Can all Tesla owners please chip in some money so I can purchase a new x with the ludicrous mode. Yesterday I was driving my model S when a lamborghini aventador challenged me to a race on a public street, needless to say I was smoked. Therefore to uphold the reputation of all Tesla owners I need the ludicrous mode. Thanks

Son of a Gunn | 5 september 2015

Namesake not working out for you?

vperl | 5 september 2015

Just get a job, cannot make a real job in your mommies basement
Being in your mid 20's your health care is running out . But welfare is for your

num1zoomy | 5 september 2015

Daytrade, this is your brother, you weren't smoked, you don't need the money, and I'm going to tell mother!!

ir | 5 september 2015

You know, the MX is slower than the MS. Why would you think it could outrun a Lamborghini where an MS couldn't?

sandycraft50 | 7 september 2015

This post was a little humor, so as to remove, some of the burden for, those folks that are waiting for the world's greatest car.