Don't Be Afraid Of Service

Don't Be Afraid Of Service

Many people seem to think that these forums are the first best source of solutions for problems big and small. They are not. Sure we have some very bright people here, experts not only in their fields but experts in all sorts of things.

We have electrical experts like shop who can tell you how to build an extension cord from some newspaper and a paperclip.

We have suspension and handling experts like lolachampcar who can take the most technical aspects of mechanics and motion and make it so anyone can easily read it. You won't understand it, but you can read it. :-)

We have battery experts like, well, it seems everyone around here fancies themselves a battery expert.

We have mclary who has shown himself to be an expert in semaphore.

But, even with all that formidable brain power your first call when there is a problem should be either to ownership or to your local service center.

Don't be scared. Going to service is not like going to the dentist. It's pleasant, it's comforting, it's easy. And, no one at the service centers or at ownership is going to make fun of you if you don't know the difference between its and it's.

Sure, there's no reason not to post your problem here as well. But, if you follow my advice, when the first response you get asks if you called service you can say, "Yes."

karmamule | 18 augustus 2014

Sounds like excellent advice to me J.T. I'll be sure Tesla has a prominent place in my Contacts list by the time mine arrives.

msung330 | 18 augustus 2014

And we have J.T. who compiles and curates excellent tips for prospective and current owners -- thank you again sir.

sbeggs | 18 augustus 2014

Yes, thank you, J.T.!

Anthony J. Parisio | 18 augustus 2014

Very true. To complain and not To see out proper solution does no one any good.

johncrab | 18 augustus 2014

Service at a traditional car dealership IS like a dental visit, only more costly and more painful. The Tesla experience is different from the ground up. I'm looking forward to working with the SC people.

hamer | 18 augustus 2014

I also want to say that this experience is not at all like service at a dealership. If I have a question or issue, I email or phone them freely, and they respond with either an answer, a suggestion for further diagnostics, a look at my logs and get back to me, and if needed, telling me to bring my car in for service. I wouldn't even know whom to email at a dealership, and the service writers wouldn't have any way, really, to help me.

The telephone tech support folks are also terribly helpful, 24-7.

Many questions in the fora probably should best be addressed to Tesla, either the tech support phone number of your local service center.

Thomas N. | 18 augustus 2014

I love going to the Service Center! I've only been there twice in a year, however. Once to swap out floormats and once for my 6000 mile tire rotation and minor cosmetic fixes. Each time it was fun to have a cup of coffee, chat with other owners and take a look at al the various Tesla colors and tint jobs on cars visiting the center.

I need to make an appointment for my annual service and it will be a blast to be there again.

PBEndo | 18 augustus 2014

I protest the comparison of Dentists to car dealers!

J.T. | 18 augustus 2014

Yea, I knew that would hit a nerve. Whoops, did it again. :-)

PBEndo | 18 augustus 2014

If you bring attorneys into the mix, people usually lay off of us dentists...

...just saying ;)

DTW_Tom | 18 augustus 2014

I love reading these posts...everything at Tesla is so different from a traditional car dealership. I'm excited because my MS-85 arrives September 29th. Even though my Jag is black and I have always had black cars, my MS is coming in the new Metallic Steel Gray whoo hoo!!!

renwo S alset | 18 augustus 2014

I'm a service virgin, looking forward to my 1st "date" Sept. 20 for my annual. Should I take any precautions? Wear any protection? Bring cookies? Would flowers be better?

J.T. | 18 augustus 2014

@renwo I'd tell you to just be yourself but that could be a huge mistake!

PBEndo | 18 augustus 2014


Cookies are always welcome. Flowers may send the wrong message.

ssarker | 18 augustus 2014

I have taken cookies, muffins, doughnuts, bagels, chocolates, etc. Maybe if I stop taking food over, I will finally be down to 2 visits/ year

Captain_Zap | 18 augustus 2014

Everyone is so nice when I go to the Service Center. They seem happy to see me. It is a very different experience.

Sometimes issues can be resolved with a simple phone call and check of your car's log.

The service tech isn't all covered in grease, so he's able to hop in the car and go for a drive with me and answer any questions I have. He'll mention anything that he may notice.

Cookies are appreciated, I'm sure, but not necessary.

