3 to check status of any kind.
Does anyone know which mobile carrier Tesla uses in the M3?

charles.a.braun | 2018年1月13日

My guess is Sprint. I know it isn't AT&T, or whatever our Model S is on.

furbystyle | 2018年1月15日

Hi! I was told today by Tesla that they have not released the software for the wifi connection. Will need to wait.

SCCRENDO | 2018年1月16日

Tesla has used AT&T on the Model S

rxlawdude | 2018年1月16日

"I know it isn't AT&T."

Pray tell, how? It behaves like AT&T and the LTE signal, based on our New Year's road trip, was way too pervasive to be Sprint. And it's not T-Mobile because the car had LTE in areas we didn't have on our phones.

And I doubt it's Verizon, given their price gouging nature.

charles.a.braun | 2018年1月16日

@rxlawdude - I based my "not AT&T" comment on my own experiences and my Model 3's noticeable lack of LTE in multiple areas where our Model S coverage is solid over great big swaths of empty desert between my home in So Cal and my home in So Nev.

Granted I have only had possession of my car long enough to make that trip 1 time so far and there is always a shot that there was a problem with AT&T towers the 2 days that I traveled back and forth. If I ever get my Model 3 back from the service center (was supposed to be back a week ago, then today and now they are telling me "Maybe Thursday" I will be able to make the trip again and confirm the coverage. Over the years, T-Mobile has really boosted their coverage along I-15 to where it is probably better than even AT&T. Verizon has always had solid coverage along that corridor. Which is why I have jumped to the conclusion that it could possible be Sprint in the Model 3.

lray51 | 2018年1月16日

Yes as stated above. No Wi-Fi right now and no Scheduled Charging. I can confirm that as a new owner of a Model 3. I was told they were not ready yet.

info | 2018年1月16日

Model 3 WiFi automatically connected to Rocklin Showroom / Service Center, but cannot manually select other networks, yet.

hammy16 | 2018年1月17日

We got our model 3 yesterday....Confirm no wi-fi yet Also cannot get Homelink to work yet..

SGB | 2018年1月17日

Homelink works. You may not have a compatible garage door opener? He cool thing is that the car knows when you’ve arrived where it was initially configured. It displays he Homelink button in green on the screen for you to push to open the door.

Surf | 2018年1月18日

My Homelink couldn't pair based on Tesla instructions so I called the garage door opener company. They had me point the garage door opener at the right front bumper from 1-2 inches away. Worked perfectly. Lights blinked and garage door data was saved. The on screen instructions say just point it at front number but didn't really provide distance.

stevenmaifert | 2018年1月18日

My Homelink programmed per Tesla's instruction, but I also put a fresh battery in the garage door opener prior to programming.

stevenmaifert | 2018年1月18日

@SGB - Actually, it goes a step further and allows you to set a distance from the location where the Homelink was programmed will automatically initiate the signal to open the garage door hands free. We set ours to 100 feet and it's working great. Love that feature!!!

stevenmaifert | 2018年1月18日

and will

stevenmaifert | 2018年1月18日

and will

rthapar24 | 2018年1月18日

Scheduled charging is now enabled in 2017.50.11 version, they have started to push it. No Wi-Fi still. The older firmware had couple of bugs (radio and turn signals will lose audio), car will not wake up and it will give a false msg that charge port is open even though it was closed. With this new version, these issues have been fixed.
The only thing i need to validate is that even though i have programmed scheduled charging, when i connected the charge cable at home, it somehow reset the scheduled charging and started charging even though i had programmed it to charge at a later time in the night, so i had to reset it again.

johnse | 2018年1月18日

One thing to be careful about is to only use the automatic open/close for doors that are individual per parking space. Otherwise car 1 may be exiting the garage when car 2 comes in range and commands “open”. But since the door is already open, it closes. Could cause serious damage to car 1 and/or the door itself.

stevenmaifert | 2018年1月18日

@johnse - Agree. Life is full of risks :)

dbkerr | 2018年4月28日

@johnse - Unless a car is straddling (and not moving on) the light sensors on any modern garage door, your concern isn't a big concern. Any car moving back out of the garage will interfere with the light sensor and reverse the door.

johnse | 2018年4月28日

Straddling is exactly the situation. If you are pulling out, you rear wheels have passed the sensors, nothing is preventing an ill-timed actuate command to have it come down on the roof of the car exiting. I recall this being reported by someone on these forums. I am not presenting the warning as a thought experiment. It has happened and caused damage.

alexa.ndye | 2018年4月28日

When I took my car to the service center, it connected to their wifi. So the feature is there, it's just not for public use.

Tesla2018 | 2018年4月29日

Couldnt you position your garage door sensors to be a foot or so above the garage floor so straddling wouldnt be problem since the sensor beam would be blocked by the side of the car instead of being underneath it? As long as an unattended crawling baby or unleashed short pet isnt under it, then it should still stop the door from closing if something is directly under the door.

gballant4570 | 2018年4月29日

Of course at that point it might crush your cat.....

Dugknight | 2018年4月29日

How does the 3 get updates if it can’t connect to WiFi yet? They don’t happen over LTE, do they?

Unbeliever | 2018年4月29日

They do happen over mobile data.

Dugknight | 2018年4月29日

Oh ok, thanks...good to know. My car may not be able to get WiFi at night because of the location of my garage. I was worried about software updates.

guydude | 2018年5月1日

I’m reading that even on 2018.16 update the new maps are only available to be downloaded via WiFi. How are we supposed to get the new maps? I never see my model 3 connect to WiFi at the supercharger.

jvcesare | 2018年5月1日

@guydude That is referring to the totally new maps system for non Model 3s. The M3s ship with the new maps software.

guydude | 2018年5月1日

Got it, thanks!

cmudura | 2018年6月25日

I have my Model 3 since June 14 and No possibility to choose WiFi. In the Owner Manual it say to tap on the LTE icon and a menu will pop out !!!!!! Not happening.
I tried it and the menu is not there yet.
Why do they put int in the Owner manual if it is not yet functional????????????

Kathy Applebaum | 2018年6月25日

@cmudura The 2018.24 update will have it. Patience.

spuzzz123 | 2018年6月25日

Why should I care about connecting my car to my home wifi? Is it just to benefit those with a weak LTE signal? Or is there some other advantage? I think I'd rather have the ability to hotspot connect my phone to my Tesla's LTE.

Kathy Applebaum | 2018年6月25日

"Why should I care about connecting my car to my home wifi?"

If you configure after July 1 and are on the standard connectivity package, it's how you'll get updates.

For me, the LTE is weak in my garage, so I assume I'll get updates a little faster with wifi. But if I don't, no biggie.

emeralda2 | 2018年6月25日

In theory it is supposed to help improve the accuracy of summon, shorten the time it takes to wake up your car from deep sleep, and enable quicker download of software updates -- while helping reduce Tesla's costs.

Also in theory it's supposed to help with getting you software updates quicker once many more cars are off the Tesla/AT&T grid, but that's unconfirmed at this point...

Re: using Tesla internet as a hotspot, not sure that's enabled yet (or ever will be), but I can't imagine it's faster than phone LTE.

jindhal | 2018年6月25日

@cmudura - The section with the Wifi connection starts with the line saying this feature is not yet available.
@spuzzz123 - This is primarily for getting quicker over the air updates where you dont have to rely on the LTE connection to get an update from Tesla.

jiman72 | 2018年6月25日

One use case for connecting home wifi would be so that the car does not auto lock. It's a pain that I need to carry my phone or key card while accessing the car in my garage. I hope they add this feature.