18 vs 19 wheels

18 vs 19 wheels

Anyone know how much efficiency you lose on the 19" wheels and how much extra noise and road harshness there is?

Tesla-David | 2018年4月7日

I don't have direct comparisons on 18 versus 19" wheels. We got the 19" wheels on our M3 and are averaging 215 wh/mi, which is greater than 100percent of rated range. I expect we would be even better with 18" wheels, but with two+ months of ownership, we will get every bit of the 310 mile range specified for the M3, and we couldn't be happier with our choice.

Teslaguy | 2018年4月7日

From all the comparisons I have read you lose about 5% with the 19 inch wheels, plus a small increase in noise/ firmness.

Tesla-David | 2018年4月7日

I haven't really noticed any significant noise issues in our M3 as compared to our MS. I find the ride very smooth so I am quite happy we chose the 19" wheels for our M3.

Finoguy | 2018年4月7日

@Tesla-David —thanks for the numbers on your mileage—I’m getting 19” wheels too and was wondering what that would do to my range—good to hear you’re having good experience with the 19’s!

Anthonygonsalvesjr | 2018年4月7日

As ugly as those aeros are, does it even matter?

stevea137 | 2018年4月7日

@Anthonygonsalvesjr Try taking the aero covers off once... there are nice rims under there. Tesla even sells a kits to dress them up a bit.

ST70 | 2018年4月7日


john | 2018年4月7日

On Thursday I placed my order with the Aero wheels but the more I thought about it and looked at them the less I liked them. Today I decide to change the wheels to the 19" wheels. I was surprised to hear they wanted to charge me $500 to change the order. I told the nice lady, it made no sense to be charging me to spend more money with Tesla. I could understand if I was trying to spend less. The nice lady talked to her supervisor and they agreed to wave the change fee so now I will have the 19" wheels and be $1,500 poorer. :) On a silver vehicle they just look a lot better. I have read estimates from 3% to 10% loss of range but I just don't believe the high end of the range and based on my experience with my S, driving above 75 has greater impact on range than anything except maybe going up hill.

Tesla-David | 2018年4月8日

@john, you won't regret the change to 19" wheels. We also got silver M3, and with tinted windows, the car looks fantastic. Everyone who sees our car tells me what a beautiful car it is. We are getting better than 100 percent of rated range if you saw my post above with our M3. Compared to our S85D, our M3 is way more efficient.

H271 | 2018年4月8日

Do you feel the car is too stiff or loud?

California85D | 2018年4月8日

Ok the 19s looks better, and I'm not worried about range difference, but what about ride quality? Is there a noticeable difference? Anyone had a chance to try both? The car is for my wife and she prefers a softer ride.

H271 | 2018年4月8日

Similar situation California85D. I'm worried about ride quality and noise. Already complaints on that in the 3 so I dont want to make it worse.

Tesla-David | 2018年4月8日

I haven't had an opportunity to ride in an M3 with the 18" wheels, but can say that the ride quality in our M3 with the 19" wheels is incredible, and very quiet IMHO. We also have S85D with air suspension, so I know what a soft ride quality is.

ModelT3 | 2018年4月8日

I'm thinking of getting the Aero wheels but then ordering the 18" TST flow forged from TSportline. It will be less expensive than ordering the 19" wheels from Tesla, I'll still get the supposedly better ride and distance of the 18" and I'll have an extra set of wheels for winter tires, if i want.

nwfan | 2018年4月9日

I have both wheels for my 3.
19" Sport wheels delivered with car
18" aftermarket 18" wheels black glossy purchased online.

18" are quieter, better efficiency and with
my pearl white 3 the glossy back get the thumbs up.
Ride btwn the 2? Too close to call. Need more mileage
on both before I can decide.

18" - Michelin Primacy MXM4 with Flow One Wheel Black Glossy - 45 lb psi
19" - Continental Procontact with Tesla provided silver painted wheel 42 lb psi

nwfan | 2018年4月9日

Couple of pictures to share.
My Model 3 and S side by side.

Model 3 Pearl White with add on black wheels

Same Model 3 with 19" sport wheels.

nwfan | 2018年4月9日

Oops, here's the silver sport wheels.

dbatty | 2018年4月9日

I ordered my Model 3 with the 18" wheels for my wife. If she wants to change them after we get the car (based on how they look), I'm considering the following two options:

The car is mostly a commuter car (about 30 miles round-trip per day) so I'm not worried about the range. However, I'd still prefer the longer tire life and marginally better ride quality from 18" wheels rather than the 19" wheels direct from Tesla.

maintreqd | 2018年4月9日

I've been curious why the TSportline's flow forged wheels are a cool $200 more than the EVT's that look practically identical. These two seem to be the most mentioned options by folks considering getting non-Tesla wheels.

I'm pretty set on going with the 19's from Tesla and getting the 18's with snow tires from Tesla as well if I decide I want them. After doing the math considering free shipping and free installation from Tesla I can't see a reason to buy aftermarket.

Maybe there's something I'm not thinking of?

Abrahavt | 2018年4月9日

I was told that TSportline ones are flow forged and lighter. Not sure if that is true. I wish there was a way to buy the aero wheels without the tires from Tesla. I need a set for my winter use.

dbatty | 2018年4月9日

I'm sure the math changes a little bit when you need/want a 2nd set of wheels for snow tires. However, for our situation, the EVT wheels (plus shipping and install) should still end up being slightly cheaper up-front than the 19" Tesla wheels. Bear in mind that you're paying sales tax for either option. We don't need snow tires so I'm hoping to sell the aero wheels, which should further offset the cost.

If a marginally lower up-front cost was the only consideration I probably wouldn't bother. Extending the life of the tires is the real decision maker for me. My wife already goes through tires a little quickly thanks to a little bit of a lead foot. That will probably only get worse thanks to the low-end power of the Tesla. A slightly softer ride also sounds like a benefit based on some of the reviews I've read. I've never bought after-market wheels before but overall I think it will be worth the extra hassle for us.

anderslangen | 2018年4月9日

Abrahavt: Tesla sells aero wheels with winter tires:

andy.connor.e | 2018年4月9日

do they sell just the winter tire rubber without the rims & covers?

billstanton | 2018年4月9日

@Tesla-David: You mentioned tinted windows, was that a config option from Tesla? I haven't seen mention of it anyplace else. I've gotten them after market before and skilled hands seem to do it very well. But would be willing to throw more money at Tesla if they want it.

billstanton | 2018年4月9日

@Tesla-David: I'm presuming side windows on my question, not fooling with the standard filters across the top.

Abrahavt | 2018年4月9日

anderslangen : The issue is that I don't like the Pirelli winter tires that they are selling with the winter package. Those tires are not very good in the snow. Would like them to sell me just the rims so that I can use a tire of my choosing.