No need to walk in braced for battle either. Sooo refreshing!!! | 18 augustus 2014

I am also happy to go see the folks in Rocklin because they are genuinely nice folks and I have always had a great experience there. One tip is to call and get the e-mail address of your service advisor--that way you can contact him/her for any questions you might have.


renwo S alset | 18 augustus 2014

I have chosen wine and flowers and hope they don't think I'm being to forward.

Only Trons | 18 augustus 2014

I take doughnuts......

JohnGlenney | 18 augustus 2014

In Colorado, you can bring them pot. Just don't give it to them until after the service.

PBEndo | 18 augustus 2014

Since this thread started with a comparison to a dental visit, may I suggest that you all start bringing wine, flowers, cookies, etc. to your dentist. I get goodies all the time, and it makes me happy every time.

In Colorado, you can bring them pot. Just don't give it to them until after the treatment.

Captain_Zap | 18 augustus 2014

If you bring them brownies or cookies in Colorado, you might need to specify whether they are regular or high octane.

akikiki | 18 augustus 2014

J.T. As usual, well said. And this was needed. You again, have done a good thing here. Thanks in behalf of those that are to shy to say it.

Brian H | 18 augustus 2014

Gone over to the wild side, have you?

renwo S alset | 18 augustus 2014

JT. If you weren't such a fuddy-duddy, you'd be almost perfect.

Haggy | 18 augustus 2014

If I go to the service center and find that my service adviser doesn't know the difference between its and it's, do I get to make fun of him? It's not that I actually would, but I'd like to know if it's a hard and fast rule. If he made fun of me for it, I'd say I deserved it.

J.T. | 18 augustus 2014

Can I get just a tiny bit of reaction on mclary being a semaphore expert?

renwo S alset | 18 augustus 2014

I thought he had made it at least to junior, both who would want to be an expert on sophomores?

AmpedRealtor | 18 augustus 2014

I love getting serviced.

akikiki | 18 augustus 2014

@Amped, thanks. That was good. Anyone have a cigarette?

Rocky_H | 19 augustus 2014

Is it a Colorado cigarette?

PBEndo | 19 augustus 2014

JT - since you asked

What did the mclary say after sending semaphore messages for over three hours?"
"My strength is flagging."

sbeggs | 19 augustus 2014

@J.T., over my head, can you explain which use of semaphore applies in this case?

PBEndo | 19 augustus 2014

a method of communcation using flags

J.T. | 19 augustus 2014

I guess if you have to explain it . . . :-(

Thomas N. | 19 augustus 2014

I don't understand the point of any of the past few posts! FLAGGED!

sbeggs | 19 augustus 2014

Yes, but I just don't get it as semaphoric maybe not a word but...

What is he trying to signal, except rude impatience with other people's writings?

Brian H | 19 augustus 2014

Good one. Hoist your flag!

J.T. | 19 augustus 2014

@sbeggs An expert in semaphore uses flags. Mclary's favorite comment is "flagged!" He uses flags to show his contempt for posts he doesn't like.

@Brian H Thank you.

renwo S alset | 19 augustus 2014

A horse, a donkey and a Rabbi walk into a bar...

NKYTA | 19 augustus 2014

+1 JT :-)

@renwo, you stole my line!

hamer | 19 augustus 2014

A priest, a rabbi, and an ayatollah walk into a bar. The bartender says, "Is this a joke?"

renwo S alset | 19 augustus 2014

No, the bartender asks "Where's the horse and donkey?"

Captain_Zap | 19 augustus 2014

You are lost. This is not the "Please Ignore" thread.

jjs | 19 augustus 2014

No, no no. The horse, donkey, rabbi, priest and the ayatollah all went into the bar for SERVICE. Didn't you read the title?

Bighorn | 19 augustus 2014

This is all getting a bit semaphoric--hoisted on your own petard.

Bighorn | 19 augustus 2014

Err sephamoric ?

sbeggs | 19 augustus 2014

Oh dear, the densest element in the universe brain!

J.T. | 19 augustus 2014

@sbeggs The way you didn't get my joke made me think we were married for a minute, there.

J.T. | 19 augustus 2014

I mentioned my comment to my wife and she corrected me. "It's not that I don't get your jokes, I just don't think they're funny!" Oh, wedded bliss.