SF Bay Area to LA trip in M3

SF Bay Area to LA trip in M3

My first OP... (I'm in que for Jul- Sep) invite...

M3 owners Bay Area... Would like to know what your experience was like in M3 trip to LA...

#Hours one-way to LA? (Avg)Traffic not withstanding...
#Recharge stops enroute? Where?
Avg Speed if using Hwy (5)?
Avg Speed using (101)? (Avg)Traffic not withstanding...
Avg time of 'Pit Stops' ?
Did you Recharge again for driving around LA? (lets say 3 day weekend)
# Hours Return trip ?
Ease of use for passing other cars using sensor syst?
How about maintaining distance between car in front of you with sensor syst?
Or anything else you feel is of importance on this kind of trip !!