BLack leather seats or black textile seats?

BLack leather seats or black textile seats?

Looking to buy a CPO. I'm wondering which one is better after being used by previous owner?

Anthony J. Parisio | 2018年3月7日

Many have said here on this forum and on Youtube about how great the textile seats hold up and about how comfortable they are. Some say they are more comfortable than leather. I personal am not a fan of the feel of the fabric. I would prefer Alcantara. However I would not let that stop me from getting a CPO that has everything else I want.

Qwiksilver | 2018年3月7日

Go textile. I got the leather. Next Tesla I will get the textile. My friend has the textile seats, and I prefer his seats.

Tropopause | 2018年3月7日

Leather vs. Vegan; I'd choose (and did choose) Vegan for comfort and endurance/appearance.

Leather vs. Textile; I'd choose leather for comfort but textile for lifetime endurance/appearance.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 2018年3月7日

We take textile and LOVE.

Leather on earlier Tesla cars would stretch and warp and not be comfortable.

lilbean | 2018年3月7日

I don’t own an S, but as an X owner, I’ve driven many Ses. I love the textile!

EVRider | 2018年3月7日

It depends on whether the only difference between the two is the material. For example, my 2016 S has leather next generation seats, which have a different seat design than the standard textile seats, and are much more comfortable than the standard seats (in my opinion).

dj-tesla | 2018年3月7日

will textile hold better with carseat?

blacktape242 | 2018年3月7日

the new, i guess they are vegan seats, are wonderful. very easy to clean.

sbeggs | 2018年3月7日

Love the textile on four year old Model S!

barrykmd | 2018年3月7日

Are the seats gluten-free?

Seriously, if you live in a sunny climate, I'd avoid black altogether. I once had a black interior and it got waaay too hot.

mmw03 | 2018年3月7日

Barry, that is what quality tint is for.

blacktape242 | 2018年3月7日

barry, I've been told yes, but never tried to eat them.

justin.rogers77 | 2018年3月7日

Love my textile seats, little to no wear after 14 months and 18k miles. No wear from my kids car seats either, but we put towels under the seats. Have all leather in our 3. Prefer the textile.

teslavision | 2018年3月7日

Been driving leather seat only cars for 20 years but LOVE the textile seats in this vehicle.

SnakeDoctorTD | 2018年3月7日

Another textile lover here. I was concerned at first when ordering, but am 100% happy with them. My skin is thankful on hot days in Houston here.

hunaid | 2018年3月7日

I also ordered my Model S with textile seats after comparing the leather and textile seating in an actual Model S. Tesla showroom only has textile swatch so I asked them before my test drive to arrange a vehicle with textile seating. In my opinion textile seats age better than leather seating and you also save $$

dj-tesla | 2018年3月8日


jshawmobile | 2018年6月12日

Good forum. I realized after ordering they were not black leather and that was an upgrade. We almost wanted the white but have two dogs and plan on kids, so was fearful about that. Also we wanted to save the money in order to put in a 7 seater instead (function vs look). Glad to hear the textile holds up and is comfortable. We have black leather seats in SoCal and if it's ever in the sun, that's just a bad day.

KSS | 2018年6月13日

I also wanted to touch and feel all seats before ordering. After testing textile seats, it was no brainer. Love the textile seats. Had a loaner with leather, and was so delighted to get my car back yesterday.

TMcC | 2018年6月14日

I love my leather sofa at home. Love my textile seats in my MS100D. Only ever had one car with leather seats. Didn't like how hot they got or the lack of breathability. I already sweat too much as it is. Just ask my wife.

atasteoflight | 2018年8月5日

Is there any problem if the textile seat gets wet? I have cloth seats in the car I'm replacing, and some water spilled on the passenger seat and it took a couple of days to dry. In the meantime, the seat belt warning would sound unless I plugged in the seat belt. Has anyone had this problem with the textile seat getting wet?

Hammonddave | 2018年8月5日

Picked up my S last week and I Love the textile seats. There is also a big difference in heat, after my car sat out in the hot California sun the leather was pretty warm. The textile sections were cool! And it looks better. Go for it. Best $$$ saver out there.

carlgo2 | 2018年8月5日

Interesting that textile got so many votes. I too prefer the textile seats over the leather in other cars I have owned. It would be smart for Tesla to offer more than dreary black, or is it less dreary in person than in the photos?

JayInJapan | 2018年8月5日

I’ll always try for the black textile seats. Three and a half years in, and they still look brand new.

Hammonddave | 2018年8月5日

They are not black... but a nice subtle pattern of black and gray. They look fabulous trimmed in that fake leather. It’s a classy two-toned look.

Hammonddave | 2018年8月5日

They are not black... but a nice subtle pattern of black and gray. They look fabulous trimmed in that fake leather. It’s a classy two-toned look.

