Finders Fee?????

Finders Fee?????

I want a finders fee from Tesla for every customer I refer. I've shown it to two friends, and they're both signing up for a car!

The only criteria for potential Tesla owners:

1) Having enough money.

2) You like cars.

That's a pretty big market!


Carl Barlev | 16 januari 2013

I disagree with your criteria...

I don't like cars (haven't owned one for the past 7 years), but I LOVE Tesla.

I've test-driven both the Roadster and the Model S, have both a Model S and a Model X on order and own a healthy parcel of stock.

From reading this forum, I'm quite sure I'm not the only one who LOVES Tesla despite not being a "car person". That's one of the key points many of the bear analysts seem to miss... that Tesla doesn't just appeal to the luxury car market (or "green" car market either for that matter).

Tesla appeals to it's VERY OWN MARKET, a large chunk of which was nothing before Tesla came along.

There is only ONE criteria for potential Tesla owner - affordability.

BYT | 16 januari 2013

Even affordability can be argued when you take into account other benefits like the costs of service, gasoline and what car you would have purchased if not a Model S? OK, maybe still not affordable for the typical Honda or Toyota purchaser but some things are worth splurging on... ;)

LazMan | 16 januari 2013

I never loved cars. Drove a 10 year old Camry until it fell apart. Then a Prius.

My potential love for cars has always been hidden by my hatred for ICE's.

Tesla has changed everything.

My wife think's I've lost it. | 16 januari 2013

LazMan- Tell your wife You were lost but you Found It

TikiMan | 16 januari 2013

My 'Finders Fee' is all in the stock (TSLA)! | 16 januari 2013

Finders fee?! We don't need no stinkin finders fee!
(with credit to Treasure of Sierra Madre)

rlpm | 16 januari 2013

Does imbuing the je ne sais quoi that imparts the Tesla Grin count as a Finder's Fee? ;-)

appljd | 16 januari 2013

My dad always told me that a car is the worst investment you can ever make. I'm not a car guy either. I like beautiful cars. (Audi R8 as an example). My wife drive a Mazda CX-9 (kids) and I drive a Ford Fusion Hybrid. Well the reason why I am so passionate about Tesla and why we got one is the fact that they took a clean slate approach and designed what a 21st century car should be. Similar to Apple in many ways. Never afraid of continuing to innovate even if it might affect sales of a current product. One of the reasons (I know there are others) why the car industry is stuck is their fear of cannibalizing existing ICE vehicles. I probably also make money of the service side (post-sale) and we know that an EV car has less "moving" parts thus should break less... (let's hope TBD)

THe car industry approach of adding a hybrid engine to an existing ICE chassis is an example of what NOT to do. Elon and the Tesla team in my opinion truly have that vision of changing the world and delivering what the auto industry should have delivered many years ago if only they took that clean sheet of paper approach and built something truly revolutionary.