Driving a Tesla on Alaska.Highways

Driving a Tesla on Alaska.Highways

I had a person respond to one of my Blog's telling me to get different Tires for the Tesla S if I were driving it here in Alaska. I have always used the standard tires that have come with the new cars. Never have I had a problem navigating with the exception of being on solid Ice.
I have used Standard tires on all of my vehicles and have no problems. Alaska does take great care of its highways and is always prepared for the worst. Having said that, I did get the Paint protection package. Sand and gravel have a tendency to break most all windshields here in Alaska. Its hard to avoid. There are packages available for $400.00 that will cover the replacement of a windshield for the life of the car. (Original owner)

ian | 27 augustus 2013

Definitely get some proper winter tires. Or a severe weather rated all season like the Nokian WRG3.

You may also want to skip the Tesla installed paint protection film and get a complete wrap with a similar paint protection film. It will cost more but also keep any rocks or gravel from hitting the unprotected parts.

I believe there are quite a few owners in Alaska already maybe you can connect with them over at