Updates and who said we wanted to control the trunk from the APP

Updates and who said we wanted to control the trunk from the APP

My first question is why does it take so long to get the updates. I have seen updates come in and add options to the car that are fine but I am really wanting the new navigation. I had it in a loaner and it was leaps ahead of what is in place but more importantly I have heard the interface is so much faster. My car is a year old and the interface seems very sluggish and I have had a ton of bugs and have had it in several times and they say its fixed but yeah well no.

My request for the last update I received 3 times is the control of my front and rear trunk from the app. This is so if my hands are full I can open the trunk from my app so when I get to the car it is open already. I would prefer if you can send the request to the car and the car notes this request but does not open until you get close to the car with you key on you this way I am not opening the trunk while I am in the store and hope no one hops in the car. It does not help if I have to get to the car, grab my phone, launch the app, wait for it to connect and find the control function and open the trunk. I think it would be a better function if you send it from wherever you are the car notes the request and once you approach the car the trunk or front trunk opens up. Just an idea, I hope this can be updated.

Phillip Flores | 2018年4月11日

Let me know if this makes sense and if Tesla reads these and puts a request in for any new ideas out there.