2010 Tesla Roadster Sport For Sale - Virginia

2010 Tesla Roadster Sport For Sale - Virginia

This 2010 "Very Orange" Roadster Sport, # 796, will make you feel like a 12 year old driving your first go-cart every time you drive her. 26,000 original miles, 170 range in Standard Mode and 200 in Range Mode. Takes 6 hours to go from empty to full. Generally takes 1 hour or less to refill the 30 to 50 miles I drive.

It will hold one "carry" golf bag.

$80,000 price The original price was $145k+

Look me up in for pictures and contact info.

Serious inquiries only.

flight505 | 10 februari 2016

Where would a person get a Roadster worked on outside of a Tesla service center?

Does age lower the battery range and power? What about mileage.

I've thought about a Roadster.

Habious | 18 februari 2016

For the most part, a Tesla Service Center (TSC) is your only bet for getting any significant service done.

Suspension, brakes, steering rack, audio system...are all off-the-shelf stuff and can be worked on just-about anywhere, but the drive-train is bespoke and no one else is gonna touch it (and you shouldn't let anyone else touch it...since no one else can get the official service manuals (unless you live in Massachusetts)).

Yes, both mileage and age affect the output of the pack (which will affect both range and performance). How much is anyone's guess. We're only just now starting to see what 100K+ Roadsters that are 7+ years old look like, and how much pack degradation there is.