TSLC | 2018年8月6日

@Hammonddave - Completely agree.

-Very premium look and feel with the pleather and textile distributed in all the right places.
-Much more comfortable (sweating/freezing) in both cold and hot weather.
-Does not become saggy with visible wear or cracking from heavy traffic in the seat and back.
-Comes standard at no additional cost and will likely look fairly new when sold.

I am glad I did not have to pay more for such a high performance seat.

buickguy | 2018年8月6日

The textile seats look great and wear wonderfully. Therefore, if you like black, go for textile.

JayInJapan | 2018年8月6日

@Hammonddave, mine are quite black.

MySin_AZ | 2018年8月7日

I recently bought a CPO with textile for about two months now...really wanted leather, but then, when I took my car in for service, was given a car with, very glad I have textile...leather looks good, but a bit too hot (I am in Arizona), my opinion, go for textile.

derptastic | 2018年9月15日

I'm so glad I found this thread! The lease on my 2015 P90DL (with black leather) is up in December, and I was about to pull the trigger on a Model 3 Performance yesterday in order to get in before Supercharging referrals end. Then I went for a test drive in the afternoon, and to be honest I was underwhelmed. Yeah it was quick, but too many little things bothered me like the tiny steering wheel, steering wheels controls, door handles, trunk vs. hatch, 2nd row seats, and on and on.

Obviously, a base P75D with Autopilot is going to cost $10K+ more than the Model 3 Performance (minus) I was looking at, so I was looking for ways to economize on my build, and forgoing leather seems like a great way to save some cash.

pnajar | 2018年9月15日

Leather is not available anymore. The new seats have a leather like feel and are vegan. Or, more correctly artificial.

derptastic | 2018年9月15日

I meant vegan leather, of course. My new Model X from July has it in white so I'm familiar with the differences, but didn't feel like it was worth another $3300 on my daily driver. In the few hours since I posted I actually cancelled my Model 3 reservation and bought an inventory Model S with textile for delivery by the end of the month.

Qwiksilver | 2018年9月15日

I regret not getting textile seats

Qwiksilver | 2018年9月17日

I am currently driving a 2018 70D loaner with textile seats. I prefer them to my 2013 85S which has leather seats.

milleman | 2018年9月17日

I had leather in my first Model S and now have the textile seats. The textile seats are my favorite and seem to provide better support on my longer trips. I was skeptical at first but really glad I chose the textile ones.

GunnerD | 2018年9月17日

Our MS is a 75 2WD cloth interior which we got because it was the only one that they had in inventory. This was after the switch to AWD! We find that cloth is more comfortable, not sure why. I love the look of leather but I don’t miss the freeze or burn your ass syndrome!

someguyinnj | 2018年11月26日

Hi All,

I found this thread as I have a 2018 Model S 75D that I just took delivery of in September, but I don't like my textile seats. The key issue is that I feel "stuck" when I sit in the seats. I also have a hard time sliding in/out of the car (I am very tall :)). Is anyone aware of options for replacing seats? The seat covers I tried are not going to work for me. Or does anyone who regrets their leather seats want to swap for textile seats? :) | 2018年11月26日

You might find someone who is parting out a totaled car to sell you a set of seats (or at least the fronts). Here's an article I wrote that has additional options:

There are several different seat designs over the years, so it's best to get one that is from your era of car, although with more work, some rewiring may make it work.

idle_mind | 2018年12月12日


I’m in PA and took delivery of a new 100D in November. I’m not thrilled with the leather seats - they side bolsters are a bit snug for me and dig into my hips. I originally had the textile on order but switched because this car was available sooner.

I’m not sure if I’d go a switch, but if you want to meet and we can each see how the other seats feel let me know. I’m near Philly and could meet at Burlington surpercharger or some other supercharger in NJ.

Yodrak. | 2018年12月12日

"I’m not thrilled with the leather seats - they side bolsters are a bit snug for me and dig into my hips."

It seems that your issue is with the design of the seat, not the material. How would textile rather than leather make the side bolsters less snug?

EVRider | 2018年12月12日

I believe the textile seats (which are no longer available) and the (fake) leather seats have the same design, just different fabric. I just took delivery of a S100D with textile seats, and they seem comfortable. My previous 2016 S85 had next generation leather seats that were extremely comfortable; I’ve noticed the bottoms of new seats are a little shorter so they don’t provide as much thigh support.

idle_mind | 2018年12月13日

I wasn’t sure if they were exactly the same design or a bit different. If they’re the same I guess I’m stuck. Looks like there’s several threads on this topic, but I’m not sure anybody had a good solution.

vp09 | 2019年2月15日

I'm selling my S90D with its real leather seats.

If I had it to do all over again, I would have bought textile seats.

Leather is just too damn hot. | 2019年8月7日

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