Car plugged in; didn’t charge

Car plugged in; didn’t charge


I’ve previously forgotten to plug my car in a couple of times at night, and cursed myself in the morning. Definitely my fault.

Recently though, I’ve had a couple of occasions where I *have* plugged the car in, but the car hasn’t charged. The cable lock has engaged.

Of course, still my fault. I should have double checked in the car or via the app. But frustrating to discover in the morning that I don’t have enough power to get to the office.

Any ideas why this is happening though? Do I just need to press the cable in firmer?

Sent from a supercharger on the way to work :)

ALI3N | 2018年1月11日

I’ve not heard of this happening. Are you using the cable or wall charger? Both the cable and WC have Green lights on them so you know they have power.

I always peek in the car and see the display showing that it’s charging to be safe (or check the app as you said). I’m hoping it’s a simple issue and not a faulty part... Good Luck!

Babaron | 2018年1月11日

Sometimes it just needs tone snugged up and pushed in harder. In this case, the ring of light will be golden.

Babaron | 2018年1月11日

Tone= to be

Anthony J. Parisio | 2018年1月11日

Did the light ring turn green after you plugged it in to the socket?

murphyS90D | 2018年1月11日

Do you have the charge start time feature disabled? It remembers where you have used it so it has to be disabled while at each location where it has been used previously.

kerryglittle | 2018年1月11日

Once your locking pin is engaged it should be all set. Is there a problem with your breaker? Is the green light on at the charging head? Not sure what kind of charging until you have.

PhillyGal | 2018年1月11日

This happened to me a few weeks ago. I plugged in Friday after work and scheduled such that I'd have a full charge by 9am Sat. for a trip to Harrisburg. (I was pretty low - about 100 miles.)
It snowed so we went nowhere but pushed Harrisburg to 9am Sunday.

All day Sat. I tried to check the app but it wouldn't connect. Stupidly, never went to the garage to see why. Surprised Sunday when we went to leave with not nearly enough charge to get to where we were going in the cold. Blamed myself - assumed I didn't plug it in all the way. But when hubs had gotten in the car and noticed the charge, the screen needed a reboot.

Then someone on Twitter mentioned it happening to him as well, so there seems to be a chance it wasn't user error. Not initially anyway - totally my fault for not investigating Saturday why I couldn't connect via app.

trixiew | 2018年1月11日

Recently, I've gotten home, plugged in, charging scheduled for midnight. Haven't changed the routine in months, even the charge level.

When I plug in, it tries to charge, then says it can't. The rim light is green, shimming it didn't help, display has all of the info on it as if it is charging but amps read zero etc. Clears if I remove the cable and re-insert.

Really weird.

booshtukka | 2018年1月11日

Okay, just got home. I have a Tesla home charger.

I plugged it in, I get a red light on the wall charger so that's not working. I tried resetting it (5 seconds) and turning off and on the breaker. Still no go.

I had the 12v battery replaced at Tesla on Tuesday, but my last working charge at home was on Tuesday night so I'm comfortable that nothing happened during the service. And it charged fine at the supercharger so I'm comfortable that the charge port is okay anyway.

Do the wall chargers fail? Anything else I could try? This is going to mean I have to stop at a supercharger every day now, which is pretty miserable on top of a big commute. :( Really appreciate any suggestions.

murphyS90D | 2018年1月11日

What is a Tesla home charger? Is it an HPWC or a UMC? The UMC will work on 120 volts or 240 volts. Does it fail on both voltages?

lobodogg | 2018年1月11日

I've had a few "funny" occurrences.

I've had situations where it went in, turned green and later quit charging because it wasn't plugged in all the way.

I've had a couple of times where I would plug it in and it would not charge period. I ended up leaving it unplugged for 30 minutes and then tried it again, and everything was fine.

If off of 120v at the house instead of my 240, it sometimes detects "bad wiring" and reduces to 9A. It is very inconsistent when this happens.

I would just make sure scheduled charging is off. I don't think that is profile specific is it? Thought it was just location specific.

