TOU Load Shifting

TOU Load Shifting

My 2 Powerwall 2s are being installed in Feb 18. Does the current firmware support Time Of Use Load Shifting? If not any idea on the release date of this feature?

anthonyb | 2018年1月14日

No (based on v1.10.2).

Last i heard, it was rumored to be targeted for end of December 2017...

I'm also very keen to get this feature so am also keen to hear if anyone had any updated information on availability.

Marleenyuli | 2018年1月16日

Setting up for March install. I believe ITC prohibits this specifically though I'm not sure how that's reinforced.

My understanding is that it's still a daily flip charge overnight and drain use during the day to repeat manual charge at night.

eml2 | 2018年1月25日

It can be easily enforced by Tesla. I have solar and Tesla has provision my system such that my PW can only be charged by solar. No grid charging. Tesla can continue to enforce this when TOU feature becomes available.