Does Model X have a retractable moonroof?

Does Model X have a retractable moonroof?

I keep trying to figure this out. Is it even possible with Falcon Doors?

grant10k | 16 mei 2015

I don't think so. In front of the doors, the glass doesn't have anywhere to go, and behind the doors the glass opens up as part of the hatchback.

It may be possible to have little mini moonroofs over each rear door, but that seems like a lot of work for so little gain.

Also it may be possible that the little sliver of roof in front of the doors pops up like a vent, but my gut says none of the roof will be retractable. Still, it's going to be like, 90% glass, which is still pretty impressive.

Remnant | 17 mei 2015

@ grant10k (May 16, 2015)

<< I don't think so. In front of the doors, the glass doesn't have anywhere to go, and behind the doors the glass opens up as part of the hatchback. >>

No loss for me.

I've designed a few tentative configurations for the MS, none of them with a moonroof/sunroof and I don't intend to get one in my MX either, should it become available.

It makes no sense to me to install a noise maker in one of the quietest cars on the road and even pay for it. Not to mention possible debris and excess light allowed into the car by such a contraption.

proven | 18 mei 2015

If you look at the prototype pictures/videos of the X, you can see that the windshield glass actually goes all the way back to the falcon wing doors. The beta cars on the road right now have that glass blacked out, but it's still all one piece.

With that it looks like there will be glass up there, but it won't open.

vperl | 18 mei 2015

For sure the MX will have retractable moon.
Not sure of roof.

Boredwithnames | 28 mei 2015


Im guessing this a US term?

1st time i've heard that one!

vperl | 28 mei 2015

Probably, a Limey thing

Like the Limey term "bonnet" and "saloon" or what ever..

ernie | 28 mei 2015

The roof would be there to perform the following function: expose one's buttocks to (someone) in order to insult or amuse them.
"Dan had whipped around, bent over, and mooned the crowd". The roof would allow that. Sort of like the "Full Monty". Cheers

grant10k | 28 mei 2015

Moonroof is a marketing term for a type of sunroof. You can generally use the terms interchangeably, but 'moonroof' imples that it's somewhat transparent. 'Sunroof' would imply that it's the opaque type, but really people use it to mean any sort of opening in the roof, glass or no.

proven | 28 mei 2015

Yeah I think moonroof started as a marketing term to differentiate a sunroof that is made of transparent glass rather than metal.

grant10k | 29 mei 2015

It's partially avoided because you answered the question first, but lmgtfy is the worst thing ever.

More often than not, I come across lmgtfy by googling a problem I have, finding a form post where someone asks about the exact same thing, I click a link someone offers as "Oh, here's your answer right here", which really links to lmgtfy with the same search terms I just tried and the same result is the top of the list.

I rant about it whenever I can because the times where it affects me the most (cyclical links) the post is like, 5 years old and the person who went out of their way to not post an answer has probably passed away by then. Or at the very least isn't watching that topic closely.
</rant><apology />

proven | 29 mei 2015

@grant10k: lmgtfy helps when the question is simple and they should have googled it in the first place. Every single link on the first page of results tells you what a moonroof is compared to a sunroof, so it works fine. In truth, it's a slightly nicer way of saying "why didn't you take 3 seconds to search for it yourself?"

I agree with you though when it's a more complicated question and googling doesn't just pop up with the answer immediately.

grant10k | 29 mei 2015

If you were talking to someone in a one on one chat or something, I have no beef with using LMGTFY.

My problem is that on a public forum every person that comes after, looking for the answer to the same question gets hit with LMGTFY instead of finding the answer to their question. A person that knows perfectly well how to use Google properly still gets the smartass non-answer because they bothered to use Google. If they had answered the OP's question, then I, a year later, would have found the answer. If they had just not said anything, Google would have ranked it less (being a form post with no replies) so the actual answer would have remained on top. Google has no way of knowing of if "Double click the play button" or "" or "lmgtfy?q=how+do+i+fastplay+a+video+in+fastplayer" is the right answer.

LMGTFY teaches one person a lesson, and pollutes Google for everyone after.

These issues don't apply to your use for two reasons, though. 1) You answered the question anyway. 2) It's like, the 7th post unrelated to the topic title, so it's not going to get very high on Google for anyone searching for "what's a moonroof?".

tl;dr: I don't have a problem with your specific use of it, but more often than not it hurts the internet so I complain whenever it's brought up in public.

proven | 29 mei 2015

Seems like an issue that Google could solve by eliminating lmgtfy in search results.

But, back on topic: No the moonroof will not open! :)