Bighorn | 2018年1月11日

HPWCs can fail. If it's under warranty, they may overnight you a new one.

booshtukka | 2018年1月11日

It's an HPWC. 240v, since I'm in the UK.

Okay, I'll give them a call. But it took them a while to get it into stock last time…

booshtukka | 2018年1月11日

So, I unplugged it one last time, untwisted the cable and tried once more. It’s charging. Dammit.

There must be a break in the cable, and the twist was exacerbating it?

kerryglittle | 2018年1月11日

Yeah sounds like a defective wall charger unit if it is going red and then working. Can you check your current coming out of the wall with a voltage meter just to rule that out all together? Tesla should be able to just mail you one express. If under warranty that would be great. Guess you just play with your wire until you get a new one. Mmmm did that sound right? :-/ LOL.

booshtukka | 2018年1月11日

The car is charging at 32 amps, so current must be fine. Right?

Anthony J. Parisio | 2018年1月11日

Yes it is fine for now. It could be a bad cord. Keep an eye on it. Don't forget you can do a better rest by switching the breaker off then on.

booshtukka | 2018年1月11日

Yeah, I tried cycling the breaker but made no difference. Must be a dodgy cable.

p.c.mcavoy | 2018年1月12日

@ak - I know another owner near me that recently had issues with his HPWC. As @Bighorn stated, they can fail.

In case of owner I know, he contacted local service center, they helped him troubleshoot by confirming he could charge at home using a 120V outlet and his UMC which rules out issue with on-board charger and port. In his case the service center actually sent a ranger/technician to his home (about 1 hour from service center) to troubleshoot the HPWC and make repairs. I believe in his case they just replaced the cable, not the full unit. I do not know if they did this under warranty or goodwill, versus he paid for the repairs. Bottom line, you might want to contact your service center as they may be able to service it without needing full replacement.

kerryglittle | 2018年1月12日

Maybe take the cable to an electrician and get him to test it end to end while twisting and turning the cable. If it cuts out thats your problem. Usually people have a friend or two that have testing equipment or contact meters. Ask around but if you take it to an electrician I cant see him even charging you for the minute it would take to check.

CV63 | 2018年1月12日

I'm having some issues with my hpwc too. Just got the car back from svc because of it. Had an issue where it stated the plug wasn't in all the way and only saw 12 of 40 amps. They thought the locking pin might be the issue and swapped the charging port.

Picked it up today, got home and plugged it in. Turns green, all good. I look an hour later and it's not charging at full power again! Reset my hpwc at the breaker and reset button. Seems OK now bit I'm going to keep an eye on it.

Seems a lot of us have issues at some point with these things.

troy | 2018年1月13日

Some of the Sante SC chargers are not working. The one we used only went to 24 kw. It could have something to do with the weather. We had this problem both going to Orlando from VA and on the return. These chargers may need to be serviced.

kerryglittle | 2018年1月13日

@troy. If you ever encounter a defective SC there is a number on each stall to call to tell Tesla. I'm unsure if they can possibly monitor each charger to make sure it is in fine working order. I called it once as I know a charger wouldn't work for me and when I pulled away from it to use another one another Tesla pulled in and attempted to hook up to it. I went over to him and said I had trouble with it and when he tried it he couldn't get a charge either. Called the repair number and they thanked me and said they would have a technician out ASAP. Next week it was all fixed.

p.c.mcavoy | 2018年1月14日

@troy - Also, if you are not aware, charging rates can be severely limited if your battery is cold, just like having limited regen. I know some areas of the SE are having unusually cold weather and is possible that many owners, even otherwise experienced ones, may not be aware of that impact.

booshtukka | 2018年1月15日

It’s definitely the cable. It failed again yesterday, I unplugged it, untwisted, and replugged. Solved.

kerryglittle | 2018年1月15日

Great you found the problem. Those cables are pretty sturdy. Hopefully Tesla will replace it as a good will gesture even if there is no warranty. Did you check it closely to make sure there is no physical damage to it or it has been tampered with?

booshtukka | 2019年2月16日

I realised I never followed up on this. There was no tampering or third party damage.

Tesla eventually replaced the HPWC, and I refitted it myself which is not quick.

