Yellow borders on screen

Yellow borders on screen

Hello everybody !

I am having yellow borders on the 17'' screen. Should I worry about this. My car is 2017 March 100D, 18K miles.

RedJ | 2018年3月17日

This was a fairly common problem with vehicle built late 2016 early 2017. It happened on mine (nov 2016 build). Your SC will just replace the whole MCU under warranty.

Ddowns2050 | 2018年3月17日

I just noticed the same on mine it also is March 2017 100D, 31K miles though. I already have an appointment for annual service coming up so I will call ahead and tell them about this so they will have parts ready. | 2018年3月17日

Actually, only the screen is replaced, not the entire MCU. As far as I can tell, the screen longevity/operation is not affected - just mildly annoying as it turns light yellow via age (not use or miles).

RedJ | 2018年3月17日

@TT that interesting in my case they replaced the whole MCU. But at that time there hadn’t been Many, if any, of these failures reported yet. At the time (aug 2017) the Santa Clara SC tech said he hadn’t heard of this issue before.

RedJ | 2018年3月17日

“That” => “That’s”

clinggi | 2018年3月18日

You should call your closest service center and ask for there thoughts. I think you might need a screen replacement.

Teslapalooza | 2018年3月18日

I have the same issues in my MX. I have contacted Service and they said they will order the part and replace my console when the part arrives. No telling how long that is going to take. But I am ok waiting since the my Console is usable. As some one has said before it is more of an annoyance.

inconel | 2018年3月19日

maybe they will replace with the new MCU (wishful thinking :)

bp | 2018年3月19日

When they replaced the touchscreen in our S 100D (with the yellow band), it appears they also replaced the MCU, because all personal data was lost, and I had to start over in entering everything, like after the car was first delivered.

mac_slvr60 | 2018年3月19日

I experienced the same problem a few months back. When I called to schedule service, I was immediately told that the entire MCU would be replaced (and was). They ordered the part and contacted me to schedule as soon as it was in. | 2018年3月19日

It may be some service centers are not equipped to replace the display only, and replace the entire MCU as easier/quicker. Having mine done today, and only the display is being replaced.

No chance replacing MCU1 with new MCU2 - not compatible with wiring harness and other changes made to the new cars at the same time MCU2 came out. So far corporate says no retrofit is possible, but I think it could be made - just not worth it for Tesla to do a custom version and special software for the handful of users willing to pay $2-3K for a MCU2 retrofit.

ferdd4 | 2018年3月20日

I had the screen replaced and they did not replace the MCU. It took 3 months to get the part and only 4 hours to replace it. That was the good news, now the bad news, it appears the MCU is bad now and that is on order ( created a number of problems after the screen was replaced) wait another 2 months. I wish Tesla would reset the warranty clock every time a part is needed. At this rate I would have warranty forever...