Maryland EV credit status

Maryland EV credit status

For some reason the forum isn't allowing me to post here:

Since it's listed on Tesla's website for Maryland, I'm assuming people have actually received this credit in the past, though there has been several concerns that I'm not sure have been 100% cleared up.. First and foremost is that the state funding for the program has run out. The last update, by someone back in September, were applications were on hold while the MVA finalized guidance. There was also discussion on whether this credit is even applicable to Tesla since the form requires a "dealer number" and Tesla does not have actual "dealerships" in Maryland.

If anyone has updated info I'd really like to hear it.. If anyone has taken delivery of a sub $60k Tesla in Maryland, did you receive the credit?


KP in NPT | 2018年1月16日

Hey Dan. I'm not a MD resident so I can't answer your question - however;

This is probably something you should contact someone administrating the program about. Do they have a website? We have a similar program in my state and the funding has run out. I emailed the person listed as the contact on the website to get the most up to date information, since in my case anyway it can change as soon as funding becomes available.

There might be one or 2 in MD on this forum who has taken delivery of their model 3 - employees or relatives of employees. Mark.ritter is one but he doesn't check in often.

No_ICE | 2018年1月17日

I live in Maryland but (sadly) am still waiting for my Model 3. However, I have talked with the MVA about the excise tax rebate. Note that this is not a tax credit but is an excise (i.e., sales) tax rebate. After purchase, you fill out Form VR-334 send it in and they send you a rebate check.

The total purchase price of the car cannot exceed $60K. Purchase price is the total price of the car + options + destination and delivery charges minus the value of any trade-in. Total purchase price does not include sales tax. For an M3 LR, I believe the rebate is limited to the amount of sales tax you paid up to $3K. It's based on battery size and you get $500 per KWh of battery capacity up to $3K.

Tesla is licensed to sell cars in Maryland (but limited to only 4 sales locations in the state).

The bad news is that this rebate program is only funded at $1.2 million per year. If you do the math, that's only 400 cars per year that qualify for the full $3K rebate. So, unless you get your car fairly early in the year, I suspect the funding will be exhausted. I did not ask them whether or not you can try and resubmit the form next year if you failed to get a rebate this year.

danf879 | 2018年1月17日

Thanks! Yes, I've heard similar things. The current MD fiscal year runs from 7/1/17 to 6/30/18 so it sounds like if the funds are depleted now, they'll be reinstated (hopefully) in July. In that case it seems you just would need to wait after purchase (assuming we get the Model 3 by then) to 7/1 to submit the form. At least, that's my interpretation....

sgoodmanesq | 2018年1月17日

My understanding was that you have to take delivery in the same fiscal year when funds are available, so if you take delivery before 6/30/18 you can’t apply after 7/1/17.

danf879 | 2018年1月17日

That would make sense, but the form ( only says "The vehicle [must be] purchased new and titled for the first time on or after 7/1/2017 but before 7/1/2020."

sgoodmanesq | 2018年1月17日

It’s probably at the discretion of the MD MVA to allow applicants from a prior FY to apply in a subsequent FY. There’s nothing in the MD code about it.

No_ICE | 2018年1月17日

Would probably be good to find out the fastest way to deliver our completed forms to the MVA on 7/1/2018. Another M3-related line to stand in - yippee!

rob.kibler | 2018年7月3日

Does any of you fellow Marylander know if I need to take delivery in Maryland to qualify for the excise tax rebate? If I take delivery in the Tysons Tyco road center do I still pay Maryland sales tax?

dhelmly | 2018年7月6日

We have 3 Teslas in Maryland (Model X and (2) M3) The 8 digit Maryland Title # is how it qualifies. It is also tracked by your MD drivers license #. You can only claim it once as a MD driver. Each of our cars has a different primary driver and all live at the same address. Again, it's tracked by your license number. For our first car I took the paperwork to the DMV in Glenburie to room 202 and turned it in. I got my check in 3 weeks. For our 2nd car, I mailed once we got the Title # and it took about 6 weeks. For our most recent car , It's been about 6 weeks and expecting the check any day now. I did call the DMV and they said it's taking about 6-8 weeks to process. Also note it takes 3-4 weeks to get your Title #so you need to add that to the total time frame. Lastly remember to get your MD HOV sticker as it's free. Hope this helps..

mazers | 2018年7月6日

@dhelmly Who gives you the title number, and how do you receive it? For the HOV, is this only good on Rt 50 and parts of 270?

skitlo | 2018年7月6日

@dhelmly did you have someone from the SC sign the tax credit request form?

mikelyxx | 2018年7月6日

"Permit to access only the HOV lanes in the portion of U.S. Route 50 between Interstate 95/Interstate 495 and U.S. Route 301, regardless of the number of passengers"

Tbonezes | 2018年7月6日

@mikelyxx, That's under the hybrid section of the document. For plug-in electric, it doesn't look like it has that qualifier.

H20methodman | 2018年7月6日

Just picked up my Model 3 last night in Rockville. In the final paperwork they give you a form VR-334 all filled out and signed by the dealership all that is needed is your signature. Couldn't been easier.

skitlo | 2018年7月6日

@H20 good to know, thanks!

jat255 | 2018年7月10日

@H20methodman did you submit the form without a title number? We're still waiting for our documents to come in since our delivery last week, and when I called, the MVA told me you needed the title number to submit the form, or the processing would be delayed.

Bapasitaram | 2018年7月26日

@ No_ICE
For total price to get rebate- you mentioned that it doesn’t include sales Tax.
Does it mean That price that we see on account is final purchase price of car? And it must be lower than $60000.
With that assumption, we can only buy Tesla M3 LR, for MD tax program benefits. Right?

