bumper protection?

bumper protection?

The painted bumpers on all modern cars, Tesla or not, lose their finish when they get in physical contact with hard objects. For a valet parking city dweller like me, this happens more or less daily.
Our garage recommends those massive padded bumper bras that you take on and off when you enter and exit but I feel that the time it takes to take them on and off defeats the purpose of taking the car out of the garage in the first place, namely to get quickly to a destination. They take up plenty of space in the trunk and the dirt between bra and bumper seems to scratch and rub the paint dull.
I am instead considering permanent bumper and nose cone guards, something like this:

Perhaps this one would look decent on a black or grey car. I haven't yet found any that look good on my sliver MS though. Any ideas thoughts or experience with bumper guards for MS?

LEvans | 26 augustus 2014

I think it looks ugly and it does not cover the entire bumper so you could still have impact marks in other areas of the bumper based on the height of the vehicle impacting you.

I wish they sold disposable bumper covers that cover your entire bumper. Sort of like a wrap but thicker. You can then remove and discard it when needed and get a new cover and the bumper will look brand new.

Olof | 26 augustus 2014

@web_srfr: yes a cover for the whole thing would be nice. Perhaps just glue on a matching color yoga mat that you replace when its worn out?

LEvans | 26 augustus 2014

@Olof: There is no reason why it can't securely snap in place like a cellphone cover without requiring any adhesive.

Mathew98 | 26 augustus 2014

@Olof - The license plate bumper guard maybe less conspicuous for the front.

Perhaps a pair of color matched air bumper guards could help the rear...

Haggy | 26 augustus 2014

In other words, you are thinking of adding a bumper. A bumper, by definition, was something that went on the front or rear of the car to protect it, so that in the event of a minor collision, it was the bumper and not the car that got damaged. If the "bumper" is painted and integrated with the car body, it's not a bumper.

Part of the price we pay for not having bumpers is that in the event of a minor impact, instead of replacing a bumper, we spend many thousands of dollars replacing the front or rear of the car's body, using parts that somebody calls a bumper when it really isn't.

Bumpers disappeared largely because people didn't find them attractive. It would be nice if an automotive engineer came up with a bumper that blended in smoothly with the car but was easy and cheap to replace. Imagine if, instead of the very front of the car being the same color as the body, it were black instead and easy to remove. Would anybody go for that?

olanmills | 26 augustus 2014

Bumpers for your bumpers, somebody call XZibit!

tariq_qureshi | 20 mei 2019

Tesla needs to come up with a protective bumper accessory

sr.smr | 22 mei 2019

Someone hit me in the rear and caused a minor dent in the very fragile bumper. The other insurance company paid for the $500 repair, which required to take off the bumper to properly repair it. Short of having a Mad Max protection, I'm not sure what addition would be acceptably better than the clean look of the original bumpers. I admit this strip of protection looks good in the photos, but am afraid if it gets damaged, and it needs to be replaced, will removing it peel the paint off the original bumper?