Test drive as a tourist in the US

Test drive as a tourist in the US

Hi, I'm going to the US for the first time and I love Tesla's cars but here in Chile its impossible to find one. So I've been thinking about doing a test drive when I go to the US in May, but I don't know if I could as a tourist of a foreign country (I'm 27 and have a valid drivers license)

Is there any possibility for me to take a test drive ?


Earl and Nagin ... | 2018年2月19日

Call a Tesla store near where you'll be visiting and ask them if you can set up an appointment to take a test drive. You can find the stores at the "Find Us" tab in the upper right of the website.

Uncle Paul | 2018年2月20日

If you know someone in the States, they could sign up for a Test drive, and you could come as a guest.

A lot might depend on how busy they are. The purpose of test drives is to sell the cars, but if it is a slow day, maybe they would be happy to take you for a ride.

You might need a valid US drivers license and insurance to be able to drive.

alfred | 2018年2月20日

There are multiple car rental companies that rent Teslas, or you could also try the Turo app.

henry.groover | 2018年3月1日

I did a Model S test drive recently. Apart from scheduling I got a couple of calls to confirm and ask a couple of questions. I needed to show a valid driver's license and proof of insurance for one of my existing vehicles. It was relatively straightforward. Depending on the location you might have to schedule a week or more in advance.

florachavezz | 2018年3月19日

I was in a similar situation but I made a test drive in Norway! There were no problems with renting a car as a foreigner but there are strong requirements about the documents like insurance needed and your license should be valid for two years already. Plus there is more at

jordanrichard | 2018年3月19日

Actually a test drive is meant to educate people. If was simply to sell cars, then they would pre-screen people for their financially capabilities, before letting them test drive a car.

sebastmillers | 2020年1月28日

I hope that someday Elons plans will become true and our society will be a better and more educated place to be.