Amazing tesla paintjob?

Amazing tesla paintjob?

Ok guys, so i saw this video with a modified tesla with this amazing colour. I'm wondering if you guys know anything about how they accomplished this?

tesla.mahedy | 3 maart 2014

Its a wrap not paint. I think the company is called Signature Custom Wraps but I am not sure.


Nuts4MS | 3 maart 2014

Looks like a wrap was applied to give it the matte look, I remember seeing something like this before on the forum so I'm sure if you did a quick search you would get a few results on wrapping. Looks cool but I really wonder how much something like that will cost...

sivlesegrob9 | 3 maart 2014

nice, thanks for the help!

dpawson | 3 maart 2014

This looks a lot like the car that is linked to at the bottom of the delivery checklist. I looked into having my soon-to-be-delivered Model S wrapped in a color very similar to this. It was going to be in the $3000-4000 range, with an expected lifetime of 7 years or so (before it would fade). Ultimately I just went with the blue factory paint, but it sure is gorgeous.

david.baird | 3 maart 2014

I have to admit that the car looks really, really nice. I mean really nice - and I don't usually like that kind of thing.

Not sure what it's doing at a gas station though :o)

Brian H | 3 maart 2014

I think this is a one-off TM custom job done for Franz von Holzhausen, Chief Designer in the early days.

Bighorn | 3 maart 2014

His paint job was more along the lines of a BMW LeMans blue--this looks like a wrap with a matte finish.

Bighorn | 3 maart 2014
sivlesegrob9 | 3 maart 2014

I think what drew me to this was the beauty and sensitivity of the colour. matte, - not overly glossy- fairly discrete with a very subdued tone of grayish blue which i find really stunning. Perfect ratio of "on your face" to "imperceptible" that really grabs me. Plus the baffling simplicity of the accent and the rims' graphite finish. truly spectacular in my view. then again, i'm a bit biased as i prefer the minimalistic design overall. (you wont see me around in a chrome glossy finished car anytime soon)

mgboyes | 3 maart 2014

I've never bought into the matte-wrap look. Seen too many Aventadors and GT-Rs being driven by idiots.

But that is spectacular.

I ordered my P85 with 19" wheels on the basis that the 21s are just too expensive for a wheel upgrade, and they're too impractical in winter. But I am really struggling because I know that the large rims (and the dark finish) look so much better on the car!

Brian H | 3 maart 2014

I paused the vid at various spots and went back and forth with the pic. I think it's the same car; even the wheels are identical.

Pungoteague_Dave | 3 maart 2014

I switched up to HD and freeze-framed through the interior and frunk shots, looking closely for plastic folds under the edges. No evidence of wrap, although the surface does look like some wraps. Mercedes, BMW and several other manufacturers are doing matte paint on special editions, and BMW is using it widely on its motorcycles. Not my choice or preference, but two of my bikes have it as standard, including matte blue on a '14 R1200 GSA. Wraps are a great way to transform a car's look relatively easily and reversably.

Bighorn | 3 maart 2014

Not to be contentious, but @brian, they're different rims and calipers. @dave, this is how they wrapped aka bagged it...

Brian H | 3 maart 2014

Oh, OK. Didn't do close-up inspection. The blue is more matte, too.

jordanrichard | 4 maart 2014

These wraps may be guaranteed to not fade for 7 years, but what about shrinking, especially in hot states like FL, AZ, CA etc. Afterall, it is vinyl?