Dashboard screen is always on when the power is plugged in

Dashboard screen is always on when the power is plugged in

I set the charging time beginning from 12:00am. But usually plug in the power when I arrive home around 7:00pm. Even no really charging begins, the dashboard display is always on. Is there any means to turn it off? Thanks!

jbunn | 28 juni 2013

You sure the car is locked? No door ajar? No extra key in the car?

Brian H | 29 juni 2013

Or is the key stored within range of the car?

July10Models | 29 juni 2013

The 17 inch screen is always on. Even if you go to the 'driving' dialog and select power off, the backlight of the main screen goes out but what ever was being displayed is still there. This means the main display does not go off.

mrspaghetti | 29 juni 2013

Why does it matter?

RanjitC | 29 juni 2013

Not normal. Everything goes off in my car even when its plugged in. This happens as I walk away. Call Tesla.

ORWA | 29 juni 2013

Lock the car hitting the top of the FOB once and all the lights inside and out should turn off. Then you need to keep the FOB away from the car so the auto sense doesn't detect it.

wcalvin | 29 juni 2013

Locking the car from the FOB after beginning charging is supposed to turn most bright stuff off.

jbunn | 29 juni 2013

I think it would matter most when you are charging in public in an urban environment. You want to make sure nothing is visible on the seats that make it worth breaking in. And a big brightly lit screen would be an invitation for some doofus with a screwdriver to pop your door and tear up your dash.

Three days after moving to San Francisco I had someone scratch up the driver side door on my 6 week old car by trying to get the handle to present.

rodf | 29 juni 2013

Mine does the same as well. When charging is done, the Charging Complete message is on the dash and it stays lit.

Carmine | 30 juni 2013

That's not normal. If either display remains lit after you walk away and the handles retract, put the fob down, walk back to the car and press the door handle. If it presents, the car never locked. If the car is locked I would contact Tesla service.

ramtaz | 30 juni 2013

All screens are off a few minutes after plug in and door handles retract.
I just checked to make sure and my timer is set at 4am.

July10Models | 30 juni 2013

Ok stay inside the car, have some else outside the car lock the car with the key fob. Everything goes out like the car is off but look really close at the main screen, it is not really off.

CarlE_P439 | 2 juli 2013

Use the Tesla smartphone app. to make sure the car is locked.

cmanchen | 4 juli 2013

You have to be careful if you use the App to unlock the car and remember to lock it again.

I didn't have a key handy and used the app to unlock the car to retrieve something. The handles retracted after a minute, but the screen stayed lit while charging. I figured it would timeout after a few minutes only to come back hours later with the screen still lit. Not knowing why I rebooted both screens and assumed it was just a bug.

But it just happened again. I walked out to the garage and saw the screen was lit. When I went into the App it showed the car was unlocked. I locked the car with the app and the screen immediately turned off.

I personally think this is a bug especially for people like me with the walk away door locks. I think it should lock the car again after the one minute timeout (and turn off the screen). Others might think it is a feature... Either way, lesson learned.