Volume automatically going up to the max

Volume automatically going up to the max


Does anyone else have a problem with the Model 3 where the radio volume automatically goes up to the max? When this happens the info screen flashes and the map moves around, as if a ghost was using the screen. Seems to happen when the sunlight is directly on the screen, even if I'm outside the car. Rebooting doesn't fix the issue and it stops somewhat randomly.

Atoms | 2018年2月23日

Well reported issue. Contact service.

bkkanu | 2018年2月23日

Next time it occurs do following. Close your music app. Touch Tesla symbol on your touch screen. Your Tesla VIN will pop up, scroll up and you will see Scratch Pad app. Run the Scratch pad app. Your touch screen should turn all white. If you start seeing the black scratch marks after some time without anyone touching the screen than it is a touch screen issue. I have the same issue, service center has ordered a replacement part, still waiting for them to schedule me for the repair.

mikepisko | 2018年2月23日

I had the issue with the volume going up to full volume when I went to show a coworker my car. I didn’t see anything odd going on with my screen. I will wait to see if it reoccurs since it only happened that one time.


jsanford | 2018年2月23日

W00t! -Feature-.

Of course, we’re naming ours Dragula.

nside | 2018年2月23日

It's driving me nuts. I was having dinner with family and we were hearing loud music and though the neighbors were starting early. Turns out it was the Model 3 partying by itself..!

nside | 2018年2月23日

Other times I drive and I hear a LOUD NOISE and it's just the radio deciding it needs to play at 11

noleaf4me | 2018年2月24日

Tesla Model 3 AI in action ;-)

jordanrichard | 2018年2月24日

Ohhhh, see, you have the Spinal Tap bug...... :-)

Shock | 2018年2月24日

Lots of people have had this problem, and I've seen it on youtube. Just another example of tesla's world-class quality control. I wonder if this can cause permanent damage to the speakers (many sound systems are capable of going loud enough to distort so badly speaker damage can occur). Apparently this is most enjoyable while driving the car on the highway.

mr.numbers77 | 2018年2月26日

I had this happen to me while parked at work today. I walked up to the car and the music was going at full volume, well before I was in range to unlock. When I got in the car, screen was unresponsive. I had to reboot to get control back. A coworker later told me that they heard loud music coming from the car, about an hour before I left. Not good, hope they resolve this with a software update soon.

Rutrow | 2018年2月26日

It's not a software problem, it's a hardware problem. It's caused by an uneven pressure put on the touchscreen glass in its mounting. The touchscreen is replaced in vehicles with this problem.

Rutrow | 2018年2月26日


jsanford | 2018年2月26日

Okay, given where I work and my taste in music, the Model 3 deciding to rock out on its own might be a liability.

mos6507 | 2018年2月26日

"the Model 3 deciding to rock out on its own might be a liability."

Even if it rocks on to...electric avenue?


Pants | 2018年2月26日

My first Seattle sighting was of a white model 3 blasting music with nobody inside. It had apparently been going on for hours.

hokiegir1 | 2018年2月27日

Well, some people *did* ask for "disco mode".... ;)

awhiting | 2018年2月27日

I too have had this issue in my M3. I walked up to my parked locked car and not only was it unlocked but the radio was on full blast and then my screen was tweaking out. I reported the problem to the service center. They said to reboot the computer. The first reboot didn't work but after the second, I haven't had the problem again.

mr.numbers77 | 2018年2月27日

I called my local service center today who said they would look into it and get back with me. Got a call from Jeremy at the Tesla factory, literally minutes later. He told me that this was a known issue that they've dubbed "phantom touches." He said there was no hardware issue but that this would be resolved with a firmware update to come very soon. I'm not sure what triggers the issue, but every Model 3 has the bug.

rdr1rx | 2018年2月27日

Yup, firmware issue. Took the 3 in yesterday and showed service a video I took of of the radio blasting with doors locked, mirrors folded, and screen on. Firmware was updated to 9b31a91 and after 30 hours, so far no unnanounced garage or parking lot concerts.

rdr1rx | 2018年2月27日


mr.numbers77 | 2018年2月28日

@rdr1x My Model 3 is on the 9b31a91 firmware and experienced the issue. The technician indicated that the fix was still yet to come with an upcoming OTA release.

paperclip13 | 2018年3月1日

Ran into this issue today when I went out to lunch. Came back to the car with the music playing at full blast! Not even sure how long this was happening.At first I thought the neighboring car with the people standing outside was the source of the sound, but as I got closer I realized it was my model 3. Car was vibrating cuz it was so loud. I turned the volume all the way down, but the whole drive, the screen kept ghosting causing the volume to rise and the map to zoom into weird places. My quick fix was to just pause the music so I didn't have to worry about the volume continually rising. Now that I read this thread, I'll try the reboot. Hopefully that helps. Still, it was super concerning coming back to my car acting that way.

yaowo1 | 2018年8月17日

I had this problem yesterday with my Model 3. This happened on the latest software push last week. The screen and control went back to normal after a reboot.. I will contact the service center and see what they say.

mos6507 | 2018年8月17日

#PhantomTouchGate lives!

Wormtown Kris | 2018年8月17日

A very very prevalent problem. Look at all those posts in the past 5 months. Goin bankwupt. /s

Peteraspiro | 2018年12月29日

This happened several times to me yesterday. Holy shit did it freak me out to have the volume go all the way up to max and stay there while I was driving. Using the volume knob on the wheel had no effect. It pretty much put me into a panic.

ochow | 2019年2月13日

This happened to me this Saturday (2/9/2019), I was able to reproduce the problem on a second retry.


just press any button (for me it as skip song on streaming) very fast (like you're afraid of touching it).

hokiegir1 | 2019年2月13日

The only time I've had this happen, it was as I was getting out of the car and apparently, my (very large -- had my laptop in it) purse scrolled the volume wheel up on my way out the door. I'm thinking, though can't remember for sure because it's been awhile, it happened in particular when I had the steering wheel turned slightly left when I stopped, so the left scroll wheel was more horizontal to roll -- so my purse just dragged against it, turning the volume up.

jsherman | 2019年12月11日

The sound in my Model 3 will suddenly go to max volume as I am driving and I can not turn it down. I posted a video [] of one example. I am unable to lower it no matter what I do. The only fix I have is a soft reset which keeps the problem at bay for a few days. This happens to me about twice a week, both when I have been driving for a long time or when I just get in the car. The car has been updated numerous times both by the app and by Tesla techs. Besides a few blogs threads like this one, there is not much out there regarding this problem. The best I reason I can find is a "Phantom Touch" issue - where the touch screen has a defect that registers false inputs. I have a Tesla service appt next week and will see if I can get any more info on the problem.

Does anyone know what a "Phantom Touch" issue is and how to fix it?

jsherman | 2019年12月11日, in case the link above does not work.

Bighorn | 2019年12月11日

Dog drool will do it.