Extra storage area in rear?

Extra storage area in rear?

I have a RWD Model S from early 2014. I know the Model X frunk loses space next to my Model S due to the AWD, but does it lose the hidden area in the back in the trunk under the carpet? In my car that was for the booster seats but I use it for storing tools, extra jackets etc and junk I don't want visible. Does the area exist in the X? Is it the same size? Just curious for where to store stuff like that.

aljjr2 | 25 oktober 2015

I don't recall a "micro-wave shelf in the Model X from the reveal event. However the Frunk is deeper on the X since the chasis is higher from the motors than on the Model S. The Frunk is approx. 11 deep by 45" at the widest point.

Tâm | 25 oktober 2015


Model X rear trunk still has the vestigial foot well that was once for the rear facing seats for the S.

If I could recall from memory, it looked wider from left to right, deeper from bottom to third seat floor, but it's significantly shorter from front to back.

AlMc | 25 oktober 2015

@Tam: I agree with that assessment of the X rear storage. | 25 oktober 2015

Today, I popped a 6' stepladder into the back of my Model S with the rear seats folded down. I wonder if I will be able to do that with a 7 seat Model X.

Tâm | 25 oktober 2015

If you watch the video clip of the Launch Event, the emphasis is to carry long luggage such as bicycles, skis, surfboards... on the outside of Model X with an accessory hitch or a trailer.

Off the record (as the video now stopped recording) you can do the same with the 6' ladder as highlighted by the Launch Event.

shop | 25 oktober 2015

I do not think you will be able to fit a 6' ladder into the back of a model X. Initial measurement on the web forums indicate it has about 60" (5').

shop | 25 oktober 2015

Also the Model X frunk is quite large. Seems wider than the older Model S frunk, and deeper too. It does not have that hidden space in the frunk, but it looks like cubic foot wise, it might be the same volume as the original Model S frunk.

Red Sage ca us | 25 oktober 2015

OP: There is still a 'basement' in the Trunk.

ian | 25 oktober 2015

Yes there is still the deep rear storage area.

There are pictures and measurements in this thread...

Ross1 | 26 oktober 2015

You just jack up your air suspension and tie the ladder underneath.

Probably handle an 18 footer.

johnse | 27 oktober 2015

Move one of the outer seats all the way forward. Put the ladder in on its side diagonally. 60" length + 44" width gives diagonal of 74".

And you can still have two passengers in the other 2nd row seats.

teslaliving | 1 november 2015

Thanks all!