Changing car color while in production?

Changing car color while in production?

Well, I'm having second and third thoughts about my car color. Has anyone had any luck recently changing their car color after the car has entered production?

Carefree | 14 februari 2013

I would think that's impossible to do. You are talking about a MAJOR change and paint happens not too far into the manufacturing process.

Pungoteague_Dave | 14 februari 2013

I tried that in December. No dice. Once you push the build-it button and click through all the disclaimers saying you understand that your decisions and selections are permanent, that's it, you are DONE. It has to do with the physical and computer sequencing for production. TM nicely explained to me that what seems little to us civilians is not doable in reality. They are very flexible up to the point of finalizing design, but after that, even though the car hasn't yet been built, the gears are in motion and it is beyond their ability to make any changes. Even things as little as the assigned VIN have codes that say things like the car's color, accessories, wheel size, etc. So be sure before you finalize. That may still seem early given how much more time until delivery, but for TM, it is GO TIME for your car.

DouglasR | 14 februari 2013

I agree with Pungoteague_Dave that you should not count on being able to change anything, particularly paint.

However, they do occasionally permit changes (I've never heard of paint color changes being permitted), so it doesn't hurt to ask.

vinster | 14 februari 2013

I think it depends on how far along your car is in production.

I originally chose Pearl White when I finalized in end Aug 2012, and my original scheduled delivery date was end Nov to Dec 2012.

When the new multi-coat red was announced, I immediately called Tesla up and re-finalized my order on Nov 29, 2012 with the new red and also to change from grey to silver 21" rims.

RedShift | 14 februari 2013

I signed my MVPA on Jan 3rd , est delivery end of April.

Called to change from lacewood go glossy obeche and from std to air suspension.

They allowed me to do the changes, and delivery will be 4 weeks earlier, due to air suspension.

drp | 14 februari 2013

No changes whatsoever

Brian H | 14 februari 2013

"It depends." But any color change allowed seems to involve delayed delivery.

drp | 14 februari 2013

(Brian H) and you will be subjected to any price changes because it will be considered a new order

shop | 14 februari 2013

Well, it seems that I had a good set of options as the car is supposedly far into production, so no color changes. Oh well.

kjo | 14 februari 2013

@Shop- it will still be beautiful! All of the colors are great. Congrats on being close to delivery.

jillalameda | 14 februari 2013

What color did you have and what did you want to change it to?

Brian H | 14 februari 2013

Google Plastiwrap.

shop | 14 februari 2013

I am getting metalic brown (with a grey interior, cringe) and I wanted to switch it to grey exterior (called Dolphin grey, I think).

ddruz | 14 februari 2013

@shop - It does not hurt to ask politely, letting them know you are aware that you have a contract which cannot be changed without their permission. All they can say is no. There are very few brown cars compared to grey cars and who knows, maybe Tesla would actually prefer batching yours with another grey run. Remember though if they permit the change it is a gift and something to be thankful for.

shop | 15 februari 2013

I did ask - they said no.

kyleket | 15 februari 2013

I was actually able to change my color (along with leather and decor, incidentally) after having finalized back in Dec. My original color choice was RED, which doesn't go to production until March, I believe. For that reason, they were able to change my color to BLUE. Now I expect mine to begin building in the next few days!!!!!

I wonder when the "Delivery" dreams will begin.

Brian H | 15 februari 2013

Now, try to change to black! ;)
Just kidding.