Bapasitaram | 2018年7月26日

How rebate program work?
If I bought car and State already provided tax benefits to 400 cars for this fiscal year, am I able to apply in next year ?
Please explain.
Thank you

spencerkh | 2018年8月23日

I wonder if Tesla would allow payment of upgrades separately to keep to total price below 60k.

mazers | 2018年8月24日

@spencerkh, if the state found out about this they may rightfully cancel the rebate program. We all have to play by the rules the states set up. If we don't like the rules, we need to get the politicians to change them. As far as if the available rebates have been exhausted, I submitted my for to the MVA a few weeks ago, but have not received a check yet.

E-from-MD | 2018年8月25日

Just received my state rebate check in the mail. Probably took 4-6 weeks from date I mailed the paperwork in. I was told by Tesla that I needed to wait until I had the title number before submitting the paperwork.

Mor3lia | 2018年8月25日

Got my Maryland rebates back yesterday! 3k for the model 3, and 40% back from the electrical install. Easy process. Bought the car in June. Had my paperwork submitted by late June. By the way the dealer filled out the md tax credit for me, I just signed and sent in once license plates came in. I did the electrical install rebate on my own.

Cobalt3 | 2018年8月27日

My understanding is that the price of the car can not exceed $60,000.00 but, any deposits ($1,000 reservation $2,500.00 deposit) are subtracted from the price. So, a dual motor AWD still qualifies.

beng | 2018年8月27日

I took delivery on Aug 10 and the Owings Mills store said that MD might accept the rebate form without the title number since there have been some delays with getting tags. I called the MVA Excise Tax Refund Unit and they told me that as long as the VIN number is listed they don't require the title number. MVA received my form on 8/15 and it wasn't kicked back, so hopefully a check will be on the way soon. I also applied for the EV charger rebate and I got an email 2 days later stating that it was approved for payment.

cbmilehigh | 2018年8月27日

My tags arrived faster than I expected. I picked up the car 8/2/18 and the tags and registration card arrived at my house the week of 8/20. It was delivered by FedEx and sent from Tesla in Rockville. Just mailed in the rebate form.
The $3000 will be nice.

Hot.Rod | 2018年11月30日

Bump ...

I submitted mine in mid-October and still waiting. Anyone recently received the MD EV credit?

However, I did receive the 40% charger install rebate, which was very quick!

mikehen08 | 2018年11月30日

I called the week before Thanksgiving and they said they are running 2 months behind. So hopefully next month we'll get ours. I couldnt mail mine in until mid October (the day my temp tag expired) because I never received my registration due to someone at Tesla dropping the ball with my financing. I picked my car up in August so I better get my credit!

Hot.Rod | 2018年11月30日

Thanks mikehen08! Keeping fingers crossed!

shantanu.phatakwala | 2018年12月3日

I submitted forms mid-Nov, given the number of deliveries in past few months, I doubt I will get the rebate. Fingers crossed!

hoya68 | 2018年12月3日

I submitted mine on September 11 and received check on November 5. Remember you can only receive one EV credit per person, so if you have previously received a credit, second application must be in the name of another owner (i.e. joint owner, although both names may appear on application, just make sure second owner's name appears first.)

ankurmisra | 2018年12月7日

bump. i just got my title today and am going to submit the form now but not sure what is going to happen since the funds are depleted for the year already. any thoughts?

segun.eubanks | 2019年1月8日

According to the website, they will begin processing applications again in July 2019 when the new fiscal year begins and will process in the order received so there is no need to reapply.

lashawnmj | 2019年1月9日

My EV rebate was received on October 1, 2018 (sent with delivery confirmation). I sent two follow up emails and finally received by rebate on December 24th. Nice Christmas present.

jetsfan1991 | 2019年4月5日

I called the MVA today (4/5/19). They said they ran out of money and it should open up again around July. But they are not sure exactly how it will work this time. This happened last year as well and people who bought the car before July 2018 were not able to get the money if they did not turn in the paperwork before that years money ran out. So based on this information I probably won't get the $3,000 because I bought my car in March and they are already out of money this year. Only people who buy it after July can get the next years Tax Credit. I'm hoping either the person at the MVA was wrong, or they decide to change how the system works. I was definitely looking forward to that credit.

Kataniki | 2019年4月5日

I spoke to someone at MVA in March when I took delivery of my car who said that everyone on the list would have priority over those who purchase later when the funds open up. That is, they send checks to those who didn't get them the previous year. I also spoke to someone at MEA because I had a car charger installed as part of my solar install who told me the same thing. YMMV

I got mine at the Owings Mills store - they said that plenty of their customers are getting the rebates. I bought mine because I wanted an electric car - the rebate and tax credits are gravy, so not too concerned if it comes through or not.

panheritage991 | 2020年2月13日

I bought my Tesla Model 3 on Jan 25, 2019. On the home delivery date, your so called “Delivery Team Member” told me that Tesla will sign the Maryland VR-334 Exercise Tax Credit Form and sent it to MVA for me. Now, it is Feb 13, 2020, I called the MVA and they said they never received my VR-334 form. I will have to resend it to them. So, I have been waiting for a year and for nothing. Now, I even missed the Maryland Fiscal Year 2020 Funding Pool (It has depleted). If I had known Tesla didn’t sent VR-334 for me, I would have sent it myself. I wouldn’t have missed Fiscal Year 2020 Funding Pool. So do yourself a favor, ignore the delivery guy and sent the VR-334 yourself.