@Elon, ? about tesla in iceland

@Elon, ? about tesla in iceland

@Elon Musk, i called HQ and all i got is a hangup but my only Question is regarding tesla iceland.

Is Gisli Gislason fron Even/ a dealer? and if he is then he is not doing a great job for there are no tax credit at all and the gov't is asking him alot of ? of which is unanswered and i do remember you saying you to cut off the middle man, common people need answers because we want tesla in iceland without having to go through Gisli Gislason if he is a dealer.

its a shame to see with all these Geothermal and hydro go to waste and for having a country that is already have a green footprint but the one product that will change the country for relying from oil is out of reach from the common people.

Hope to hear from anyone who is high up in HQ,,the base model s is about 35% or more from the sticker prize i see in the website(

I copy and paste the letter to post this in the furom.
i want the technology to come to iceland for the country is already running on Geothermal and Hydro.
A politician in iceland asked Gisli Gislason( a ? of why he did not present any papers about the car and show it to them that it is good for country and people.

im posting this coz im just concern if he is a dealer while Mr. Musk said to take out the middle man,PLS come to ICELAND

RADS2312 | 26 februari 2014 is a misleading website that the model s with a prize of 10.5million ISK
can run 480KM while the base only runs 300km and the prize is just for the base model and not the 85 model

Brian H | 26 februari 2014

price. A prize is something you win.

Got any examples of sites that don't "mislead" in that way?

As I recall, GG is a private individual who purchased and imported 100 Model S. Tesla does not have dealers.

RADS2312 | 26 februari 2014

that makes sense for the prize that he is asking for the base model

Brian H | 26 februari 2014

"price. A prize is something you win"

420weblazeit | 12 juli 2014

Oh wow, well the guy's obviously ripping you off. The cars need to be European specification so why not just go to Tillburg and order a car? Have it shipped over from the factory and register it, paying, what I believe is no taxes for electric vehicles.