Biggest threat to Earth, not Weather Change

Biggest threat to Earth, not Weather Change

Looks like this will actually happen, according to these brilliant scientists.

Stop worrying about the supposed weather change mob.

Live it up.

Good fortune, say your goodbyes .

spacevertex | 27 maart 2015

"Their calculations suggest that the collapse is "imminent"—on the order of a few tens of billions of years or so—which may not keep most people up at night, but for the physicists it's still much too soon."

It does not keep me up at night too.

vperl | 27 maart 2015

Gee whiz, they are absolutely unsure when, so this is it.

Might happen end of the month, July, or Christmas Day.
Being prepared by passing regulations on what ever to promote less shrinking. Start up a community to create solutions. Government money to fund these projects.

The world has to save it's self, or we all will be shrunk to nothing.

Grinnin'.VA | 27 maart 2015



vperl | 28 maart 2015

You have little time, yes.

The universe is ticking.

Say your goodbyes, you have no one that cares.

Too bad.

vperl | 28 maart 2015

Just make sure we know how serious a problem/total disaster and world/universe ending fact this is read the below.

Everyone the time is here, do not delay, finish your by cost list, and spread more weather hoax, people may forget the Universe is going to turn into a small ball.

JGB | 2 april 2015

I just will not be able to sleep tonight I think I’ll just sit up and wait ---- Should I recharge my 60 ---- or is to late.

vperl | 7 april 2015

I would suggest everyone just complete your bucket list.

Time is close, The science is golden no one can refute the facts, Guess it was a good time while it lasted science tell us the good times are passing fast. Plus, Iran ought blowvus up any time soon, always good.

vperl | 9 april 2015

Has everyone read of the University to collapse, for certain. I know of this because scientists say it is true.

Bucket list growing.

vperl | 9 april 2015

Actually I meant .... UNIVERSE

Me bad

Brian H | 9 april 2015

You'll never know.

Grinnin'.VA | 11 april 2015

@ vperl | April 9, 2015

Has everyone read of the University to collapse, for certain. I know of this because scientists say it is true.
Actually I meant .... UNIVERSE

This is a controversial new hypothesis. VERY few scientists believe it's true.

Even if it's true, that collapse will happen after most scientists think our sun will have expanded frying everything on earth.

Question: Why is such a controversial hypothesis of interest to Tesla enthusiasts?

(Or alternatively, have you nothing better to do than spreading speculative pseudo science tales?)

Brian H | 12 april 2015

He was joking, playing on the huge time scales involved.