Now the new one has failed again! I think that cable isn’t so sturdy. Being outside in the changing temperature and being coiled and uncoiled all the time seems to lead to breaking cables.

They’re replacing it again. And will refund me for the costs of having it refit.

But still a massive pain. I can’t use the car without stopping for 30 mins on the way to work because overnight is not long enough to charge off the 3 pin plug. I will have to travel to mail it back. And I will have to locate and stump up the cost for an electrician and then claim it back.

Until the chargers are more prolific in the UK, this is a negative risk for an EV owner.

kerryglittle | 2019年2月16日

Sorry to hear of your bad luck ak. Hopefully this will end on a positive note.

Yodrak. | 2019年2月16日

"It’s definitely the cable. It failed again yesterday, I unplugged it, untwisted, and replugged. Solved."

"untwisted"? Do you not use the 'over-under' method of coiling the cable when you hang it ip? Granted, a good cable should be able to tolerate a fair amount of the twisting that occurs when a cable is improperly coiled, but using proper technique should avoid breaking the wire in the cable.

I wonder if the torque introduced by a twisted cable at the joints where the wire in the cable connects to either the HPWC or the plug is where the failure is occuring? In any case, using proper cable-coiling technique may prevent recurrence of the problem.

akikiki | 2019年2月16日

ak, what about your stolen car. Did they find it? Did insurance pay and did you get another? Newer or same year?

Sorry for you that you went through that.

vp09 | 2019年2月16日

That happened one time with my wife's S90D. It charged starting at 10 pm for the "cheap" 15c per kWh rate then stopped. We charge 40 amps on either of two 240 volt Nema 15-40 plugs using the connector cables that came with the cars. Don't know why it happened.

She charged more in the morning (26c rate per kWh) and left, and no problems since then.

We've charged maybe 100 times over almost 3 years now-- two cars-- using that connecting cable, without problems.

Pungoteague_Dave | 2019年2月17日

I've recently had this issue with one of our two HPWC's. We have two 2012-era HPWC's, one at each of two homes about 200 miles apart). The HPWC that we rarely use, generally monthly, has had issues engaging with the car over the past year or so. Removing and re-seating the plug has generally solved the issue, sometimes after two or three tries. However, recently it began sending charging interruption messages to our apps, and would not restart. The ring turned red. Most recently, it would not begin to charge at all. We know it is the wall charger or cable because there is no similar issue with the HPWC at our other home, which is used much more often.

After further investigation, this is what we've learned:

The problem is the cable according to the ranger who normally services our cars. The older HPWC's like our 2012 unit have replaceable cables, which have shown regular but not predictable failures. All early HPWC's were recalled for an upgrade to the internal fuzes in 2014, and most still work fine.

Cables on newer Wall Chargers cannot be replaced. Tesla no longer sells the HPWC at all - it is now just a "Wall Charger". If something goes bad with that unit or its cable/plug, the entire unit must be replaced. Tesla also provides several options for Wall Chargers these days - buyers can select from silver or black, and the silver option is available with an 8.5' or 24' cable. However, Tesla will not sell the cables separately and the units to which they connect are no longer serviceable.

For older units with problems like mine, Tesla has a few cables left in inventory. I have one on hold in Rockville for our return in March, apparently the last one at that location. Meanwhile the car is sitting in the garage losing charge daily, and won't restart charging. There's a close-enough Supercharger (10 miles away) to get us going if the swap doesn't solve the problem.

booshtukka | 2019年2月17日

“Do you not use the 'over-under' method of coiling the cable when you hang it ip?“

No, I didn’t know that was a thing. I wrap the cable over the top and then underneath, so the plug eventually lines up with the storage socket thing. Is this wrong?

“what about your stolen car. Did they find it? Did insurance pay and did you get another? Newer or same year?“

They never found it. I’m not convinced they even looked, despite me giving them all the data they needed. Insurance did pay out, and I did get another - pretty much exactly the same, maybe a few months newer. And a P85+ instead of a P85.

akikiki | 2019年2月20日

ak, Good. Glad you got another. I hope any loss between moving to another car was small. Best to you.