500-mile (800Km) Range - Perfect!!!

500-mile (800Km) Range - Perfect!!!

I live in North-Western Ontario and the practicality of buying an Electric Car isn't feasible for road trips yet. I was looking at the distances from Montreal to Toronto/Ottawa to Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay down to Minneapolis or up to Winnipeg to Saskatoon to Calgary and all those cities are less than 500 miles (800km) from each other.

It would be so cool if Tesla developed an electric car that had at least the equivalent of 200 Hp with that much range at a “more” affordable price. Would that be something we could expect in 4 years from now? I hope so!!!

joshnd03 | 4 juni 2013

They will. Just give it time. The tech already exists, they just have to find a way to lower the cost to a reasonable price point.

Of course, once they roll out 500 mile range batteries, people will whine that they don't have a 700 mile range battery, and so on.

joshnd03 | 4 juni 2013

Not that you were whining.

PorfirioR | 4 juni 2013

I agree that 500-mile range would be great. However, to put it in perspective, keep in mind that very few ICE vehicles have a range greater than 400 miles. Even my road-trip-worthy, 7 passenger SUV with a 20-gallon tank can barely give me over 350 miles on a full tank.

Bubba2000 | 4 juni 2013

With a real 500 mile range battery, or something like 200 KW-hr it will be possible to put the pedal to the metal on the Model S or X along with creature comforts like HVAC, music, Internet, etc. Why would I consider a BMW 7 or Mercedes S class?!

Panasonic is already selling a battery that would be good enough for 400 nominal miles. I suspect Tesla wants a quantum leap to a higher capacity.

Brian H | 4 juni 2013

They want it affordable!

Vawlkus | 5 juni 2013

Check the Sun Highway, or whatever it's called. Bunch of 90 kwh chargers stretched along the Trans-can highway. Not as good as supercharging, but its a start.

Fortega | 5 juni 2013

@PortfirioR, I don't know what you mean by 'very few ICE vehicles', but where I live (EU), almost all cars have a range greater than 400 miles.

uselesslogin | 5 juni 2013

My guess is the June 20th announcement involves an auxiliary power source capable of adding 200 miles of range to the car. I would think aluminum air since that sounds like the closest to market. Either way that is where the 500 mile range will come from. The 300 mile range of the 85kwh battery + 200 mile range of the aux battery and you can fill it up with distilled water at least until it has to be swapped and recycled. What would be especially awesome is if they left room for it under the frunk because I would hate to have to give up that space on a long road trip. Still it isn't like anyone had a frunk until now.

PorfirioR | 5 juni 2013

@Fortega, that is excellent news for the EU. I should have qualified my statement.

This is what I was basing my statement on:

The report is a US Government report. I am not sure if there is a EU equivalent somewhere. Range figures for E85 and Gas vehicles start on page 31. On average, small vehicles (i.e. 4 cylinders) or work vehicles with large-capacity fuel tanks (i.e. pickup trucks) are consistently above 400 miles of range. The majority of the other vehicles are below that.

Note that the OP indicated that the Model S is "not feasible for roadtrips" based on its range. Most people would not include a sub-compact or a pickup truck in the "feasible" group. Therefore, the vast majority of what most people would perceive as vehicles worthy of taking on a roadtrip have a range of less than 400 miles (based on US EPA estimates). Granted that this is my opinion, so I completely understand if anyone disagrees with it.

baku | 5 juni 2013

Please don't compare these old fashioned, inefficient and outdated ICE cars.

Electric cars in near future will be able to go 1000 miles or more!

Which ICE car will be able to go that far?

Brian H | 5 juni 2013

The issue is quick refilling. Distance on a single tank of gas is not an issue.

PorfirioR | 5 juni 2013

You are either posting on the wrong thread or need to read the original post again. The issue is range on one charge at an affordable cost.