Charging Stopped?

Charging Stopped?

My S is plugged into a regular 120v outlet at work.
I have the Standard setting on for charging (i.e NOT Max Range).

My Tesla App says that charging has stopped and the "Rated Range" indicator says 158 miles.
I have the 60 battery pack. It seems to me, based on prior charges, that 158 miles is not 80% of max range (230).

Can anyone take a guess why the charging has stopped at 158? Hitting "start charging" doesnt do anything.
By my estimates the car should continue on to 184 miles-no?

and btw- I am also seeing the car drop dramatically at times in rated range and I'mnot driving hard or aggressively at that time. Something is going on.


July10Models | 11 februari 2013

Set your car to display ideal range.

jat | 11 februari 2013

230 is not the maximum range in rated miles, but rather ideal miles.

Hills | 11 februari 2013

For 60Kwh battery, 230 is ideal, and 184 should be max rated.

However, I have also seen the car stop charging when using the app. I had to go to the car, unplug, plug in again. I have never seen the car stop charging when not using the app.

Brian H | 11 februari 2013

Get the ideal range. Divide by 2. Subtract 8%. That's your SOC to the nearest 1%.

E.g. if your ideal shows 180, 180/2 = 90; 90-8% = 90-7.2 = (approx.) 83%. If it shows 30, then 30/2 = 15; 15-1.2 = (approx) 14%.

GLO | 11 februari 2013

Most mornings when I get into the car (60kw) the Ideal range is between 198-214 miles. This is with standard charging not maximum.

gracehm | 12 februari 2013

Today is my first time plugging my 60kw car into my company's EV charging station. It too stopped charging (at 142mi).

When I first plugged it in, the port flashed green. But just a minute later, the port turned red. I tried this a few times and had the same results. My app confirms the charging has stopped.

BTW, my car is only 3 days new. :)